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Chapter 63

Belle started to back off as she looked the woman who stood in front of her. She thought that she eyes were playing tricks on her, she could not get over what was going on.

Woman- Hello, Belle.

Belle stood in complete and utter shock that she was looking at this woman. Belle wanted to run from this nightmare but couldnít. Her life was changing as she looked at the woman.

Belle- But your dead...

Woman- No, Iím alive, Belle. Its not your imagination. Iím really here, alive and well. Please donít be scared. I want to help you understand everything.

Belle was terrified at what was going on. She couldnít think straight. She looked exactly like her but it couldnít be. She was dead and everyone knew it. It must have been a trick, some kind of horrible trick. This woman was going to hurt her family if they ever saw her.

As Belle stood in shock and fright, Brady came into the alley. He walked up from behind Belle.

Brady- Whatís going...

Brady froze in his steps as he saw who Belle was looking at. He too almost fell over in shock. He swallowed deep and made sure he wasnít dreaming or imagining what was going on. The woman who he thought was dead, was really alive.


Steve and Kayla sat down in Stephanieís room. She told them about that it wouldnít take long for her to get her legs back to normal. After a few treatments everything would be ok. She was very happy and her parents wanted that more than anything. They were about to tell her about their plans to move to LA

Kayla- What would you think about going home for your treatments once you start to walk?

Stephanie- No, no way. I wonít leave Daddy. He has missed out on way too much of my life. I will never leave him again, Mom. I will never go back to LA. without him.

Steve- I would like to come too, Stephanie. I know that we missed out on alot in each others lives, so I would like to make up for lost time. I want to go to LA. with you so we can start all over again.

Kayla- What do you think about doing that, honey?

Stephanie- Well thatís great. I love that. So all three of us can live in our house in LA. and be one big happy family.

Steve- Thatís the plan!

Stephanie- Oh yeah I want to do it. I will go anywhere with you guys. I donít care if we went to China as long as Iím with my Mom and my Dad.

Kayla- Then its settled, we will move to LA. as soon as you are able to walk ok. You can always do the rest of your treatment down there. I can help you at home with walking and other exercises.

Stephanie- And Daddy can too right. Then he can tell me all about his life and his different journeys.

Steve- Yes I can. But you will need to go to school also.

Stephanie- Well everything canít be prefect.

All three members of the Johnson family laughed at Stephanieís comment. Kayla hugged her daughter as Steve kissed Stephanieís head. Kayla winked at Steve as Steve took her hand and held it. The Johnson were going to leave a happy and healthily lives in California.


Philomena sat in her hotel room looking over the Salem newspaper. She saw the article on John and Stefano, she read it and laughed as it talked Stefanoís jail term. She wanted to make sure he would pay for every single evil thing he ever did, but something troubled her.

Philomena to herself- You will pay Stefano, you have hurt everyone I care about and its going to stop... I should visit you and lay all my cards on the table. I know enough about you Stefano, that you could be in jail forever, but people will be hurt if it ever comes out. Do the people of Salem deserve anymore pain or should the man who caused it all rot in jail and they all go through more pain and secrets coming out.

Philomena sat in her chair wondering what is best for Salem and her family.


Bo, John and Marlena were laughing as John told the story about locking Stefano up and make loving in one of his rooms for the night. Bo could not believe that they got away with that. Bo asked how Brady and Belle were taking the news about John being home.

Marlena- There so happy, I know they were so hurt when we had to tell them what happened at Masion Blanche but I think that their mental scars will heal with time and their father around.

John- Yeah and I donít intend on leaving anytime soon...So you better get used to me being around, Doc.

Marlena- I think I can manage...

All three started to laugh and smile again. Bo was having the best time since the baby died. It was good for him to get out and talk with friends. He will always carry around the pain as he did when Billie lost her years ago, but this time he knew that it was Hope, the woman he loved with all his heart. He loved having John and Marlena to talk to now that Hope was out of town.

Marlena decided to open that wine that Bo brought over and have some. Bo asked John what will happen with his mother. John told Bo what happened when she came over and hugged him. Bo told John that it was good and that they should at least try to have some kind of relationship. Bo also told John how sad she was when he died. She had lost her son in her life for the second time. Marlena came back in the room with three wine glasses. Both men stood up as she entered. John made a toast to happiness to all and never any more pain or difficult situations in any of their lives ever again. All of them clicked glasses together and drank the wine. As John was complementing Bo on the wine, they heard someone at the door.

Marlena walked over to the door to open she heard a bang at the door. She opened it and Belle and Brady came in with looks of shock, bewilderment, and dismay on their faces.

Marlena- Whatís the matter children? You look as if you saw a ghost...

Marlena was about to close the door when a hand stopped her, she turned around to see who it was. Marlena jumped back as the woman entered the penthouse. Both Marlena and Bo dropped their glasses to the floor as the woman came into the room. Everyone in the room stood in shock.

John- Oh my God...Isabella...

Isabella Black stood in the door with tears running down her face as everyone stared at her in shock.

---The End---

Chapter 64
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