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Chapter 66

Philomena sat looking at Stefano with rage in her eyes. How dare he try to use the secret about Marlenaís missing years against her. She was ready to jump over the table to kill him, but she wanted to see him suffer and she would make sure he would suffer. Stefano sat back in his chair waiting for Philomena to explain why she would hurt her family by keeping the secret from them.

Philomena- You know damn well why! That secret would not only cause havoc for Marlena and John but also their children and all the rest of her family. Iím not going to cause them anymore pain than they already have went through. That poor family has been hurt enough because of you, they donít need anymore. Especially with your latest trick, by bringing Isabella Black back into the picture.

Stefano- Yes, so I here. How are the happy couple taking the news?

Philomena- Very, well, as a matter of fact. Would you like to see them hurt more? Wouldnít you like to see Marlena and John break up and get a divorce...

Stefano- Well whatever happens, happens.

Philomena- True, true... But remember that secret will not only hurt the people I care about, it could cause alot of damage for you too, Stefano.

Stefano- We will see about that, Philomena, weíll see.

Philomena- That secret can never come out, if it ever did, people would be so hurt and angry... You need to stop all the pain and suffering, now and forever.

Stefano smiled at Philomena as she stood up. She shot a dirty look at him as she walked away. She looked back once more and he just smiled at her. She turned away and left the cell area. Stefano sat back in his chair thinking of a way to use the secret to his advantage.


The boat door was broken wide open! Tania entered Bo and Hopeís boat. She tried to pick the lock but it didnít work, so she kicked in the small door. She went underneath where the bedrooms were. She looked all around the small boat. She picked up a picture of Shawn-D when he was just a baby, Hope and Bo were holding him as the picture was taken.

Tania to herself- You make me sick... Damn dumb family, I canít wait for all this to be mine, well Boís too I guess. We will be together forever and together we will create a magic like no other couple ever could.

Tania kept on searching through all of Bo and Hopeís things. She would find pictures and look at them and take one or two things from the boat and put them in her purse.


Isabella watched as Victor poured himself a drink. She thought to herself that she needed to do something. She told her father that she will be back soon, but she had to go see someone. She ran out of the house in a hurry and Victor wondered why she was in such a hurry. Isabella slammed the door to go outside. Outside of the Kirrikis mansion, Isabella stood putting on gloves.

Isabella to herself- Now its time to see how grateful everyone is to have me back in their lives. Time to see if Iím as welcomed by everyone as it seems I am.

Isabella walked off to go visit someone she has not seem since sheís been back in Salem.


Greta and Eric sat on the couch in her apartment. They held each other in each others arms as they watched a movie. Eric got up to use the washroom as Greta went to change the movie and look at her mail. After she switched the movie she was going to look through her mail. She saw bill after bill after bill, then a letter. It looked like it was from Lily. She saw the date on it, it was sent around the time when Greta first came to Salem and when she met Lily. She went over and sat down on the couch. She wondered why she got the letter now and not when it was sent. She figured it must have got lost in the mail. Greta was about to open it when Eric came in.

Eric- Whatís you doing?

Greta- I found this letter from Lily. Its dated early 1999.

Eric- Thatís strange, whatís in it?

Greta opened the letter using her figure. The envelope only had one small letter in it, she pulled the letter out.

Greta- Itís a letter from Lily.

Eric- What does it say?

Greta started to read the letter. ď Dear Greta, I am sending you this letter because there is something you need to know. You have wondered and thought for awhile that Prince Von Umbreg was not your real father, well you are right. Heís not your real father. When your mother and I were close, one night she told me who your father is. As of when I wrote this letter, he is still alive and you know who he is. Now that your mother is gone I only feel its right to tell you who your real father is...

Greta stopped reading, she looked over at Eric with fear in her eyes. She just seconds away from finding out who her real father is. Gina told Greta a name in her death bed, but was Gina telling the truth? But this letter would tell the truth, Greta would know who her father is.


John stopped haft way up the stairs. Marlena wondered what was wrong.

John- Doc, Iím not doing this to hide how I feel about Isabella, I just want you. I want to make love to you, I want to show you how I feel and how much I feel for you.

Marlena- I know. I know how you feel and I feel the exact same way. I love you with all my heart and nothing, nothing will ever and can never change that.

John- Thank-you Doc. I love you now more than ever...

John again started to kiss Marlena as they again headed up the stairs to make love. When they made it to the bedroom door, John kicked it open not causing any harm to it and he carried Marlena into the bedroom.


