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Chapter 65

After Brady, Isabella, and Victor all had a nice family talk about the past and future of the family, Brady went back to the penthouse. Victor had to make some calls as he let Isabella look over some old family pictures and some she had not seen. She was looking over wedding pictures, Justin and Adrienne’s, John and hers, Bo and Billie’s, and even John and Marlena’s from 1999. She stopped looking at the pictures and started to stare at that picture. She focused in on Marlena and John holding each other in their arms.

Isabella to herself- Oh John, what happened to us? What will happen to us? This means we are still legally married, and you and Marlena aren’t. I still love you with all my heart and nothing has ever changed that. I think I will always love you, no matter what happens... No, no I won’t give up, we can still be together, we are still husband and wife and nothing will ever change that. I won’t let you go without a fight and I will put up one hell of a fight.

Isabella stared into the picture with such vengeance and love that she could almost break it. Victor walked in as she held the picture. He watched her and wondered what she was thinking. Did she think she could get John back after all those years, even now that she heart was given to Marlena? Victor continued to watch Isabella stare into John and Marlena’s wedding picture.


Stefano again sat in his waiting area of the jail. Last time he was there Lexie publicly denounced him, he still was hurt that she would say such cruel things. He wondered if it was her coming back to apologize or hurt him more, or even if it was his lawyer. Stefano wondered when Rolfe was going to the start the new phase of the master plan.

News traveled fast about Isabella Black coming back to Salem and saying Stefano was to blame for her disappearance and kidnapping. Roman had talked to him a few days ago, that more charges will be laid now that they have more evidence against him. Roman still was gloating that he won, or so Roman thought.

As Stefano sat in the chair thinking of other things, Philomena walked into the conference cell. She watched Stefano as he looked up to see her to his surprise.

Stefano- Well, well Philomena Alamain, how do you do?

She sat down on the other side of the room. There was always a wire fence between the visitor and prisoner except a whole that was in the middle on the table. Philomena smiled at Stefano as he stood up to see a lady.

Philomena- Well I’m better than you are. So meet any old associates in there?

Stefano- No, I haven’t. Can I ask what you are here for?

Philomena- First of all just to see you are finally paying for your sins and that these bars are strong enough.

Stefano- I hope so... Ok, now what else can I do for you?

Philomena- Besides die, well I want to know something.

Stefano- Well, well the truth comes out. The person who destroys lives is now the advise specialist...

Philomena- Not quite Stefano, I want make sure a secret does not get out.

Stefano- And what is that?

Philomena- I think you, Stefano. I learned something while I was at Masion Blanche and I’m sure you don’t want the people of Salem to find out.

Stefano- If you are talking about Marlena years while she was in the coma, I would think you have more to lose than I do.

Philomena- Listen, I just don’t want them to get out, I want to make sure knowone ever knows that Marlena was never ever in a coma to begin with.

Stefano- And what do I get in return?

Philomena- Nothing! Except you can always have that over me.

Stefano- So I can blackmail you? Is that what your trying to say?

Philomena- No, not at all. Its just you have hurt me in the past so badly, it won’t make any difference if you hurt me a little for the rest of my life.

Stefano- I never meant to hurt you, Philomena! I just used you to get what I wanted. And if I did get what I wanted to, you would have been able to go back with your family forever.

Philomena- Stefano, you took my son away from me when he was very, very little and you expect a mother not to care what happens to her son. It wouldn’t matter if were a 100 year span of not seeing him, he is still my son and nothing can change that.

Stefano- Ok, so kept my mouth shut about Marlena’s years.. But now why would you not want the information to come out, why would you keep secrets from your family, if you love them so much?

Philomena stood puzzled at Stefano’s question. She knew he still had a hold over her and that nothing could ever destroy that as long as she knew the secret.


Marlena was standing at the window looking outside as John came up from behind her. He held her in his arms and started to talk with her.

John- Listen Doc, I have a child with her, I am still married to her, I can’t change that. I have and will always love her as a person, as a mother, and as a friend. But you, you have my heart, you are my soulmate, you are my love, my one true love.

Marlena turned around with tears running down her face. She fell into his arms as he held her.

Marlena- I know, I know, I don’t hate her, but I hate what she... What Stefano has done to us, to our family. When will all this stop and let us get on with our lives.

John- It will take time to get used to, but we will. Stefano is locked away forever and never will get out.

Marlena- But how many more secrets does he have that will hurt us, how many more?

John- I don’t know and I don’t care, nothing can and will tear us apart, ever.

Marlena- Promise?

John- Yes, yes I promise.

The two hugged and kissed as they reassured each other of their love. John went over and turned on the radio. Marlena was surprised at what song came on, “ I need you” By Leanne Rimes. It was the song that Marlena heard all the time in her head when she thought John was dead. John took her by the hand and started to dance with her in the living room. She went along with him as the song played on. She felt so at peace and happy right now, she knew that soon they will have to face the music of reality but not was their time and knowone else’s. John danced Marlena over to the stairs. He picked her up in his arms and started to carry her up to their room. Marlena started to kiss John as they went up the stairs.


In the pub Steve and Kayla were too singing to the radio and the song “ I need you”. Everyone went home as the two started to dance as well. Steve lifted Kayla up into the air and brought her down slowly. He kissed her as he brought her down. The kissed they shared was the first since his “death” and is was a sign that things are better in their lives. The two continued to dance in the light as the song played on.

But for both Steve, Kayla and John and Marlena their love is as the song saying, I need you. Both couples danced as the song played on, they dance with each other and their love grow as they did.

---The End---

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