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Chapter 70

John and Marlena get off the elevator, they are kissing as they walk to the door of the penthouse. John picks up Marlena in his arms and they stop kissing. He looks deeply into her eyes.

John- I love you more than I ever have, I am so glad your pregnant again, God has truly blessed us and our family.

Marlena has a tears running down her face as she hears John say those words, he unlocks the door as she starts to kiss him again. He slams the door and starts to walk towards the couch as they continue to kiss. As he walks with her in his arms he steps on something on the ground, it sounded like he broke something. They both stop and look down, Marlena jumps from Johnís arm to see what he stepped on.

They both look around until Marlena sees the broken picture of her, Belle, Brady and John. She picks it up off the floor.

Marlena- Look at this, its broken. You must have stepped on the glass on the floor.

John- One of the kids must have done it.

John and her start to pick up the pieceís when John notices blood is on the phone and on the ground. Its not alot of blood but it looks like someone was cut by the glass. As Marlena looks at the blood, Brady comes to the door. He opens the door to find John and Marlena looking around for more glass and to make sure they werenít the ones bleeding.

Brady- What are you guys doing?

Marlena- One of the family pictures is broken and thereís blood. You didnít break it, did you?

Brady- No, no Iíve been out all morning. Is Belle not here?

John yells upstairs for his daughter, Marlena looks around to make sure anything else isnít knocked over or that Belle left a note. John calls upstairs again for Belle but sheís not there.

John- She must not be here.

Brady- Thatís odd, I saw her like an hour ago and she told me that she had a pile of homework to do and that she was coming home right away to do it.

Marlena- Oh God, you donít think she hurt herself and had to go to the hospital, do you John?

John- No, no, Gerry out front would have told us, if Belle left.

Marlena calls down to the Gerry the person standing watch in front of the building. She talks with him for a second then hangs up. She has a worried look as she turns to John and Brady.

Marlena- He said, that Belle came up and soon after so did Isabella, then a few minutes after that Isabella left and knowone else came up or left.

Brady- Mom, must have been looking for me or Dad and left.

John- Ok, so whereís your sister?

All three have worried looks on their face as they try to figure out where she could be. Both Marlena and Brady start to make calls figuring out where she is as John looks over the scene where the glass and blood is. He is bewildered at what happened.


Hope sits alone in her room still tide to her bed. She spent almost the entire night figuring out how to get out or free herself. Before Larry left the night before he told her that she was at a sanitarium in New York and that Bo would be there soon. She did everything she could to try to break the straps on the bed but nothing could be done. An attendant came in and dressed her and got her up. He let her go out through the main hallway. She thought that maybe she was free, but soon it faded when she realized they just moved her into the main television room. She looked around to see people walking slowly against the wall, people looking at her with anger in their eyes, and some people talking to themselves or yelling at the attendants. She slowly walked over to the nurse that was handing out medication.

Hope- I need your help...

Nurse- You will get it soon enough, just sit down and I will get you your medication, ok?

Hope- No, no you donít understand, Iím not Hope Welch, Iím Hope Willaims, Larry Welch tricked me into coming into here...

The nurse stood not even listening to Hope. The nurse thought that Hope was out of it and that she needed to be medicated right away. The nurse was writing something down as Hope continued to talk to her.

Hope- Listen to me, I have a family, a child, a son, heís back in Salem, I need to get to him. Iím engaged, Iím suppose to marry Bo Brady.

Nurse- Listen, I know you canít help but say these things and your new, so Iím going to let it slid, but you need to go sit down.

Hope got really angry as the nurse took her arm to make her go sit down. As the nurse and Hope argued a women looked on from behind a curtain, she watched Hope and the nurse talk. She wondered what was going on.

Hope pulled back as the nurse went to sit Hope down.

Hope- Listen to me, Iím not suppose to be in here, Iím sane and Iím not crazy.

