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Chapter 71

Tania watches as Boís lifeless body is laying on the floor of the van. Larry Welchís right hand man, David, is in the front of the van driving it. They are driving on the highway towards New York. New York is where the sanitarium that Hope is at is. It was the prefect place for Larry to work out of, it was far away from Salem and close enough to Niagara Falls to kidnap Hope. Tania was talking to David as Bo starts to come to. Tania pulls out another one of the sedatives that she had and gave it to Bo before he came to. Tania starts to play with Boís hair as David starts to talk with her.

David- We should be there in about one hour. I talked with Larry a few hours ago, everything is set with Hope and the drugs. I canít wait to see the look on Boís face when he sees Hope.

Tania- Yes, it should be priceless.

Tania sits on the floor of the van as she plays with Boís hair and face. She puts his head in her lap as she talks to herself as David sits up front and rolls his eyes at her.


Itís been one day since Hope was fully drugged. They give her one pill every 12 hours. It keeps her in a catatonic state. Larry was called after they gave her the drug the night before. Hope again sat in front of the window as the woman who was holding her hand sat beside her. The woman made sure knowone who see her and Hope getting close. The woman took a liking to Hope and knew that when Hope was making a scene the night before was telling the truth. She wondered why the nurses didnít believe her and gave her the drug that would put her in a catatonic state.

As Hope and woman sat facing the window, Hope was fighting off what she could of the drug. They put Hope in a wheelchair so she could just come and on as they please. It was easier for them to just push Hope around instead of carrying her around because she couldnít walk for herself. Hope sat wondering if she could somehow escape from the place, but she knew she couldnít. Hope tried to yell as load as she could but nothing came out. Tears started to roll down her face as she fought with herself inside. She thought that she was going to be in the state she was in, forever. She couldnít handle it, she would go crazy if she stayed like she was now. The woman beside her looked over and saw the tears rolling down her face. As she looked over she heard people coming in. It was Larry with the attendants. The attendants were showing Larry where Hope was. The women beside Hope knew that the person was coming to see Hope. The woman wiped the tears from Hopeís face as Larry came closer.

As Larry approached Hope, the woman started to act crazy and started to talk to herself to act like she was crazy and didnít want to be found out. Larry saw the women and rolled his eyes. He pushed Hopeís wheelchair away from her and over to another part of the room where knowone would hear them or he talk. He sat down at the table where he put her. He smiled at her as she stared at him. She wanted to reach across him and kill him for what he was doing to her but she couldnít. She wanted to do something but couldnít, she couldnít even shake to show Larry she hated him.

Larry- Well, well, how are we today?...Cat got your tongue. No, thatís right, I have your fate and your life as you know it. I see they gave you the drug. Yeah, isnít it great. I made sure it would do this to you. I want you to see how unbearable it is to not be able to be yourself or do anything you want to do....I hope you like this state, because soon you will be taking your drug, permanently... But I guess I should give you some good news, Bo should be here soon. Yeah thatís right, Bo! He might not be here as you like but he will be here to see you once and for the last time. He is going to be staying downstairs in the secret cell I had made for him. After a few days here, I will leave him to die and you here to well live, I guess you could call it... Bo should be arriving soon so I better get going and get ready for him. I will see you soon, love.

Larry kissed Hope on the lips as she sat lifeless. Her lips trembled as he kissed her. He moved back and smiled at her. She wanted to be sick but she couldnít even do that. She couldnít do anything for herself. Larry wheeled Hope back over to where she was sitting as the women watched them. The woman again started to talk to herself to seem crazy. Larry gave the woman a dirty look then left. He left the room as the woman watched him. She looked at Hope and shook her head again. She took out a cloth from her pocket and wiped Hopeís lips.

Woman- I could see you didnít want to be kissed by that man. Listen, I know you arenít suppose to be in here so Iím going to help you out. But you have to trust me.

As the woman talked with Hope the nurse came up to them. She saw them talking and smiled.

Nurse- Do you have a new friend, Barb?

Barb- No, no, yes, I donít know. Where is he?

The nurse smiled at Barb and didnít answer Barbís question. Barb was putting on a show for the nurse. Barb watched as the nurse gave Hope her pill. She opened Hopeís mouth and put the pill in. The nurse put water in Hopeís mouth and tilted Hopeís head back. The pill just slid down Hopeís throat. Barb watched with curious eyes.


Belleís kidnapping was now in full force. John and Marlena stayed awake all night waiting for another call, getting the word out that Belle was kidnapped, and tried to think of where Stefano might have her. The next day they went the police station to see how the search was going. Abe didnít have anything new for them. He told them that they couldnít even do anything to Stefano. There was no evidence that Stefano was involved but they all thought Stefano did it. Abe told them that they couldnít even question Stefano about the kidnapping. John and Marlena both knew that Stefano must have hired someone to kidnap Belle.

Marlena- What about the pardon?

Abe- We told the governor about it and heís thinking about it. He wants to make sure there is no other option first.

John was getting really sick and tired of what was going on. He walked away from Marlena and Abe to walked towards the prisoner area of the police station. Marlena and Abe followed him to the cell area. John busted right into the area and wanted to see Stefano Dimera. After Stefano arrived in the meeting room John ran into the room. John ran right to Stefano and grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back to the glass window. Marlena and Abe ran in to see John choking Stefano.

John- You bastard! Whereís my daughter? Tell me now or I will kill you right here, right now.

Marlena stood in shock as John was about to kill Stefano.

---The End---

Chapter 72
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