After spending the night holding each other in their arms, Steve and Kayla packed all the belongings they had and put everything in a rent-a-car they got. They were going to drive from Salem back to LA. The car waited outside as Steve, Kayla and Stephanie said all there good-byes. Bo, Kim, Roman, and their parents stood in the pub as Steve went around and hugged everyone.

Steve- I have been through alot in my life, but being with this family means the world to me. I will care for these two beautiful girls as hard as I can and with all my heart!

Bo- Take care Steve...

Bo and Steve hugged once more before Kayla was about to say something.

Kayla- I love all of you so much. Leaving again feels right, but I know I will always miss you guys.

Kayla went around to Kim, Roman, and her parents. She kissed and hugged them all, Kayla had tears running down her face as she hugged everyone. Shawn and Caroline watched as Bo and Kim held hands as the Johnsonís left out the front door. Roman stood by the bar as they walked out. They all looked around and each one of them had a tear or two. They all hugged for a family hug as the Johnsonís all got in their car. All the Bradyís ran out to the street and waved bye as the car took off.

Kayla was driving and Steve held Stephanie in his arms. Stephanie waved as hard as she could, she still was sore from her accident, but was healing very well. She was healing fast, mostly from all the love from her family. Salem caused their family alot of pain but it also brought them together, they would always love Salem and most of the people in it, but it was time to leave home and start new memories somewhere else. The Johnsonís drove away from the pub and away from Salem, leaving the bad, the good and great times in the past and only to bring back new and the happiest memories of all time.


After the Johnsonís left the Brady pub, Bo decided to call Hope from the pub. He talked with Shawn and Kim about how he was doing and when Hope was getting back. He sat down at the pub and called the number of the lodge where Hope was too be staying. Doug gave Bo the number just in case of emergency. Bo dialed the number and was connected to the lodge receptionist.

Bo- Yes, Iím looking for Hope Willaims...Can you connect me to her room?

Receptionist- Iím afraid Hope Willaims is not here.

Bo- Oh, ok, thank-you...

Bo hung up the phone thinking that Hope must be on her way home. He decided to go for a bike ride. He put on his helmet and walked out of the pub. Meanwhile at the lodge the receptionist sat down thinking about what he told Bo. The manager came by asking who called. The receptionist told him someone called looking for Hope Willaims.

Manager- Hope Williamís, she was the guest who never showed. We never even got a call or a message. The woman must have left him and sent him a on goose chase. Poor guy what a way to ditch a person.

The two men looked down and wondered why people do the things they do. They went on working.


Her arm laid down on the side of the wall. Her legs spread open as she lay against the wall. Her head had blood running down from it. She moved once to her side and then back. Her head started to move around. She made her eyes look up to see nothing but a light bulb and an outline of a small opening. She looked around where she was. It was a confined cell with no door or window, just a light bulb. It was all cement with a light at the top with a closed opening. She started to cry again as she remembered what happened.

Hope Willaims Brady sat in the cell looking down crying as she remembered that she was kidnapped from the plane and taken away from her friends, her family and Bo. Knowone knew where she was or even that she was missing. The people who kidnapped her were smart and would trick her family. She was now a prisoner. But whoís prisoner?

Hope- Where am I? What the hell is going on? What happened to me? To Bo?

Hope continue to question and wonder what happened and what will happen to her. Again Hope started to cry as she looked around her own personal death trap.


Greta and Eric sat in the apartment looking over the letter again. Greta had tears running down her face as Eric took the letter from her. He was going to the read the rest to her. She asked him to read the rest as she looked into her hands wanting to know who her father is.

Eric continued to the letter- Greta, darling. Your father, your real, blood father is...........John Black!

Eric almost fell over as he read Johnís name. Greta fall in tears and shock as she realized her mother was right and telling the truth, John Black is her father.


Tania walked around Bo and Hopeís boat. She looked through all their shelves and personal items. She would take only certain pictures to take with her when she would leave. Tania heard someone walk by and pulled out her gun. But it was only a person walking their dog on the pier. She put her gun in her hand and held it to Hopeís picture.

Tania- Knowone will even ruin what me and Bo have. Knowone...

As she talked her phone rang, she put down her gun and opened her purse to get the phone. She answered her phone.

Tania- Hello...Oh hi, yeah Iím now in Bo and Hopeís boat. I just got through searching through everything...Yeah, good, good, now as long as Hope is gone and with you. I can take care of Bo, all by myself. Where did you put her?...Oh really, thatís a good idea. It was such a good plan by taking her from the plane and an even better idea how we got her there. I mean me pushing her down the stairs seemed like the only way she would want to leave town to think and be by herself... Yes, I know, I know. Knowone will ever know Iím working for you. Trust me... Now with Hope with you and Bo with me, knowone will ever know the real truth... By the way, Iíve always wondered something, why do you hate Bo and Hope so much anyways?

