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Chapter 62

Tania had left the office where Bo was working to go to Salem Place to search for a gift for him. She was looking in the windows at Salem place when her cell phone rang. She looked around to make sure knowone was watching and she went and hide behind some building to answer it.

Tania- Hello...Oh hi, Iím buying Bo a welcome home gift... No...No.. Iím working on it, trust me Boss, he will fall in love with me. I can tell when a guy likes me and trust me Bo Brady is falling head over heals in love with me. All your plans will work out the way you want them too. Now with Hope out of town things will go very, very smoothly... Yes, I know, I know. Knowone has any idea that Iím working for you, not even Bo.... Ok, I will check in with you later today, ok?... Ok, bye...

Tania hung up the phone and put it back into her purse. She had an evil smile on her face as she talked to herself.

Tania to herself- Bo Brady will be mine!!! Tania Brady, that sounds great! I wonder what season he would want to go married in.

Tania walked away pondering thoughts of a bizarre nature. Tania was not sane and is a complete time bomb. Only time will tell when she blows.


John and Marlena sat on the couch talking about all that happened when they were out of town. They both couldnít get over how Hope lost the baby. They planed on going over to visit Bo tomorrow and talk with him. She told him about he didnít really think John was John in Mexico. But he understood why, Stefano had played games like that before and it would never surprise them if he did again. As they talked a knock came to the door, Marlena walked over to it and opened it. It was Bo, he came in and hugged Marlena. Him and John shake hands as he brought them a bottle of wine.

Bo- So how are you feeling, John?

John- Well the ribs are a little sore, but time and love heals all wounds.

Both men chuckled at his remark as Marlena came back in after putting the wine in the refrigerator. She was smiling as the men laughed.

Marlena- Any word from Hope?

Bo- No, not yet. I think that she probably just wants to be alone and by herself for awhile. Its best, Iím sure.

Marlena- People all grieve differently, Hope is just doing what she thinks is right.

Bo- Yeah, I guess.

John- How did it happen? All we heard is just that she fell and lost the baby.

Bo- She was attacked at the hospital. She was at home telling Shawn-D about Stephanie and went back to the hospital. She was coming up the stairs and someone attacked her. They must have struggled and she fell over the railing and down the stairs.

John- Was her purse stolen?

Bo- No, that was the odd thing. We assume that the person didnít mean to do harm just take the purse and when they realize that she was hurt they just ran. Knowone saw anything or reported even seeing someone enter or leave the hospital that would do that.

Marlena- Its really too bad. Even if Hope didnít lose the baby, that someone out there would go out of their way to get money.

John- Are you sure it was about the money?

Bo- Well who else could it be?

Bo, Marlena and John all sat back thinking what exactly could have happened to Hope and her baby.


Steve and Kayla went out into the hall as Stephanie and some Doctors talked about her legs and tested them to see how fast she would go back to normal. Both parents were thrilled to see their little girl so happy and full of joy. They sat down in the waiting area again. Kayla had an answer for Steveís question about where they should live.

Kayla- I have thought about it and I think that, if its ok with you, we should live in LA. I think that being here in Salem just hurts us, it brings back old memories. I think you were right when you said starting over. I went to LA in the first place to start over and it didnít really work, but I think Iím willing to start over now.

Steve- Thatís great! So when do you want to go? I donít really have an items or personal things except you and Stephanie here in Salem. I could leave in a moments notice. Iím getting enough money from Stefanoís estate that we could live happily for quite some time.

Kayla- Lets talk to Stephanie and tell her what we want to do.

Steve- Ok!

Steve took Kaylaís hand and went back into Stephanieís room to talk with her. They smiled at each other as they went in, finally they were going to have some peace in their lives.


Brady and Belle looked all through Salem Place for a gift for their father. They didnít want to get him a tie or some kind of clothing. Brady had a great idea, a family ring. They went into the ring shop and looked around. They found and great ring and asked to see it. As Brady went over the ring and what should be on it with the cashier, Belle spotted one of her friends outside.

Belle- Brady, I will be back in a second...

Belle ran out of the store to talk with a friend of hers. After a few minutes of talking she saw Brady paying the cashier and thought that she should go back inside to see the ring. As her friend walked away Belle starting walking to the store. Just before she could go into the store she froze. Belle saw someone.

The woman had been walking around Salem place for hours looking for something to buy to send to her family. She had stopped and was looking into the ring store. She was looking at the back of Bradyís head as Belle saw her.

Belle- Canít be...

Belle walked up to the woman. She saw Belle coming and ran off, Belle chased into an alley behind Salem place. Brady saw Belle chase after some women and went after her. Belle caught up with the lady in the alley, Belle grabbed her arm and spun the woman around to see her face. Belle almost fell over when she saw the womanís face. She almost couldnít say the words when she saw the woman.

Belle- Oh my God, your alive....

---The End---

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