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Chapter 7

Shawn-D has already went to the school for the day when Hope got up. She walked down the stairs to see Bo sleeping on the couch. She kissed his forehead. She was about to leave the room when his voice stopped her.

Bo- What is that all?

Hope- I thought you were sleeping.

Hope walked over to Bo and sat beside him as he woke-up. He rolled over and kissed her.

Bo- I missed you.

Hope- I was only upstairs.

Bo- I ment for the last few months.

Hope- Oh, well it was not that long.

Bo- Hope, Iím worried.

Hope- About what Bo?

Bo- You... I think something must have happened to you in that turret.

Hope- Bo, I canít remember anything about that time.

Bo- But maybe Marlena can help you remember somethingís.

Hope- Bo, I donít want too...Iím sick and tired of looking into my past. I have 4 years when you thought I was dead, I lost another year when Stefano turned me into Gina again last year, and now I just lost 3 months a few days ago...Bo thatís 5 &1/2 years. I donít want to do it again.

Bo- But what about Stefano?

Hope- What about him? For all we know he was not even in the turret with me or even had me.

Bo- I know but still, heís out there free.

Hope- I know, and we will nail him. We will catch him and put him in jail where he belongs...Now enough about that. Thereís something I want to talk with you about. Actually two things...

Bo- What is it?

Hope- Well first me moving back into the boat with you and Shawn-D.

Bo- Ok, but whatís the second thing.

Hope- Our wedding.

Bo gets a smile on his face, as does Hope with the sound of a wedding.


Marlena went back to bed after they talked about 2 hours ago. John left after they talked. He had a shower, got dressed and left the penthouse. He went over to Alamain Inc. He walked into one of the many labs they owned. He walked into the lab to see a few of the scientists that works for him, working hard on something.

John- Whatís up guys?

Some of the men walked by John and said hello. One of the men stayed to talk with John. He was Jimmy. He was kind of short, stocky, and very smart. He wore glasses and pushed them up with the sight of John coming in the lab.

Jimmy- Hello, there John. What can I do for you today?

John- Well there is something I need you to look at Jimmy?

Jimmy- Anything for you Boss...So what is it?

John- Well I guess you heard in the papers about Stefano Dimera?

Jimmy- Yeah, Iím sorry you didnít catch him. You will one of these days.

John- I hope so. But with your help I might be able to do it sooner than later.

Jimmy- What can I do?

John- I need you to examine a piece of cloth and tell if it belongs to a few people.

John pulls out a bag with the piece of cloth he found in the turret in it. The blood stains could be seen from the bag. He also pulled out four files. The files had names on the top of them, Stefano Dimera, Hope Willaims, Gina Von Umbreg, and Kurt Shuwinglwe. John laid them all on the table top. Jimmy took the cloth and put it under the microscope.

John- Can you make out whoís blood it is?

Jimmy- Well I will have to do tests on it to see whoís blood it is, but Iím sure I could...Now will it be the blood of one of there peopleís?

John- Yes, it should be.

Jimmy- And if its not.

John- Well then I have more questions than I already do...So how long do you think it will take?

Jimmy- For you John, give me a few hours. I will put this as my first thing to do today. I will start right away.

John- Ok, thanks Jimmy.

John walked out to see Jimmy cleaning up and getting ready to do the tests.


At the penthouse Marlena got up and out of the penthouse. She was late for work. She hurried very fast to get there. She left as the sitter was cleaning up her room. The sitter found the letter that had fallen from Marlenaís bag. She saw it was labeled ď Kayla BradyĒ. She put it in her pocket. She was going to bring it to the pub where Kayla was staying. She was going there for lunch so she would drop it off then. The sitter continued to clean the penthouse.


A man sat on his plane seat. He was in his own private jet. He was head to Salem. He had Kaylaís cell phone in his hand. He handled it with care, and yet a cold hatred. He rested the phone on the ground. He picked up a picture Kayla had in her purse. It was a picture of Stephanie, Steve and Kayla. The man looked at the picture going over who was in and where it was taken. He put the picture beside the phone on the ground. He looked over to the person sitting on the other side of the plane. He was looking out the window. The man that was watching the man looking out the window smiles and thought to himself.

Man- Salem will be turned upside down when were through with them...Soon Salem will have no clue what hit them...Kayla Brady, John Black, Marlena Black, Hope Willaims, Bo Brady and the rest of them, all in for it. This time Stefano will not fail. This time I will make sure they pay for their sins...This time I will not Stefano down.

The man continues to laugh to himself and smile at the sight of the one man looking out of the window of the plane.


Kayla sat at the pub. She sat there waiting for Roman. Roman called in the morning ask her to meet him for lunch. As sat there waiting for him when Marlena and Johnís sitter came in. She walked up to Kayla.

Sitter- Ms. Brady...Kayla Brady?

Kayla- Oh, hi. Yes.

Sitter- Iím John and Marlena Blackís sitter. I found this letter on the ground this morning. Its addressed to you. I thought I would give it you when I saw you.

The sitter pulled the letter from her pocket. She laid it on table and left. She walk away with Kayla smiling at her watching the letter. She looked it over and saw her name. She got this odd feeling when she saw her name. She knew the way John and Marlena write and that was not the way her name was written on the letter. She held the letter in her hands while she examined it. Not knowing that when she opens it, her whole life will change forever.

---The End---

Chapter 8
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