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Chapter 78

Belle looks at Kristen as she tries to remember what happened. She smiles at Kristen then looks at her parents and Abe.

Belle- No, I donít remember what happened. The last thing I remember is walking down the stairs to the living room then the rest is a blank. I remember being tied up in some kind of warehouse then I was free. I donít remember too much about it, at all. Iím sorry Uncle Abe.

Abe- Thatís all right, maybe more will come to you in time.

Belle- Maybe...

Kristen- As long as sheís back with her family that is all that matters.

Marlena- Isabella is right, its all that matters.

John and Marlena again hugged their daughter as Kristen watched in anger. She told them that she had to run to meet someone but that she will come and see them all later that night. She walked around the pier then looked back at the Black family holding each other.

Kristen- You may be happy now, but it wonít last long, I promise.

Kristen then walks off the pier and hails a cab to take her to the Dimera mansion. She knows that she must talk with Stefano about what happened and what to do next.


Philomena walks off her plane. She got the first plane back to Salem from Paris. She needed to make sure the person from Marlenaís missing years wasnít in Salem and if they were, she would need to stop them from causing any trouble or letting any of the secrets out.

Philomena- Oh God, please donít let him be here. If Marlena sees him, her life will change forever and it will change for the worse... I just hope Stefano wonít use the him to destroy John and Marlena, because Marlenaís missing years secret very well could destroy them, forever.

Philomena walks away from the airport terminal and hails a cab to take her to John and Marlenaís penthouse. She wanted to see if anything changed while she was away and start her search for the person right away.


Barb sat in the chair were she usually meets Hope after lunch to talk with her. She sat and waited for her. Hope then was wheeled out by an attendant. Barb acted crazy so knowone would realize her and Hope were working together to break free from the sanitarium. After Barb made sure knowone was near by she began to talk with Hope.

Barb- So how are you feeling today?

Hope- Alot, better. They think Iím so drugged up, they are only going to give me one pill a day instead of two a day... And I want to break out tonight.

Barb- Tonight? Are you sure, we just got our plan last night?

Hope- Yes, I want out of here right away. So are you with me?

Barb- I guess so, I just hope your ready for it.

Hope- Well I may not be able to walk fully yet, but I will do what I can. I think if I stay here any longer I may just go crazy anyways.

Barb- Your telling me! Well as long as your sure your ready, remember we only have one shot at this. If they catch us, its cell time for both of us. They will keep us away from each other and drug the both of us so bad, we wonít even know our own names.

Hope- Yes, Iím ready. I need to find Bo and return home to my son.

The two women made sure knowone was around and they shake hands on it. Tonight was the night that they would break free and finally get revenge on the people who hurt them. But what they didnít know, is that tonight other people had plans of their own, other people being Larry Welch and his gang of friends.


At the Dimera mansion Rolfe finished up cleaning up the mess that Stefano made of Bart. Rolfe and a few other of Stefanoís men took Bartís body away and did away with it. Stefano watched as the men took Bartís body from the house. As soon as the men left the doorbell rang. Stefano opened the door to find an angry Kristen on the other side of the door.

Stefano- Hello, darling.

Kristen- We need to talk!

Kristen walked into the mansion and into the living room, she through down her purse and coat. She made herself a drink to calm herself down. Stefano sat down to talk with her about what happened. He told her that one of his men messed up and Belle got free. But that knowone was caught or ever will be. All the evidence was gone and that knowone would ever know either of them did anything to Belle Black.

Kristen- As long as your sure. So now whatís the game plan?

Stefano- I need time to think about that one. I was really relying on Belleís kidnapping for my plan to work correctly, but I guess we will just have to rethink some of the plan.

Kristen- Remember, all these people still think Iím Isabella Black.

Stefano- Yes, yes, I know. I think we may have to use that key. At least John and Marlenaís marriage is not legal anymore. What ever happened with the divorce stuff?

Kristen- I told them, I put it on hold because of Belle, but really I never started anything yet.

Stefano- Good, good, as long as you and John are still married we can use that.

Kristen watched as Stefano seemed deep in thought. She wondered what he was thinking about. She stood up and made herself another drink as well as one for him.

Kristen- What are you thinking about, father?

Stefano- When I was in jail, Philomena Alamain visited me. She made me think about something.

Kristen- What was that?

Stefano- Something that maybe could help us out right now.

Kristen- What is it?

Stefano- Marlenaís missing years! You see, after John, well Roman at the time thought Marlena died in plane crash, she went into a coma. She and her family thought that the entire time from 1987 to 1991, that she was in a coma, but she really wasnít. She was only in a coma for a few days then woke-up.

Kristen- So what did she do in those 5 years?

Stefano smiled at Kristen as she asked the question that people always wanted to know. If only John or Marlena ever knew that Marlena was really not in coma all those years, but that she was alive and was able to do everything else she could do before.

Stefano- All in good time, darling.

Kristen was now very interested in what Stefano had up his sleeve. She knew he had something diabolical in store for John and Marlena, but she didnít know what and she wanted to know.


Bo would have spent the entire night digging away at the dirt ground on his cell, but he hit cement. He tried to dig a hole in the door but it didnít work either. After a few hours of sleep and thinking of a way out of his situation, he finally came up with an idea. He started to dig into the walls and it was working. The stone that the walls were made of, was really old and starting to crumble as Bo dug at them. Finally a stone moved out of the way, it fell over onto the next cell. He could look in but all he saw a dark and one tiny light at the doorway. He could see the door was open a tiny bit, but he needed to be in there to make sure. He again dug for another haft-an-hour to finally make another stone fall onto the other side again, he could finally almost fit through the wall, but he needed to dig another few stones from the wall.

Bo- Donít worry, Fancy face. I will see you soon enough, I will free you from whatever that bastard is doing to you, donít worry. I will be there soon.

Bo spent the entire day digging away at the wall so he could fit through and free himself through the door in the other cell room.

---The End---

Chapter 79
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