The man sat back in his chair as Tania asked him the question. A hand hovered over the phone as he looked over a picture of Bo and Hope. Little pins were put in Bo and Hopeís eyes. He turned around from his desk. Larry Welch smiled a devilish smile as he thought of the reasons why to hate Bo and Hope Brady.


Philomena sat alone in her hotel room. She was looking at a picture John and Marlena gave her of their entire family. She started to cry as she looked into the picture.

Philomena- Damn you Stefano! The truth about Marlenaís missing years can never come out, never.

After she was done crying, she went over to the phone and call the airport. She made a reservation for tomorrow night, on the first plane out to Paris. She needed to see someone, she needed to make sure the secret was never going to come. She knew it would cause alot of pain and more suffering for John, Marlena and their family.


Bo was riding on his bike as he passed the pier. He was thinking as he was riding. He thought about Hope and the baby. He still hurt that he lost a child and that it could have been prevented. He was mad as hell and was ready to hurt anyone who got in his way. He was mad that he let Hope go, she needed him but wouldnít let him know. He was mad that she left him alone and never told him when she would be back.

Bo was now speeding as he biked down Salemís biggest stretch of highway. He turned off the highway as the sky started to get dark. He turned onto a dark road. As he did that a huge lighting bolt came down on a tree up ahead on the road. The tree was blocking the road. Bo saw the lighting but didnít know it hit a tree up ahead on the road. He passed several houses.

As Bo continued to speed he came up from behind the fallen tree. He was just able to stop before the tree. He tried to move the bike on the other side of the tree. As he was moving the bike a car came up from behind him. He waited so that they would leave and then continue to move the bike. The car stopped and waited for something. Bo wondered why they werenít leaving. Finally after a few moments the car started to turn around so they would head back. Again they stopped just before they would have taken off. A window rolled down as Bo looked at what was going on. A gun pointed out the window and shot a bullet right at Bo. Bo dropped his bike on the ground as he fell to the ground. The car took off from the spot and left Bo on the ground to die.


John and Marlena lay in bed. They just got through hours of making love. Marlena lay in Johnís arms as they talked about the past, the present and the future. They recited the poem and their vows as they did on the their wedding day. Again they wanted to show each other how they felt about each other. They talked about Isabella coming back and Stefano being in jail. They knew having Isabella wasnít a really bad thing, she was alive and that was good. Brady would now have a chance to get to know his mother, but they still would have problems with their marriage. They held each other in their arms thinking that they were finally, finally in peace. With Isabella making their married invalid, they would just have to get remarried and they loved that idea. Now with Stefano in jail and most of their problems behind them, they would finally have peace, or so they thought.


Stefano again was brought back to the meeting cell. He sat there wondering now who was coming to visit him. He stood up as he saw Isabella Black coming into the cell. After all the guards left, the two sat down. Stefano wondered why she would come to him. She smiled at him as he lightly smiled back.

Isabella- Hello, Stefano!

Stefano- Hello, Isabella. How are you doing?

Isabella- Iím doing very good, how about you, Stefano?

Stefano- I could be better. So I here, you have joined on the bandwagon to make me the cause of all of Salemís problems?

Isabella- Yes, I have.

Stefano- Usually I donít question peopleís motives when they do something, but this time I canít help myself.... You and I both know, I didnít have anything to do with your death or lack their of. In fact, I know for a fact, a very well fact, that Isabella Black is a dead as the body in her casket, she never survived and did indeed die in Johnís arms.

Isabella- Very, good.

Stefano- So the question now is, if your not Isabella Black, who are you?

The woman smiled again at Stefano, she knew he was on her and that he was moments away from finding out the deadly truth. Stefano was smarter than anyone else in Salem, he knew that she was fooling everyone and getting away with it. He looked deep into her eyes to see if he knew who she really was.

Woman- You tell me, Stefano!

Stefano sat back and looked into the womanís eyes in front of him. He grabbed the table and then the womanís hands. Tears sprang to his eyes as he looked into her face, he knew, he knew the most unbelievable secret of all. He was shaking his head as he held both of her hands as well as looking into her eyes. Stefano knew the truth, Stefano realized that he was not looking at Isabella Black, but he was looking at his daughter, Kristen Dimera.

---The End---

Chapter 67
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