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Chapter 67

Bo walked into the emergency room. He was bleeding heavily from his arm. The bullet that hit him only glazed his arm and gave him a flesh wound. Bo was seen right away by a nurse. The hospital was slow because of the storm. The police didnít need to be called since Bo was a cop. After he was seen and was all bandaged up he wanted to go home. They let him leave by himself. He walked home since the bike was left at the accident and he had no car. After he got shot he was able to wave down a car to bring him to the hospital. He had to hide the wound or the people in the car might think he was a criminal trying to escape the police. The boat wasnít too far from the hospital. As he walked he wondered who the hell shot at him. He wondered if it was one of Stefanoís men trying to get some kind of revenge for Stefanoís imprisonment or another criminal getting revenge for Bo putting them in jail. Bo continued to the boat as he wondered what happened.


Hope again tried to stand up in her tiny cell but it didnít work. Her arms were sore, tired, and very bruised. Someone must have thrown her down the cell to get her in there. She was getting very scared and upset.

Hope- Oh God, Bo! I have to get out of here or I will go crazy. Knowone knows Iím here or even that Iím in trouble. I need help....HELP!!!

Hope again started to cry for help and as tears ran down her face she saw the light go out. Her head fell as the light went out. She knew now that she was stuck in the dark probably to die. A few seconds after the light went, the outline of a doorway at the ceiling started to move open. Whoever was on the other side slide the piece of wood over to the ground. Hope finally saw real light, light of the outside world. She looked up to see, but it hurt her eyes. The person lowered a stick to Hope. She looked at it, it pointed right at her arm. She reached to grab it, thinking it was a stick to move her up to the room but she was wrong. The small stick shot something out the end of it. A small pin went right into Hopeís arm, she grabbed it in pain and pulled it out, but she was too late. The special medicine inside of it already started to take its affect. Hope started to feel really tied again, she fell over in the cell. She was unconscious because of the affects of the medicine.


Greta started to cry as she finished reading the letter that Lily wrote to her. Eric was still sitting in shock after hearing that John Black was her father. Greta stood up right away and wiped the tears from her eyes. She looked down at Eric with a happy look on her face, she lifted his head so he could see her.

Greta- Its over...

Eric- What is?

Greta- This search...I have wanted to know for years who my real father is and now I know.

Eric- What are you going to do with the letter?

Greta- Burn it!

Eric- What? Burn it?

Greta- So knowone can ever see that John is my father.

Eric- Why? Donít you want John to know?

Greta- No, not ever. You see Eric, Iíve lived for years all by myself and I did all right, and now Iím starting to make really good relationships with people I love, you, Hope, Mrs. Horton and all sorts of people. I donít need a family anymore. I loved my mother and I always will. I knew parts of her that were good, true and pure. People might say she was crazy and insane but I know different, I donít want to remember the bad things only the good things.

Eric- I donít think I understand...

Greta took Ericís hand as she sat and told him what she was talking about.

Greta- I wondered for awhile what the identity of my father was and now I know. I didnít want to know who my father was or is. I already do, John is sweet, caring person and Iím glad to hear he is my blood father, but I donít want to ruin anything in my life now. I want to keep things the same way right now, maybe in the future I will tell him, but not now. I love him and Marlena too much for me to hurt them, or even myself. I would make so many complications with this information to let it hurt me or anyone else for that matter. I donít want people to know the truth right now because its not important right now. Its not something that is important to me right now.

Eric- But donít you want a relationship with John?

Greta- Yes and I already have one. This makes it easier, he already thinks of me as a daughter and I have always looked upon him as a father but that its. We have a bond that can never be broken, through each other and now through blood, why complicate things more by telling him that. Besides he has too much on his plate right now anyways.

Eric- I think I understand.

Greta- Good, I donít want you to think of me as not caring or heartless for not wanting a father right now, but someday when I have a family of my own, maybe John will be apart of that, but not now. Someday he will knew, as will the rest of Salem.

Eric smiled at Greta then went in to give her a kiss. The fell back onto the couch as they started to kiss heavily.


