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Chapter 77

John and Marlena stand on the pier holding Belle in their arms. Abe stands smiling at them as Kristen stands mad and upset that Stefano let Belle go back to John and Marlena.

Marlena- Oh thank God, Belle. We were so worried about you. Are you all right? Did they hurt you?

Belle- No, I donít really know what happened. I just ripped off the blindfold and a man was there. He tried to tie me up but some lady walked into the room. I just untied myself and ran out.

John- Did you see Stefano or anyone associated with him?

Belle- No, why? Do you guys think he did this?

Marlena- That doesnít matter, sweetheart, as long as your home.

John- Do you remember what happened when they took you?

Belle smiled at her parents as Kristen turned the other way. Kristen remembered the day when Belle figured out she was really Kristen and not Isabella. Kristen hoped Belle wouldnít remember what happened, but she still didnít know. Kristen turned around to see Belle staring at her with a odd look on her face.

Abe- Belle do you remember who kidnapped you? It could be really important in finding out who did this to you!

Kristen stood froze as Belle looked around trying to find the words to say what she was going to say to them.


Rolfe stood by as Bart entered the room. Stefano stood up as Bart froze at the doorway.

Stefano- Rolfe, can you please leave, I want to speak with Bart by myself.

Rolfe hurried out the room as Stefano and Bart stood at a stand off. Stefano walked very, very slowly towards Bart. Bart stood in his spot froze in fear because of Stefanoís wrath.

Stefano- Where is the girl?

Bart- Sheís gone!

Stefano- Is she back with her parents?

Bart- Iím sure by now, she would be.

Stefano- How did she get away from you?

Bart- Some lady came into the warehouse and I had to leave.

Stefano- Had to leave? Yes, a lady walks into the room and you had to leave?...Bart do you know how important Belle was to my plans?

Bart- Umm, not really.

Stefano- Really? Do you think I would just kidnapped someone for the hell of it? So I would just kidnap someone so I can go back to jail, right?

Bart- Iím really sorry boss.

Stefano- Sorry is not the word for it. You just single handily destroyed all of my plans.

Stefano and Bart were now face to face. Stefano stood angry as hell and was breathing very load. Stefano put his large hands around Bartís neck. Bart stood in shock as Stefano started to strangle him.


As Hope and Barb stood the window the pill nurse came by with pills for both people. The nurse put Hopeís pill in her mouth and again Hope moved the pill under her tongue. The nurse tried to make Hope swallow it. Again Hope tricked the nurse and spit out the pill after she left. Hope opened the capsule onto the floor and at the empty capsule. Barb smiled at Hope as Hope followed all of Barbís instructions.

Hope- I donít know what Iíd do if you werenít here.

Barb- You would be full of drugs.

Hope- Yes, I guess so. I want to thank-you again for all you have done and when Iím free I will make sure you too get a second chance.

Barb- Thanks Hope, but how are you going to get out of here?

Hope- Well I saw this secret passage in one of the hallways, so I figure I can just slip throw there in the night.

Barb- I donít know, you said that the man is who doing this to you has other people working for him.

Hope- I know that he has another man and that bitch Tania.

Barb- Is that the women who hurt you and your baby.

Hope- Yes, she pushed me down the stairs and made me lose my baby.

Barb- Donít worry, she will get whatís coming towards her, donít worry.

As Hope smiled at Barb, she realized she had grown a real, true friendship with someone and that Barb was her only hope of ever getting out of that place. The two women continued to talk and discus their plans to escape and get revenge on Larry, Tania and anyone else who hurt them.


Rolfe started to peak through the door crack as Stefano started to strangle Bart. Bart tried to kick and fight off Stefano but it didnít really work. Finally Bart kicked Stefano away. Bart went to run from the room as Rolfe stopped him. Stefano grabbed Bart as he turned around. He picked Bart up by his shirt and lifted him off of his feet. Stefano threw Bart down on top of his glass coffee table. Bart laid on the ground slowly moving from his fall. Stefano stood above him full of anger and rage. Stefano kneeled down in front of Bart and again started to strangle Bart. After a few moments of fighting off Stefano, Bart finally stopped. Stefano Dimera killed Bart, he strangled Bart to death. Stefano stood up as Bart lay dead on the ground under all the broken glass.

Rolfe entered the room as Stefano washed his hands from Bart and the blood that came off of Bart as Bart went threw the table.

Rolfe- I will take care of this, Stefano.

Stefano didnít even look at Rolfe, he just left the room. He walked over to the doorway and looked back. He smiled back at what he had done. He walked over to his study on the other side of the house. He walked into the study and started to look at the picture of the phoenix that was on his wall. He stared into it, until a smile came to his face.

Stefano- Its time I show this damn town who Stefano Dimera really is, no more dumb games. Itís time this town was again frightened of the name, Dimera.

Stefano stood smiling and laughing his evil laughter as he stared into the picture of the phoenix on the wall of his study.


The person who Philomena was looking for in Paris finally did end up in Salem. The person was walking around Salem Place wondering where to go next. The person sat down at a table and saw the newspaper on the table. The person looked at the cover, the story on the cover was of Belleís kidnapping. He read that Belle was the daughter of John Black and Marlena Evans. Down the page is talked about Stefano Dimera getting his freedom from jail and now was living at his house. The person wondered who he should go visit first, Stefano Dimera or Marlena Evans. The person sat at the table thinking about who he should go visit and see first.

---The End---

Chapter 78
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