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Chapter 60

It has been days since the entire Mexico situation. John was rushed to a Mexico hospital and checked out. He was fine and him, Marlena, Abe, Roman, Victor and a handcuffed Stefano all left the next day. They returned to a shocked Salem. In Mexico Bo had a blood test ran on John and sent it to Salem so that by the time they arrived they would know if it was John or not. Bo gathered the Blacks, Bradys and the Hortons to tell them all the good news.

Bo- First off, yes, Marlena was kidnapped again by Stefano but she is fine and back at home. Stefano kidnapped her from the Horton cabin where she was. He brought she to an island off of Mexico. Victor and I went to Mexico from a distraught Marlena. After I got Marlena from Stefano I found a individual.

Bo looked around and hoped that everyone was ready for a shock...

Bo- I found John Black, alive and well. Stefano faked his death by using a clone in place of the real John at Masion Blanche. After Masion Blanche he took John to that island and kept him as his prisoner. He paid off a lab person to change the medical records so it looked to be John. I did a test the other day and it turned out to be John.... By as for Stefano, he is finally in jail where he belongs. Many charges will be laid against him for several acts. He will never get out and hurt us again.

Throughout the next few days Salem was getting used to having John back and Stefano in jail. Everything was looking up for everyone in Salem. Brady and Belle were completely shocked and unbelievably happy. They had their Dad back in their lives. Alot of people were stopping by to visit with John as he try to rest at home. Two nights after John got home, Brady, Belle, Marlena and John all finally got a chance to sit down and talk about what happened. They had alot they needed to talk about as a family.

After everyone arrived in Salem, Roman took it upon himself to make sure Stefano went to jail right away. He proceeded to make sure that it would happen without any problems. Stefano was put in a small cell all by himself in a restricted area. He was not allowed bail at all. A date for a trail was to set for a latter date. He was allowed to have visitors and would be allow a special private area for him to speak with people in, if he had visitors.

As for Bo he was happy was John being home, but still was really worried about Hope, she had not even called within the time he was gone. He thought that she probably just needed some time all by herself. He talked frequently to Alice about what to do. He was still hurting him by what happened. He had lost two children within the last 3 years. Shawn-D was dealing in the lose very good, he was holding up a good home by himself.

All of Salem looked to be having a turn of good luck since the run of bad look.


Brady and Belle were so blissful to have their Dad back. They could never have of thought of him being back with them, but there he is. Brady wanted to know what was going to happen with Stefano for what happened.

John- Well he is going to be charged, I know that he will be charged for both me and your motherís disappearances.

Belle- He should pay for what he did.

Marlena- He will, he will. Me and Hope will need to sign statements about what happened at Masion Blanche. But lets not talk about this its to depressing.

John- I hear that little Stephanie had a accident while we were away. How she is now?

Belle- We donít know, last we heard she couldnít feel anything in her legs. The doctorís were trying to figure out if it was permanent or temporary.

John- We should all pray that she gets better. That whole family needs our prayers now, since Iím sure they prayed for us.

As John talked to the children about what happened when Marlena and him were away there was a rap at the door. Marlena thought it was just another person wanting to talk with John and see how he was doing. She got up and went to the door. She opened it to find Philomena on the other side.

Marlena- Philomena!

She hugged Marlena fast and ran straight into the penthouse and into her sons arms. She started to cry as she held her son, the son she thought she lost and would never get the chance to know. Brady and Belle both looked on with a smirk as their grandmother held their father in her arms.


Bo again didnít know what to do with his time off, so he decided to help out Roman with Stefanoís file. He was at the police station looking over peopleís current statements and looking over whoís statements he would need to attain. Tania came in to see Bo who was working. She ran in and into Boís arms. He looked baffled as she held him. She let go and looked as if she was about to cry.

Bo- Well hello to you too.

Tania- I was so worried. After what happened to Hope I thought that you might have left town along with her.

Bo- Hope didnít leave town, she just took a needed vacation and I went to search for Stefano.

Tania- Yes and I heard that you caught him, I guess congratulations are in order.

Bo- Iím just glad he will finally pay for what he has done to my family.

Tania- Yeah, yeah, so any word from Hope?

Bo- Actually no. Iím starting to worry about her.

Tania- Oh on donít worry. She will call if not Iím sure that she just needs time.

Bo- Yeah I guess your right.

Bo smiled at Tania as she winked at him. She again hugged him before she left. She walked out trying to turn Bo on with her walk. Bo watched her leave and thought to himself what an odd girl she was. But after that he drove into his work again.


Stephanie sat awake her bed as Steve and her played 20 questions about things in her room. Kayla watched on as she looked over Stephanieís chart. Craig came in and asked to talk to Kayla outside for a moment. She went out with a nervous look on her face.

Craig- We have the results from all the tests. All the swelling has went down but still no movement. I donít want to say anything premature but it looks as if might be permanent.

Kayla- But your not for sure?

Craig- No, it will take weeks even months to be sure with this kind of condition. But the longer it takes the greater chance is that she will never recover. I suggest that both you and your husband sit down with her and talk with her about it.

Kayla- Ok, thanks Doctor.

Kayla headed back into Stephanieís room as Craig walked away. Steve was looking out the window as Stephanie looked at a magazine that the nurses gave her. Steve smiled as Kayla came back in. She watched Stephanieís every move wondering if she could handle the news. The girl still had stitches all over, a bandage on her head and her arm was still badly bruised. Stephanie put the magazine down to scratch her leg. The itch was way down towards the foot. Stephanie couldnít reach but still she tried to reach for it. Kayla watched her daughter try her hardest to scratch her leg. She had her hand on her leg and again tried to scratch it. Stephanie moved her leg over to her hand. Stephanie surprised herself and put her hand on her mouth and looked over to her mother.

Kayla- Stephanie!

Stephanie- Mom!

---The End---

Chapter 61
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