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Chapter 69

Kristen walks off the elevator and stands in front of John and Marlenaís penthouse door. She tightens her gloves before she knocks on the door. Just before she knocks the door from the stairs flies open, Belle walks to the door. Kristen greets Belle as she walks to the door. Belle starts to use her key to open the door as she talks to Kristen.

Belle- Hello, Isabella... Mom and Dad are at the Doctorís office. I donít know when they will be back, it should be soon.

Kristen- Ok, well I can go in and wait, that will give me sometime to spend with Brady.

Belle- Heís gone out too, he went out to play basketball with some guys. But you can come in anyways.

Belle opens the door with her key and both of them walk into the penthouse. Belle goes up to her room as Kristen stays downstairs to wait for John and Marlena. Kristen looks over some of John and Marlenaís picture. She sees a picture of Isabella with Brady and John. She laughs at it, then picks it up.

Kristen- Man, how could these morons think Iím Isabella, my God, is this town full of morons or what...

Kristen sets the picture down and turns around to see Belle staring at her. Belle has a shocked look on her face as Kristen almost falls over that Belle heard what she just said.

Belle- What did you just say? Your not Isabella...

Kristen stands speechless as Belle questions her about what she just said. Kristen canít think of anything to say to her. All of Kristenís plans could all go up in flames if she does not cover for what she just said, but all Kristen can do is stand in her spot in total shock and fright.


John and Marlena wait in the waiting room of Dr. Whiteís office. Marlena had just went and had some tests done to see if she was really pregnant. John and her sat in the waiting room thinking of all the good possibilities. As they talked the Doctor came back and asked to speak with them inside his office. They follow him nervously. They both sit down as the Doctor gets a smile on his face.

Doctor- Your tests were right Marlena, your pregnant.

John and Marlena gasped as they heard the Doctor say it, they hugged each other as the Doctor continue to talk about what they need to do.

Doctor- It seems, the baby is about 1 months ago, We have done some tests, but more will need to be taken also. I will set up your first appointment with Dr. Bader, Iím sure you would like to see her as well. And let me be the first to say congratulations...

John and Marlena both shake the Doctorís hand. Both walk out after making appointments for more tests. They sit down on chairs right outside of the Doctorís office. They both are overcome with happiness and joy. They both have tears of happiness running down their faces as they think of the child they are going to bring into this world. Marlena looks into Johnís eyes.

Marlena- This child will be raised with more love, more loyalty, and more happiness than anyone will ever imagine.

Marlena kisses John as he kisses her back. They hold each other in complete happiness and they think that everything will finally, finally be good for them now that Marlenaís in pregnant. After they were done, they stand up and go over to Alice. They saw her watching them and they wanted her to know the great news.


Stefano walks over to the phone. He is aloud one call a day for five minutes only and its not monitored. He still is in shock from Isabella Black turning out to be his long lost daughter, Kristen Dimera. He is more happier than he has ever been, especially since he is in jail. He calls a foreign number and gets connected to the operator. He asks for Dr. Dimera. The operator puts him through. It does not take long for the call to be answered. Rolfe picks up the phone.

Rolfe- Yes?

Stefano- Its me...

Rolfe- Stefano! Where are you?

Stefano- Where the hell do you think I am? Iím in jail, you moron. And you are going to help me get out.

Rolfe- But how Stefano?

Stefano- I have an idea, but I donít have much time, so I need you to come to Salem. You need to catch the first plane here, ok?

Rolfe- Yes, Stefano I will get the first plane right away. See you soon...

Stefano hangs up the phone and looks around to make sure knowone is watching him or spying on him. He smiles when he realizes he is all alone.

Stefano to himself- Now its time for all of Salem to pay for my imprisonment and I will show them how powerful the Dimeraís can be.

Stefano smiles as he thinks over his plan to free himself from jail and how he will get revenge on the people of Salem with his daughter back at his side.


Kristen stands almost lifeless as Belle continues to question her about what she said. Belle grabs Kristenís arm and swings her around to ask her again.

Belle- Answer me, are you Isabella Black or not?

Kristen- Of course I am. I just was saying that when I first came to Salem I thought that knowone would believe that Iím Kristen, I mean Isabella.

Belle- What did you say? Kristen... What the hell is going on here?

Kristen- What do you mean? Belle maybe you should lay down, you donít look so good.

Belle starts to back off as Kristen comes towards her.

Belle- Oh my God, your not Isabella Black, your Kristen Dimera. Your dead, whoever you are. Iím going to leave and tell my parents what is going on... You stay away from me, whoever you are. I donít care what you say, something is very wrong here.

Belle runs over to the phone to call the police. Kristen stands in complete shock that a little teenage girl is destroying all her plans because a few slips of the mouth. Kristen does not know what to do, except make sure Belle canít tell anyone what she knows or thinks, it will ruin all her plans. Kristen grabs a picture of John, Marlena, Belle and Brady and runs over to Belle. Kristen hits Belle over the head with it as Belle dials 911. Belle falls to the ground as Kristen hangs up the phone. Kristen stands above the fallen girl not knowing what to do next.

---The End---

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