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Chapter 76

Marlena walks out of Abeís office wiping tears from her eyes as Kristen stands on the other side of the room watching her. Marlena walks over to her to speak with her.

Marlena- Listen, Iím sorry, I know this still all must be really confusing for you. Iím sorry for the way that I have been acting.

Kristen- I understand, I know I still have alot to learn but I want to help all I can.

Marlena- Thank-you, Isabella.

The two women hug, Marlena feels good to hug her old friend again and Kristen wants to hug her to death but that would be to easy, plus she is in a police station, she wouldnít get far. As the two women sit down, John comes into the room, he is happy to see two women he loves finding their personal friendship again. He runs to Marlena to hold her. He tells her that there still is no word on Belle or anyone that could give them a tip. Marlena calmly excepts it, they both sit down waiting for word.

As they sit and wait, John glances over into Abeís office once and while. Abe was working around the clock to find a lead for his friends. Abe was on the phone non-stop. After about an hour of waiting, John glanced back in and saw Abe on the phone, this time Abe had a different expression on his face, this time it wasnít sadness or frustration it was joy and happiness.


Bo sat alone in his cell. He sat and looked out the bars waiting for the door in front of them to open, but they didnít. Bo couldnít get the image of Hope sitting lifelessly in the wheel chair, like a vegetable. She didnít move or say anything at all, she just sat there looking at him with no expression on her face. He wanted to know what Larry did to her, what did he do to Hope and can she ever snap out of it? He needed to see her again, he needed to talk with her once more, once more before Larry does anything else to them both.

Bo walked around his cell looking for something to pry open the bars and door. The floor was made of dirt, so he tried to dig near the door, maybe to find a hole or some other way to get out. He didnít find a hole or a way out, but he did find a small carved knife. It looked to be hand carved and very old, but strong enough to do some damage. He dug with it into the ground. He continued to do so as time when on throughout the night.


Hope sat alone waiting to meet Barb again. She knew Barb was having nap, but knew she would be there soon. Hope spent the entire morning in bed, practicing moving and talking. She was finally able to do almost everything was could do before, but still was very weak and tired. She needed to escape soon or she could be in there forever. If she was ever to escape she would have to do it fast and make sure knowone would catch her. If the nurses and attendants ever knew she wasnít taking her drug and was going to escape they would force her to take the drug and probably put her in a special part of the sanitarium. She sat wondering what Bo was doing, where they were keeping him. She tired her hardest to remember where Larry brought her, so she could maybe try to follow that root out. She wondered if Larry was going to do the same thing to Bo that he did to her. She really hated Larry for what he did to her, he stole her life, her independence, and most of all her baby. The baby that would again bond Bo and Hope forever. Shawn-D was there only blessing, but he was getting older and this baby would have brought a new found love to the them both, but Larry stole that away from her.

Hope again watched for Barb, she finally saw her walking over to her. She thought about her for second. A women who didnít even know anything about her, was going to help her free herself, but why? Why was Barb in this place to begin with? She didnít seem crazy or dangerous, in fact to Hope she seemed like an angel.

Barb came to Hope and sat down beside her. They made sure knowone was around to hear or see them move. They both sat forwards looking out the window as they talked. Barb told Hope not to move anything but just to talk.

Barb- I canít believe how well you are doing. You must really want out of here!

Hope- Yes.

Barb- So are you almost back to normal.

Hope- Yeah, I feel so tired and slow.

Barb- Yeah it should all wear off soon.

Hope- Why are you doing this for me?

Barb- Because, I know whatís going on.

Hope- What do you mean?

Barb- I know, your not suppose to be in here. I know that man who always comes to see you, is evil. He treats you like crap. He does not love you and you donít love him. In fact when you look at him, I see anger and alot of it.

Hope- Yes, I hate him, he did this to me. He forged some papers so they would do this to me.

Barb- Damn, thatís bad. What a creep? Well at least your not still a vegetable.

Hope- Why are you here?

Barb- Because, Iím crazy!

Hope- No, your not.

Barb- Yes, I am. I have done alot of bad things in my life and I was sent here because of them. I deserve to be in here.

Hope- No, you donít. You deserve a second chance. You have been nothing but kind to me and I will get you out of here as soon as I am out of here.

Barb- Good luck, you will need a prayer to get out of here.

Hope smiled at Barb as she closed her eyes to pray. Barb thought that was cute, she too decided to pray too. Barb hadnít prayed in years but maybe now it was time she started up again. The two women sat in their chairs praying to God that all this madness would end soon.


Rolfe and Stefano sat in the living room talking. They talked about there next plan for Salem. Stefano needed some way to counteract Marlenaís pregnancy. Stefano told Rolfe about Philomenaís visit with him in jail and all her threats. Rolfe wondered if maybe they could use that as leverage against John and Marlena. Just before Stefano was about to answer Rolfeís question and door slammed shut. Stefano could see Bart walk into the house, Rolfe soon looked and saw Bart as well. Rolfe wondered why he was there and not with Belle. Both men stood up as Bart came in looking as if he messed up. Stefano looked as if he was going to kill someone or better yet, Bart.


John, Marlena, Abe and Kristen all arrived at the pier. They looked around as they saw police officers everywhere, Abe stood talking to one of the main cops on the scene. John and Marlena tired to look everywhere but only saw police officers. Finally John and Marlena heard someone yell ď Mom, DadĒ. They looked but saw nothing, finally Belle came running into there arms. Marlena saw Belle running towards them.

Marlena- John!

John turned to her then saw Belle and they both took her up into their arms. Kristen stood in shock wondering how the hell she got free and why would Stefano let her escape. Both Marlena and Belle had tears running down their faces as they held each other. Marlena and John stood holding Belle in their arms as Abe and a stunned Kristen stood watching this tearful reunion.

---The End---

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