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Chapter 68

Philomena walks off the airplane and into the Paris airport terminal. She quickly goes to the nearest phone. She calls Lawrence and Carly to tell them she will be staying in Salem for a few more weeks before she returns home. She hated lying to them but she needed to make sure knowone knew where she was.

After getting a room at a near hotel, she made her way to a small cafe on the main street of Paris. She sat wondering what her next move was going to be. She knew that she had to act fast if her plan to make sure Marlenaís secret wasnít going to get out. She knew there was only one thing to do. After finishing her coffee, she hailed down a taxi to take her to some house in the country. Philomena got into the taxi hoping that what she was doing was the right thing to do.


Marlena sat on the edge of the tub wondering if she should wake John with the news or wait until she was 100% sure that she is pregnant. She couldnít keep herself quiet any longer. She jumped from the tub and ran into their bedroom. She turned on the lights and woke up John. He started to roll around, wondered what was going on. He sat up from the bed to see Marlena smiling back at him.

John- What is it, Doc? Itís so late...

Marlena- I know, I have some news.

John- Canít it wait until morning? My God, its almost four oíclock.

Marlena- No, this news canít wait until the morning. You know how lately Iíve been real emotional since we got back from Mexico and how I thought I was coming down with something. Well I am coming down with something...

John- Marlena, if you woke me up to tell me you if think you have a cold or the flu....

Marlena- Iím pregnant!

Johnís eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, he shook his head wondering if he was dreaming or something else. But he wasnít, John stared at Marlena for a few moments before responding.

John- Pregnant...

Marlena- I know, I know, but I took the test three times, all different brands and companies. I will go to the doctorís in the morning to make sure, but I too am a doctor and these are the signs Iím pregnant.

John- But Doc, we just made love a few hours ago, I donít think it works that fast.

Marlena- What about...

John- Mexico...

Marlena- We made love on Stefanoís island that night, remember? I think thatís when...

John- Doc, that was over a month ago, are you sure?

Marlena- Positive, your not mad are you?

John- Mad, mad... No way...

John took Marlena up in his arms and carried her around the room like a child, screaming seven words he never would have imagined he would be saying again, ď Iím going to be a Daddy, again!Ē. John carried Marlena around the room as they both laughed and cried at the same time.


Bo walked onto the boatís top. Tania was waiting at the edge of the boat for him, she surprised him with her being there. He told her all about what happened with the bike and shooting. She acted very surprised, knowing very well it was Larryís man who did it. They both walked down to the main part of the boat. Bo wondered why she was there waiting for him.

Tania- Well I wanted to see how you were doing, I knew that Hope was not back yet, so I knew you would need someone to talk to.

Bo- I donít need anyone right now, besides I called the lodge where she was staying and they said she wasnít there, so she must be on her way home.

Tania- Thatís good! Ummm, so how are you doing otherwise?

Bo wondered why she was not leaving and still asking really dumb questions. He smiled at her as she fell deep into his eyes. He turned away from her so she wouldnít stare at him.

Bo- Iím ok, I would really like some alone time right now though.

Tania- Oh, ok. I guess I should go, I will come by tomorrow to see how you are doing, ok?

Bo- Actually Tania, you donít need to do that. Hope will be here tomorrow and she will make sure Iím ok, if you know what I mean.

Tania- Sure, whatever.

Tania stepped out from the main part of the boat. She stopped halfway on the top of the boat and wondered what he meant. She got a very angry look on her face, she grabbed a small hand anchor that was sitting on the side of the boat. She turned around to see Bo sitting down in the lower, main part of the boat looking over his flesh wound.

Tania to herself- Hope will never help you anymore, I will make sure of that, if you know what I mean.

Tania walked down slowly to the lower, main portion of the boat. Bo was looking at his wound when he looked up into a mirror to see Tania wheeling a hand anchor right at his head, he didnít have one second to turn around before she hit him. She nailed him right on the head and he fell to the floor out cold. She stood above him smiling with anger in her smile and demeanor.


Hope eyes flickered open. Hope was laying in a bed, the room was full of the color white. Hope woke up dizzy and wondering where she was. She tired to get up but couldnít, she was tied down to the bed with belts. She tired as hard as she could to free herself. After a few moments of struggling she stopped. Moments later a Doctor came into the room with a man, the man had his back to her but she could tell the Doctor was talking about her.

Doctor- It seems you were right, these records are very correct and will be taken into consideration. I think we will start her on a very heavy drug to see she does do anything crazy, after that we will monitor to see how she is doing.

Man- Yes, yes, she gets this way somethingís. Its really scary to watch, she will talk about being someone else, just on the top of her head, she will use the same name and try to trick anyone within ear shot sheís someone else.

Doctor- Yes, making up characters either to please themselves or get free is a common sign of being unstable.

Man- She often uses the name Hope Willaims and will make up one hell of a story. It almost all seems pretty good too. So I want anyone who treats her to know, she will do this. Her records state she has been doing this for a very long time.

Doctor- Yes, I see, but after she starts to get her medication it wonít really matter anyways. See the drug we would give her would make sure she canít talk or do anything almost physical. We find that when we do this, they have time to clam down and maybe think for themselves. We lower it if we see an improvement, but usually there is not. They will be the same person that we gave the drug to before.

Man- Good, I want to make sure my wife is taken very good care of. Nothing but the best...

As the man said that he turned around to see Hope laying there looking up wondering what they were talking about. She looked at the manís face and screamed his name out.

Hope- Larry Welch!

She fought to be free but he sat down beside her to calm her down. The Doctor gave them some time to adjust and some time alone. He sat beside her watching her as she struggled to be free.

Hope- What the hell is going on here? Why are you here? I thought you were in prison.

Larry- Oh, I was, I was very much in prison, for about a good 15 years. I got out on good behavior.

Hope- What is going on? Why is this happening to me?

Larry- Well lets go back a few years. Do you remember when you and Bo tricked me and pretty much sent me to prison.

Hope- Victor did that, not us.

Larry- But why, because of you and Bo, because of you I suffered in that hell hole and now its time the two of you suffer.

Hope- You did this, you did all of this.

Larry- Every little bit, even the poor death of your baby, you needed to be taught a lesson.

Hope- You sick son of a bitch.

Hope spit in Larryís face, he responded by shaking her to look like he was claming her down. He wiped the spit from his face and continued to talk to her.

Larry- After I was free I got all my money together and decided it was time to make the two of you pay. So after you baby died, I decided to kidnap you. I have a complete record and mental history made up to make it look like you were completely insane. Now I have you locked up in, ď Brookdale Sunshineís homeĒ. Its miles away from Salem and anyone who would know you, even Bo.

Hope- What did you do to Bo?

Larry- Oh well he should be on way soon enough. If I were you I would only worry about myself. You have enough on your plate. My God, Hope didnít you hear that Doctor, heís going to give you enough drugs to settle down a horse. They will have you so drugged up, you wonít even be able to feed yourself. Its sad really, really it is.

Hope- How could you be so cruel? You canít do this to me, I know everything...

Larry- Well to them, you think you know everything too. Its a mental disorder you have, you will pretend to be someone else to leave here, but really your just insane and completely out of it.

Hope started to cry and shake as Larry went on about his plan. She turned to the wall to be sick, she couldnít handle all the stress, she was scared for herself, Bo and what else Larry had planned. Hope laid against the wall trying to think straight, but even she couldnít do it. She was full of anger, shock and total mayhem, she didnít know right from left or up from down. Her life was going completely out of control.

---The End---

Chapter 69
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