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Chapter 64

Its now been four days since the revelation that Isabella Black is alive. Everyone in Salem was buzzing about the news. How? When? Why? The Salemites had many questions but only one person had the answers. Isabella sat down with all her friends and family at the pub and told them her story.

Isabella- It seems it was a plot from the very beginning, I was being drugged from the moment Carly told me I had cancer. I did in the very fact have cancer and the drugs I was being given were to fight the cancer and too make it look like I was dying.

John- So you knew all along?

Isabella- No, no I didnít. I donít know when the cancer was gone but it was. I then looked like I was dying. Then John took me to Italy and I ďdiedĒ there. After a few days after I thought I died in Johnís arms, I was in a lab. I wanted to leave but someone wouldnít let me.

Marlena- Who?

Isabella- I donít know, but I was not to go anywhere, in fact they kept the door locked on my room so I would not leave. Then a few days after that I was all better, I felt 100% and never better. But as soon as that happened, I was again drugged, this time for along time.

Bo- Someone drugged you into a coma?

Isabella- Yeah and not someone, Stefano Dimera! He kept me alive on his island for years while everyone here thought I was dead.

Everyone stood in shock, they all knew Stefano was evil but to do this to an innocent woman and her family was unbelievable even for him.

Isabella- And then I guess a few weeks ago, I woke up from the coma and knowone was there to make sure I wouldnít leave, so I left. Then after leaving the island where I was, I ended up in Mexico. While I was there I kept on hearing names from the past, Black, Dimera, Brady... I knew that some people I loved were near by and I was right.

Victor- You knew we were in Mexico?

Isabella- Well sort of, I looked all over but didnít find anyone, so I gave up and started to gather money to head back to Salem. Just before I was set to leave I saw John. People were bringing him to a plane in Mexico. I didnít see anyone else so I knew I had to go back to Salem right away.

Bo- That must have been when we were taking everyone back to Salem. My God Isabella we were right there with you.

Isabella- Yes, but then you guys left, so I continued on my travels back to Salem, and now I guess the rest is history. I do have alot of questions, I mean alot...

Caroline- And they will be answered soon, we just have to get over the reality that your here, alive and well.

Isabella stood around as many of her friends from the past came up and hugged her. She was missed alot and by many people. John, Brady and Victor were all still shell shocked at what was going on. Brady would have his mother back, Victor a daughter, and John a wife. There lives were turning upside down once more.

Bo, Abe, and Roman still could not get over that Stefano had pulled another stunt. They were again going to pull up charges of kidnapping, fraud and attempted murder for trying to kill Isabella.

Isabella needed answers for her questions, but she still was very happy to finally be home with her family. After a few days of getting things correct about Salem she still was happy. John broke the news to her that he was remarried to Marlena and they had a daughter together, and that her name was Isabella also. Bo told her about Hope being alive and back in his life. The Bradys told her about the rest of Salem and what happened to some people and places.

Salem was finally getting used to the fact that Isabella was alive again. Though it might take a little long for some people that were really close to her.


After all the commotion was settled down Victor asked Isabella to come and live with him. Brady was over visiting, he did that often now that she was back. They all sat in the living room as Brady told her about his life and what he had become.

Brady- Yeah so I hope to go into medicine, maybe a doctor or a nurse. I havenít really decided yet.

Isabella- Well your young, you have alot of time to decide... So father, Iím guessing you didnít remarry too?

Victor- Well thatís another story all together.

Victor smiled at Brady who knew what Victorís life was like. Isabella still had alot of things to learn about Salem. She smiled like she knew what was going on. As the men talked she looked deeply into a picture of John and Marlenaís wedding. She kind of got a sad, angry look on her face as she stared into the picture.


John walked around the penthouse like he lost his best friend. Marlena was sitting down as he was walking like a nervous father about to have his first child. She watched him walk up and down the floor.

Marlena- Thinking about Isabella?

John- Yeah...

Marlena- What do you think about it?

John- I donít know what to think right now, Doc.

Marlena- What should I do?

John stopped and turned to Marlena who was looking at John with no expression. She wanted to know where there relationship was right now. Had it stopped or ended all together. She wanted to know. He sat beside her and held her hand.

John- Listen, Doc. I know this is really hard for you and it is for me too. But never doubt that I donít love you. I love you with all my heart and will never stop. Isabella may be back in our lives but I still love you for the rest of the day of our lives. I told you that on our wedding day.

Marlena- Well what is that worth now? Nothing...

John- How could you say that?

Marlena- With Isabella back, your first wife back, our marriage is not valid. We are not married anymore. You know that right.

John never thought about that. He didnít think that this might affect his marriage, or even end it. He looked into her eyes only to see frustration and madness. She was ready to burst out crying and anger was trickling from her soul. She hated Stefano and hated what his final act did to her family.


During all the time Salem was getting over the fact that Isabella Black was alive, Stephanie Johnson was doing all her exercises and now was able to walk small distances. Kayla and Steve both did all they could to get their daughter to walk again. After a dew days of treatment they were able to leave the hospital and return to the pub where a party was going on for Stephanie. They had a party of sorts for Isabella when she first returned, so they left all the decorations up and just left everything as is. The Bradys were very happy to hear that everything was going great. They were a little sad when Kayla told them that her, Steve and Stephanie were all going to live in LA. and not Salem. Kayla and Steve left the party haft way to go over to Victorís to see Isabella before they left. Stephanie spent time with her grandparents. She told them all about re-Hab and what she could do now. After one hour, Kayla and Steve came back to the pub. They all planed to leave the next day to go back to LA Everyone will miss them. Kim, Bo, Shawn-D, Shawn, and Caroline tried to talk them into staying awhile longer but they couldnít, the Johnsonís wanted to start their new lives right away.

Shawn Brady got everyone started in a song that means alot to the entire town. He started to sing the starting lines to the song ďLeaving on a jet planeĒ! As soon as Shawn Brady started the rest of the family started in.

As the Bradys sang the song the entire town was either in complete chaos or utter happiness. Victor, Brady and Isabella sat in the Kirrikis living room talking, and John and Marlena sat on either sides of the penthouse thinking over in their heads about what their future holds in store.

The Bradys continue to sing as Kayla, Steve, and Stephanie all hold each other. At one time they thought there lives would never continue without pain and now all they have is never ending love for each other and everyone around them.

---The End---

Chapter 65
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