The nurse finally let Hopeís arm go and went over to the small window where the attendants and other nurses were going over paperwork. She asked for a certain type of medication and some help to give it to Hope. Hope started to walk backwards as some of the attendants and the nurse were walking towards her with a syringe full of medication. Hope turned around to run but fell right into the arms of an another nurse. The nurse held Hope as the attendants helped and the medication nurse gave Hope a drug. The drug was the drug that would make Hope go into a deep, deep awaken sleep. They all let Hope go as she fell to the ground. Hope started to yell and scream as well as stand up, but it didnít work because the drug was too powerful for her. The attendants helped Hope to stand and put her in a chair to sit down in. Hope sat there fighting off what she could of the drug. Her lips were moving slowly as well as her hands and her hips, she fought to move and free herself but she couldnít. The drug finally took its full affect, Hope sat in the chair almost lifeless, her eyes motionless and her body still.

Hope was in a coma, she couldnít do anything at all expect look out onto the world and watch. She tried her best to yell and scream but only she heard it, her screams were only for her and knowone else.

As Hope struggled inside herself, the woman who watched her fight with the nurse came over. Some other residents of the home started to bug Hope and fight with her lifeless body, the woman came over the made them all leave. She sat down on the chair beside Hope. She looked at Hope and shook her head, she smiled at Hope. The women felt sorry for Hope and had a feeling that everything Hope was saying was true. The women took Hopeís hand and held it as she looked out the same window Hope was looking out.


As Stefano was walking into the prisoner meeting room, a nervous Kristen waited for him. She jumped as she saw him, he wondered why she was there again and that she was so nervous. Before he could utter one word out she blurted out something.

Kristen- You will be free in a matter of days.

Stefano- What are you talking about?

Kristen- Well I was over at John and Marlenaís, they were out somewhere so it was just me and Belle there alone. Well it make things short she found out I am really Kristen and not Isabella....

Stefano- What? How could you let it slip? It was the prefect plan and you ruined it.

Kristen- No, no I didnít. I knocked her out and took her from the penthouse. I put her at the garbage entrance and left through the front way, then went around back to get her. After I put her in one of Victorís car I drove to an abandoned warehouse. I tied her up and left her there, I made sure she wouldnít get away and I left.

Stefano- Ok, ok, let me get this straight, you kidnapped Belle Black and have her at a warehouse. So how will that get me free?

Kristen- Well after I left I called in a man of yours and made him stay there with her and I gave him straight instructions of what to do with her and how to go about doing it.

Stefano- Yes, yes, so how will I be out of here?

Kristen- For John and Marlena to get back there little girl, they will have to make sure your free.

Stefano smiled as Kristen told him that unless Stefano is free from jail, Belle will be never be back with her family ever again. Both Dimeraís smiled and laughed as they thought the plan through.


John was now on his cell phone calling around as Brady was using Marlenaís cell phone to make calls looking for Belle. Marlena sat by the phone waiting for Belle to call or someone about where she was. After glancing over at a picture of her and Belle, she started to get tears in her eyes, they stopped right away as the phone rang. Marlena wasted no time before she grabbed it and picked it up.

Marlena- Hello...

For a moment there was no sound and then she heard a light click on the other line. A distorted voice was speaking to her.

Voice- I have Belle!...If you ever want to see your little girl again you must do as I say and right away.

Marlenaís heart fell as she heard that Belle was kidnapped. Brady and John looked on as Marlena started to cry heavily. She could barley speak to the voice, but she had to, she had to do it for her daughter.

Marlena- Where is she?

Voice- I have her and thatís all you need to know. Now will you follow my commands or will she have to be hurt first?

Marlena- No, no donít hurt my little girl, please, please...I will do anything, you can have all the money you want, name your price.

Voice- I donít want money, I want Stefano Dimera to have a pardon for all his crimes.

Marlena stood in shock to his demand, she knew that Stefano had her daughter. She hung up the phone and turned to look at John and Brady. They didnít know what was going on except that whatever happened really affected Marlena deeply. Tears ran fast from her eyes as she fell into Johnís arms in an emotional wreak.

Marlena- Stefanoís got out Belle...

---The End---

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