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Chapter 61

The woman walked through Salem place. She had made her way from the small motel outside of Chicago and into Salem. She hitchhiked most of the way. She was wearing a wig, sunglasses, and a scarf to cover most of her face. She sat down on the bench and watched people walk around her.

Woman- Home sweet home! Now just to find the time to tell my family that Iím back! I wonder how they will take the news.

The woman started to smile and laugh as she again stood up and made her way out of Salem place. She was going to see if she can find some of her family that might be near by.


Marlena smiled at John as he didnít know what was going on. His mother that he didnít even know was hugging him for all her life. She let go and just looked at him.

Philomena- You look so good Forest!

John- Forest?

Philomena- Iím sorry, John! That will need some time to get used to.

Marlena- So I guess you heard the news?

Philomena- Yes, Commander Carver called Carly in Europe and told her. So I got the first flight back to Salem to be with my son. Lawrence and Carly couldnít make it back, so I came alone.

John- Well, mom. There are sometimes I would like to talk to you about.

Philomena- Yes, last time we didnít get much time together. So this time we can sit down and talk for a long time about the past, present and the future.

John- I would like that, Iíd like it alot.

John hugged his mother back as Brady and Belle decided to go out and get John a homecoming present. Marlena watched as they left. Philomena sat down on the couch as John and Marlena sat down on the other side.

Philomena- I want to know something, what happened to Stefano?

Marlena- Heís in jail! This time for good.

Philomena- Good, I want to go down the police station and press charges for kidnapping against me.

John- How long were you his prisoner?

Philomena- About ten years. He took me right from my family in 1990, he faked my death but only Lawrence knew I was alive just before you people found me. Also what ever happened to that Johnson man?

John- Steve! Well heís alot better now, he is on our side and back to his normal ways. He told us everything he knows about Stefano and it helped alot.

Philomena- Good, good! So I guess things are going great for your whole family.

Marlena- Well most of us, Hope Brady was pregnant and lost her child in an accident.

Philomena- Oh, I remember her, she is so beautiful and such a kind woman. Thatís really too bad.... Well I guess I better call and get myself a room at the Salem Inn again.

As Philomena went over to use the phone John and Marlena kissed. They had finally a moment to themselves. John whispered something into her ear. He told her that tonight would be there night and knowone elseís. She smiled and kissed him again.


Stefano sat alone in the visitor room. He got called in their ten minutes ago. He wondered why and what was going on. He knew that knowone would come and visit him so it must be his lawyer. He sat there and stood up as someone came into the room. A smile instantly went to his face as he saw his daughter come into the room. She was with Abe and looked as if she was crying awhile ago.

Stefano- Iím so glad to see you my darling.

Lexie walked up to Stefano, he thought that she was going to hug him but she was not going to do that. Lexie slapped Stefano across the face. Stefano stood still as Lexie again started to cry at the sight of him. Abe stood in the background smiling.

Lexie- How? How could you do this? I thought that you had changed. I am such a fool, to ever think a monster like you could ever change. You are sick and twisted! I hate you, I hate you for what you have done to me, my family and all my friends. You have hurt all the people I care about and you donít even have any remorse for anything you have done.

Stefano- Alexandra...

Lexie- No let me finish. You have hurt all the people I love and you canít even say sorry or try to fix what you have done. Faking Johnís death is the worst thing you have ever done. His poor family sat at home crying for days thinking the man they loved with all their hearts was dead, because you killed him. Marlena was totally out of her mind, she was so sad and lonely and it was your fault. Brady ran away because he now had lost both of his parents. The poor child didnít have anyone left in his life. They were all dead. God father, how could you be so cruel? Johnís own mother only got to know her son for the moments they had in Masion Blanche together and then you go and take John away from her... Have you no heart?

Stefano- But John is alive. He is back with his family...

Lexie- The damage is done, the family is hurt. You canít fix or take away all the pain they felt during that time. From now on I donít have a father, I only have a mother. She is good and kind, unlike you. You are a monster and I hope you rot in here. I hope you die a cold and lonely man. And when you die, I hope hell have mercy on you.

Lexie turned and started to cry into Abeís arms. Stefano had tears running down his face as Abe smiled back at him. Stefano called to be taken back to his cell. Abe and Lexie watched as he went back into the cell area. Abe hugged her as she cried in his arms over the lose of her father, the father she thought she knew.


Kayla almost fell over as her daughter had a look of shock on her face. She moved her leg all by herself. Steve didnít know what happened as Kayla ran out to the hall to get Craig. They both ran back in to make sure it was real. Craig tested her leg again and she kicked it lightly, slowly, but she kicked it.

Craig- It looks like her legs are going to be fine. She will need some rehabilitation to get them in full use, but she looks to be making a full recovery.

Stephanie- Yes, Iím going to walk again!

Kayla and Steve held hands together above Stephanieís head as she thanked God that she will walk again. Kayla had tears running down her face again, this time it was not for being sad, it was tears of joy. Her daughter would walk again and be a normal little girl. Finally the Johnson family too was getting some good luck. There wishes all seemed to be coming true. Steve smiled at Kayla as she held his hand and their daughter was smiling too.

---The End---

Chapter 62
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