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Chapter 75

Stefano hangs up the phone and returns back to talking with Rolfe. Stefano just made his first call to Bart. He made sure Bart was with Belle 24 hours a day and that knowone knew where they were except him and Kristen. Stefano told Rolfe that everything was going fine with Bart and Belle. As the two men talked the door bell rang.

Stefano- About time!

Rolfe smiled at Stefano as he left the room. Stefano called in whoever was at the door to come into the mansion. Stefano sat back into his chair to see John walking fast into the living room. Stefano stood up to see John. John ran towards Stefano and had him up against the wall. Rolfe watched from the crack in the doorway from the foyer.

Stefano- Can I help you, John?

John pushed Stefano as hard as he could into the wall. Stefano just smiled back at John. John looked as if he were going to kill Stefano and he would have if Stefano didnít still have his daughter, but Stefano did have his child.

John- You son-of-a-bitch! You tricked all of us and now your free and still have our daughter.

Stefano pushed John away from him. Stefano wiped off his clothes as John walked to the other side of the room.

Stefano- John, I donít have your daughter and besides the deal was when you have Belle, I go free.

John- But we didnít have Belle.

Stefano- The Governor who signed the pardon didnít know that, so he signed it anyways. If anyone is to blame for my freedom is should be the Governor. Now, that is who you should be pushing into walls, not me.

John- Dam you, Dimera. You will pay for this, as soon as we get Belle back, she will tell us you kidnapped her. Then you will go straight back to jail for kidnapping.

Stefano- Yes, that would work, if I kidnapped Belle, but I didnít, you see.

John watched Stefano and wanted to choke him to death, but knew he was his only way to get his daughter back. John slammed his fists down on Stefanoís drink table. John picked up Stefanoís bottle of wine and throw it at the wall. Stefano just stood there and smiled at John, not even filching one bit. John started to walk towards the door, but he stopped to Stefano some news.

John- Before I leave, I thought that since I wonít be sleeping tonight, maybe I should return the favor to you. Hereís a bit of information that might make you not sleep well tonight: Marlenaís pregnant and Iím the father.

John smiled at Stefano as he walked out of the mansion. Stefano stood in shock and anger. He walked over to the drink table. Rolfe entered as Stefano throw his glass of brandy into the fireplace. Stefano stood in the living room in total anger and frustration.


Kristen and Marlena sat waiting in the police station for any word on Belleís whereabouts. Kristen often smiled to herself for what she had done, not only was she back in Johnís life, but also married to him because they think sheís Isabella Black, but she also had Stefano freed from jail and now has the upper hand on Marlena and John because she has their daughter.

Kristen- I know this may not be the best time to bring this up, but I think I should.

Marlena- What is it, Isabella?

Kristen- I talked to my lawyer the this morning and I told him to wait on the divorce for now, because of the situation with Belle. I hope thatís ok.

Marlena- Sure, whatever.

Kristen- I know it must hurt to have your and Johnís marriage not legal anymore, but thereís nothing I can do. I didnít want to start it now, because of Belle, she comes first.

Marlena- Yes, she does.

Marlena walked out of the room as Kristen smiled in holding off her and Johnís divorce. She knew as long as Belle was not with them, that her and John would still be married. She watched Marlena in the other start crying in Abeís arms. Kristen smiled at thinking of Marlena in pain and suffering.


Philomena Alamain sat in her bedroom looking at a picture of John, Marlena, Brady, and Belle. She didnít know that Belle was kidnapped because she still was in Paris. Philomena spent the last week looking all over Paris for someone. The person she was looking for was the person that could make the secret of Marlenaís missing years come out and Philomena needed to stop that right away. She thought that Stefano was desperate to get out of prison and he could use the person to get free. Philomena sat on her bed looking over the picture and wondering how they are all doing in Salem. She didnít want to call them because they would wonder what she was up too. After she left the cafe a week early she traveled to Stefanoís house on the outside of Paris. She wanted to find the person and try to see them. She spent the week at the house only to learn the person was gone, the person had left that week and they didnít know where they were. Philomena was worried the person was going to Salem and if the person ever entered Salem, all hell would break lose. Philomena couldnít risk the person being seen or even having them talk to anyone, so she made reservations on the next plane back to Salem. She sat waiting for her taxi to come and bring her to the airport. She needed to get back to Salem right away just in case the person was heading to Salem or was already there.


Hope was again wheeled out to the TV room, the attendant put her beside Barb again, like always. Hope lightly smiled at Barb. Barb made sure knowone was around before she started to talk to Hope.

Barb- I see the drugs are wearing off. I guess they just gave you, your second pill of the day, did you swallow it?

Hope knotted her head no, very slowly. Barb smiled at Hope to how well she was doing. Barb could notice how much better Hope was doing and asked her if anyone had caught on that the drugs werenít working. Hope again slowly knotted no. Barb watched Hope try to move and she knew Hope was going to be fully better in a week or so. Barb looked out the window as Hope tried to move again.

Hope moved her figures a little, but then move her entire hand on top of Barbís. Barb turned around in shock.

Hope- Thank You.

Hope finally was able to speak, the drugs were wearing off to the point where she could move very slowly and was starting to speak. Barb was so happy that her new friend was getting alot better really fast.

---The End---

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