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Chapter 73

Hope sat alone in the TV room watching out the window. Hope again tired to fight her way out of the state she was in. Her entire body was almost lifeless, she couldnít move or feed herself or talk to others. The nurses were giving Hope the drug every twelve hours, one just before lunch time and another at bed time.

It was around lunch time that day, as Hope sat alone at the window. Barb came up to her as she saw her. Barb looked at Hope before sitting down beside her. Barb looked around to make sure knowone was around before talking to Hope.

Barb- Listen, Iím going to help you today, but you have to trust me. Ok?

Barb waited for an answer but remembered that Hope couldnít give one. Barb sat back in the chair again and looked around again to make sure knowone was around to hear her talk to Hope.

Barb- When the nurse comes around, I want you to take the pill into your mouth and then when she gives you the water try your hardest to put the pill under you tongue. If the nurse wants to see under your tongue to see its not under there move the pill to the roof of your tongue. Itís all an old trick from being in here.

Barb sat for a few minutes before the nurse came over to them. Barb took her pill no problem, then the nurse went to Hope to give her, her pill. The nurse opened Hopeís mouth to put the pill in. She put it in the grabbed Hopeís cup of water, as the nurse did that Hope tried with all the strength she had to move the pill around in her mouth. She finally was able to move the pill under her tongue. The nurse put the water in Hopeís mouth and made Hope swallow the water. The nurse watched Hope swallow and thought something wasnít right. The nurse gave Hope another drink of water. Hope again swallowed the water and the nurse walked away from the two ladies.

Barb looked out the window but kept one eye on Hope the entire time. She watched the nurse leave to the other side of the room. Barb pushed open Hopeís mouth and grabbed the pill from inside. Barb smiled at Hope then opened the pill from the middle, she put the drug crystals on the ground and eat the empty capsule herself.

Hope wanted to thank Barb but still couldnít do anything. She knew Barb was her friend and if she had anyway to get free, Barb would be the only way. As the day went on, Hope started to get move feeling back in her mouth and lips, but didnít let anyone know, except Barb.


Marlena sat on one side of the table and Stefano sat at the other. They watched each otherís every move. Kristen, Lexie, a few cops and the governor were also there. The governor was in the process of signing Stefanoís pardon form. They set up the deal so as soon as John and Abe have Belle that Stefano would go free. The kidnapper called a few hours before and told Marlena that Belle was at the pier hiding in some old boxes under the pier.

Kristen watched nervously as the governor read over the form saying Stefano was free from all his past crimes. Lexie and Marlena watched in disgust as Stefano smiled at them both.

Governor- Ok, now all thatís left is the signature of Dr. Evans, Ms. Black, and Mr. Dimera.

He handed the form over to Marlena, who signed it right away and then she handed it over to Kristen was nervous because it was her first time signing a paper as Isabella Black, but knowone there would ever know the difference. She signed the form then was about to past it to Stefano but the Governor stopped her and took the form from her.

Governor- Now, as soon as they find Belle you will sign it and you can go free, but not until they have Belle.

The police officers there turned on the radio that had a direct line to Abe who was with John on the pier. They heard them walking on the pier and talking. Marlena watched Stefano who sat still listening to the radio. As the people listened, Stefano lawyer came into the room to make sure everything was going properly.

On the pier John and Abe looked around where the kidnapper said Belle was. The made sure the pier was clear so that knowone could get in the way of what was going on. Both men searched under the docks but found no boxes that had anything in them. They searched all the boxes again but still found nothing.

At the police station Marlena and Lexie were getting very suspicious of Stefanoís plan with Belle. The Governor looked over at Stefano.

Governor- If they donít find Belle, the deal is off and you will go back to jail for the rest of your life.

Stefano- They will find what they are looking for.

On the pier John and Abe stood looking up and down under the docks. They still found nothing, just before Abe was about to call in to have Stefano sent back to his cell John heard something. He heard a cry for help.

Voice- Help! Help!

John wondered if it was Belle he again looked under the docks but saw nothing except empty boxes. Both him and Abe heard the cry for help, John walked over to the stairs and the voice became louder. John looked into the stairs and saw light. He walked over to the docks beside the side of the stairs. He saw a open panel, John kicked it open and saw more light. He looked in to see a room, a basement kind of, where the fishermen from the old days would store their equipment and other stuff. John walked into the room as Abe followed. Again they heard the cry for help, John lit the light that Abe brought with them. As soon as the light came up they could both see the blond hair of someone sitting in the chair near them.

John- Belle, Iím right here, Iím coming for you.

Abe watched as John walked towards Belle to make sure nothing would happen to either of them. Abe thought something wasnít right there.

At the police station, Marlena started to cry in relief that her daughter was safe again. The Governor handed Stefano the form to sign and he did. The Governor held the paper in his hands and signed it. As Lexie watched her father stand up, he smiled. She wondered why he was smiling, he had lost a prisoner and got his freedom back. She knew that losing Belle was worse than getting out of prison. Marlena walked out of the room to go to the pier to see Belle. Kristen went to follow as she winked at Stefano. Stefano and his lawyer started to walk out of the room as Lexie stood alone thinking to herself. Lexie knew something wasnít right, wasnít right at all.

At the pier John finally reached the chair, he turned the chair around to see a skeleton sitting in the chair with a blond wig on holding a small recording device that was saying ď Help!Ē. John ripped the wig off of the body and threw it down on the ground. Abe tried to call the office to stop Stefano from being free, but it was too late, Stefano was already on his way back to the Dimera mansion. Stefano Dimera again tricked all of Salem, but now had the upper hand in the game, he not only had his freedom, but now he had Belle Black as well.

---The End---

Chapter 74
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