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Chapter 72

Kristen walks into the warehouse where she kept Belle. She had one of Stefanoís men to help her and make the call to Marlena. She walked up to him as he watched Belle and read the paper. She smiled as she looked at Belle.

Man- What now?

Kristen- Keep her here now, until we are sure Stefano is free. He has a plan that is brilliant, but we need Belle for it. So keep your eye on her?

Man- Have I ever doubled crossed the Dimeraís?

Kristen- No and you better not even think about it. Got it?

Man- Yes, Ms. Dimera.

Kristen walked over to the chair where Belle was tided up. Belle had a blindfold over her eyes and tape over her mouth. Kristen walked up to her and smiled.

Kristen to herself- You, little girl will get me out of a big mess and help me at the same time.

Kristen smiled at Belle as Belle looked up to see if anyone was there. Kristen stood there knowing Belle could not see her with the blindfold over her eyes. Kristen walked away as Belle fought to scream under the tape.


John held his hands over Stefanoís throat as Stefano smiled at John. Lexie ran in to see Abe when she came to the police station. She watched as John threaten her father. She knew in her heart that Stefano probably did have Belle kidnapped but wanted to know if he did or not. She ran to John to settle him down.

Lexie- John, no. Donít do it, you may never get Belle back if he dies.

Marlena- Lexieís right, John. Let him go, you will be know help if your in jail.

John looked deep into Stefanoís eyes as Stefano glared at him as if he was right and Stefano did have Belle. John let Stefano go and walked away from him. He walked over to the wall and punched it. Abe and the other police person made Stefano sit back down in his chair as they questioned him.

Abe- Ok, Stefano. Do you know where Belle Black is right now?

Stefano- How should I know, Iím not the girlís parents! In fact, if your looking for them, there right over there.

Stefano pointed to John and Marlena. After doing so, Abe slammed his fist down on the table as Stefano smiled at them all. Lexie walked over to her father.

Lexie- Listen, Stefano. I know you hate these people, but help me, help me know my father is not completely evil, tell them where Belle is.

Stefano- Iím sorry, Alexandra, I donít know where Belle is. Iím sorry...

Lexie gave Stefano a dirty look and then walked out from the room. Abe followed her out as Marlena and John hugged. Marlena glared at Stefano as John held her. She knew he had her daughter, but only his freedom would save her. Marlena knew that Stefano would have to go free for them to ever see Belle again.


Tania and David finally arrived at the sanitarium where Larry had Hope in. They parked the van near a cabin where they would all stay until they were done with their plans. Larry kept his entire plan from Tania, because he knew she was not all right in the head and a little crazy. They put Bo on the ground after giving him another shot to keep him asleep for a few more moments. They unpacked all their stuff and went to meet Larry. Tania, David and Larry went back to the van after talking and brought Bo to the sanitarium. Larry had some people find some old blueprints from old sanitarium. It showed old, unused tunnels and rooms. Larry was going to keep Bo in an old room and use the tunnel system to keep in contact with his enemy. Tania and David carried Boís lifeless body down the tunnel and into his cell. They placed him on the bed that was there. Tania and David went back up the tunnel to make sure everything was set in the van and in the cabin, while Larry stayed with Bo.

After a few moments in the cell, Bo was starting to come as Larry watched. Bo finally opened his eyes. He head was aching from Tania hitting him over the head with small anchor, he got the strength to sit up and started to look around. Everything was very blurry to Bo as he looked at his surroundings. He spotted Larryís figure in the doorway.

Bo- Whatís going on? Where am I? Who are you?

Bo couldnít take his eyes off of Larry. Finally Bo was starting to see properly. He started to make out Larryís face. After a few moments of trying to see him, he finally knew it was Larry Welch standing in the doorway.

Bo- No, no, it canít be...

Larry- Oh but it is. Now its time for you to finally get whatís coming to you... How is your shoulder, Bo?

Bo remembered the night he got shot. He looked up at Larry.

Bo- You, bastard. You shot me!

Bo stood up slowly because he still was not 100%. Bo started to walk towards Larry, Larry came to him. Larry pushed Bo over and Bo fell to the ground. As Bo struggled to get up, Larry stepped on his jacket.

Larry- Your going nowhere, Brady... You never, answered my question, how is your shoulder?

Bo wondered what Larry meant by that. Larry smiled as Bo wondered what was going on. Larry put his other foot right over Boís shoulder, the shoulder that still was sore and weak from the shooting.

Larry- Welcome home, Bo!

Larry used all of his weight to go down on Boís shoulder. Bo let out a scream of pain as Larry stepped on Boís shoulder. Blood started to come out as Larry let off of Bo. Larry smiled at Bo, as Bo rolled over in pain and screaming for help.


John and Marlena walked out of Stefanoís cell. They were holding hands as the Governor came up to both of them. They knew who he was, but wondered why he was there.

Governor- Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Black, Iím Governor Johnson, Iím very, very sorry to hear about your daughter.

Marlena- Thank-you Governor, but why are you here?

Abe and Lexie stepped up to hear what was going on. They also wondered why he was there too.

Abe- Yes, Governor, why are you here?

Governor- Well we just got word of what was going on here. The kidnapper wants Stefano to have another full pardon, is that right?

John- Yeah...

Governor- Do you have any proof that Stefano Dimera had anything to do the kidnapping?

Abe- No, Governor.

Governor- Well them, I have no choice, but to give Mr. Dimera the pardon. We are only holding him on kidnapping charges, fraud and little misdemeanors.

John- Wait, wait, Stefano Dimera is evil scum, you canít just let him go. He is dangerous!

Governor- As such as I agree, he is going being held on those things alone, his past crimes are none existence in the eyes of the law. You, yourself help get Mr. Dimera a full pardon years ago. He canít be held on any of those old crimes.

Lexie- I canít believe this...

Governor- Iím sorry, as such as I would like to see Mr. Dimera spend the rest of his life in prison, its not going to happen, unless you never want to see your daughter again.

Marlena looked at John then at the Governor.

Marlena- As much as I hate that man with every fiber of my body, my love for my daughter is to strong. Please, help us get her back.

Governor- I will have the paperwork sent over, as soon as possible... Again, Iím sorry for all of this.

The Governor shook everyoneís hand and then left the room. They all stood in shock that Stefano was going to be a free man again. None of them expected this at all. Marlena started to cry and fell into Johnís arms. John turned to look at Stefano, who was sitting in the visiting area with a smile on his face, like he knew what was going on.

---The End---

Chapter 73
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