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Chapter 74

Stefano opens the door to the Dimera mansion and walks right in. Rolfe and Bart are standing in the living room as he comes in. They rush when they hear him walk into the mansion.

Rolfe- It worked?

Stefano- Yes, Rolfe, it worked perfectly, I couldnít have done it better myself.

Bart- Well Boss, you did do it by yourself, didnít you?

Stefano smiles at both men. They all walk into the living room where Stefano pours himself a glass of brandy. Rolfe starts to laugh as Bart continues to ask how Stefano pulled off what happened with Belle.

Stefano- Rolfe will tell you later, but I have a question for you Bart. How did you get out of jail?

Bart- Well after Bo tied me up in the bedroom, I found a knife. I untied myself with the knife and left the island a.s.a.p.

Rolfe- That explains alot...So Stefano, what do you plan on doing now?

Stefano- I want to make sure I have the upper hand in the game so, I want to make sure Belle is far away from John and Marlena but close enough so that I can monitor her.

Bart- Well thereís a small house outside of Salem that is so secluded it does not even get mail.

Stefano- Good, have Belle moved there and I want Bart to stay with her all the time. I will call once an hour to get an update. I will call you, donít call me because someone might catch on, ok?

Bart- Yes, Boss.

Bart welcomed Stefano back home and left to do what he said. As he left Rolfe and Stefano sat down thinking about what their next move would be. They needed a plan that would not only help them keep ahead back also to make up for lost time.


Marlena and Kristen ran down to the pier. They saw some police officers surrounding a spot under the stairs. Marlena pushed her way towards John who was standing talking to Abe. As she walked up she heard someone say ď Itís a shameĒ.

Marlena- John, what happened? What is a shame?

John- Calm down, Doc.

Marlena- John, John, your scaring me? Whereís our daughter?

John- We donít know...

Marlena- What? I thought that...

Abe- So, did we. At least Dimera is still under custody.

Kristen- No, no, heís free. They signed the papers as soon as they heard you guys with Belle. What happened?

John- We saw a chair with someone with a blond wig in it, I thought it was Belle, but it was a skeleton with a wig on. Iím sorry Doc.

Marlena hugs John as she starts to cry. John holds her in his arms as Abe and a jealous Kristen watches on.

John- Is there anyway to get Dimera back?

Abe- I donít think so, as soon as the papers are signed its all legal. I will look into it, but Iím pretty sure it canít be done.

John- Damn, Abe. What do we do now? Dimeraís free and heís got my little girl.

Abe shakes his head as he walks away to talk with the other cops about what happened. Kristen stands back as she watches John and Marlena embrace. She gets a look that could kill in her eyes. She smiles when Marlena backs off.

Kristen- We could try to cut Stefano another deal?

Marlena- Look what happened last time, Isabella. He tricked us, I might never see my little girl again, I will never, never trust that bastard again.

Marlena turns to cry in Johnís arms again. John mouths to Kristen that heís sorry. As Kristen turns from them, she smiles a devious smile as she thinks about Marlena in pain and crying. John continues to hold a tearful Marlena as Kristen watches on.


Larry walks into the TV room where Hope is sitting. She has been trying to use all her muscles to get them to work again, but its not working as fast as she hoped. She could not move her mouth and lips around, but that was all. She needed more time for the medication to wear off. As stopped what she was doing as Larry walked up to her. She staired out the window remembering what Barb said about letting knowone know what they are doing.

Larry- Time to go for a stroll, my darling.

Hope could get sick by hearing him call her names like that, but she knew she couldnít because then Barbís plan would be for nothing. She needed to gain more strength back to do anything. She just in the wheelchair while Larry wheeled her from the sanitarium. He told then nurses that him and Hope were just going outside for a little stroll. As he walked down the lonesome hallway he stopped halfway. She wondered what he was doing. He walked to the wall and pushed it open. He opened a old doorway that knowone knew about. He made sure knowone was watching as he wheeled her into the secret room.

Larry- Its time I live up to my promises.

Hope wondered what he could have meant by that. She just sat in the chair looking around the small narrow tunnel as he lead her down them. Finally he stopped again right in front of another door. He opened the door and pushed her into the room. When they were in the room, Tania and David appeared from their chairs to see Hope. Tania smiled at Hope as Hope in her head realized what was going on. She had been on Larryís side the entire time, she had tricked both her and Bo. But what about Bo, where was he? Hope heard a yell. She knew right away who it was. Tania walked up to her as Bo continued to yell.

Tania- Oh poor Hope, all alone in her mind. It must be hard not to be able to do, well anything. It really must be.

David- Leave her alone, Tania.

Larry- Open Boís door so they can see each other for the last time.

David walked over to what it looked to be as another door. David opened the door and on the other side was a barís. Hope tried to peer in but made sure Larry couldnít see she could move her eyes around much.

Larry- Bo, you have visitor.

Bo ran to the cell doors to see Hope. He almost fell over by seeing her, she was so tired and scared looking. Bo called her name over and over but nothing came out. Hope sat there knowing that it was best if she didnít do anything, just yet. She needed to regain more strength before she could help anyone, especially herself.

Bo- Hope, Hope, Hope!... What is wrong with you, Hope?...What the hell is going on here?... What did you do to her Welch?

Larry- I made sure she wasnít going to be a problem, for anyone.

Bo- You sick twisted bastard.

Larry- Name calling, Bo? Such a sad state when thatís what it really comes down too.

Bo stared at Hope to try to get a response from her. Hope could almost cry, if she could, at seeing Bo. She wanted to just jump from the chair and run to him, but even if she could, she knew it wasnít best. Hope needed alot more time and alot less drugs from her system to do anything. Bo again started yelling Hopeís name as Larry, Tania and David stood by laughing and smiling as Bo tried to reach his one true love, who couldnít do anything to respond. Hope was crying inside herself, she hated Larry and what he had done to her and Bo, she hated him.

---The End---

Chapter 75
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