Stefano sat in complete shock that Isabella Black was really Kristen Dimera. She sat back and watched her father as he almost fell out of his chair. He had a blank look on his face, he was almost lifeless in his demeanor. She smiled back at his blank look, everything he thought was real was not. His life didnít make much sense at that very moment, he knew to be ready that Isabellaís real identity was going to be shocking but not like this.

Stefano- Kristen!

Kristen- Yes, father... You look as if you have seen a ghost.

Stefano- I think I have, I mean Iím looking at Isabella Black, but its you inside.

Kristen- No, your not looking at Isabella Black, your looking at me and me only. Isabella Black, as you said is dead, and Iím not dead, Iím very much alive.

Stefano- But how?

Kristen- How am I alive? Father you know the answer to that. I faked my death years ago to fool John, Marlena and Susan, but it didnít work.

Stefano- Ok, hang on, hang on, what didnít work?

Kristen- First off I donít have little Elvis, I never did. When I was headed to the Caribbean with the baby, Susan tricked me.

Stefano- How I thought she was in some kind of slavery thing?

Kristen- She was, she got free and then went after me. She found me at some airport in the Caribbean, she held me at gun point and took the baby. Her and Edmund sent me to the slavery camp and married. They went off to England and left me to die in the camp. Didnít you wonder when you never heard from me?

Stefano- Well I got pictures once or twice a year of you with the baby... It must have been Susan dressing up like you and with the baby, I thought it was you.

Kristen- No, that bitch double crossed us all... After about two years in that camp, I finally got free, I tricked one guard to let me out to go get some fresh fruit, but I left as fast as I could. That was about early February 2000. I saw it on a calendar and almost fell over.

Stefano- Ok, now I know where you have been, what it with the face?

Kristen- Well after I was free I took a cargo place up to Canada and there I landed a job at some bar, serving drinks. While I was doing that I saved up a little money, but I also made good contacts. I made friends with a really good plastic surgeon, after we got to know each other I got him to give me some plastic surgery. So I went onto the interest and found the Titan website, I pulled off a picture of Isabella Black and showed him. I knew it would be the best way to either get John back or cause Marlena all the pain I could, and as you can tell its working great. Well I told the plastic surgeon a had lots of money and I would pay him after the surgery. So after a few months of recovery, I was all healed and time to go out into the world. But he wanted the money, after I told him, I lied he got violent and he fell and hurt himself. He hit his head on the ground and died.

Stefano- Wow, Kristen, I never would have guessed, ok so then you came to Salem?

Kristen- Not really, I got on another cargo plane and headed to Mexico. I remembered that you had a secret hide out there and I was right.

Stefano- Yeah, just on the boarder line. It has alot of information in there.

Kristen- I know, so I broke into there and researched all I could about Isabella Black then headed back to here. Once I was in Salem, well I guess the rest is history. I thought I could use you as an excuse because everyone else already was. I hope you donít mind...

Stefano- I donít care. Wow, Kristen I still canít get over this, your back with me, and you are Isabella Black.

Kristen- I know, I have so many plans for these dumb people, but my first is to get you out of that cell.

Stefano- I am your father and you are my daughter, you are a true Dimera, Kristen.

Stefano lowered his head in honor of Kristen. She was smarter than anyone ever gave her credit. She was finally going to get what she wants, in spades. They both smiled back at each other as the evil spread around the room and the Dimera empire started to flame up again.


Marlena came out of the washroom, she had a panicked look on her face. She turned to see John sleeping on the bed, she wanted to wake him but she knew it might not be best until she knew for sure. She walked around her room haft excited, haft sad and frightened.

After two minutes of sitting in a chair going over the meaning of life she returned back into the washroom. She looked on top of the counter where she left it. Just before she could look at it, she got a really cold feeling rush over her, like her life was changing in ways she could never imagine. She stopped and reached for it. She stared into it like it was a glass or something of no real value. She looked into the mirror and then down at her feet. She dropped it on the ground and sat down at the edge of the bathtub. She put her head in her hands. She started to cry and laugh at the same time. But the crying soon all turned into laughing and smiles. She again looked up and then down at the thing on the ground. Marlena stared at the stick on the ground that showed the color blue, Marlena was pregnant, again.

---The End---

Chapter 68
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