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Chapter 6

Its been days since Bo and John found Hope in the turret. After Doug, Julie and Kayla came in the castle John went up stairs. He saw Kurtís body. Bo and John went outside to see that he was dead. They called the police. There is now an APB on Stefano Dimera and anyone associated with him. Doug, Julie, Kayla, Bo, and John all headed back to the hotel in Paris. They bumped into Marlena in the lobby. They all talked for a while then decided to head back to Salem that same day. All six of them boarded Johnís plane back to Salem. Everyone tried to figure what might have happened to Hope in the turret and why she canít remember the last few months. John got a call from the Paris in the plane. The police called Kurtís death an accident, they thought that he was trying to get something off the roof and he fell off of it. They arrived in Salem, Kayla went straight to the pub to talk with Shawn, Caroline, Shawn-D and to pick them up to go see Hope at the Horton house. John, and Marlena went home to get Belle, and bring her to see Shawn-D at the Horton house. Bo, Hope, Doug and Julie all went the Horton house to see and talk with Alice.

They arrived to see her in tears as soon as she saw Hope. They hugged for awhile, as Doug filled in Mickey and Maggie on what happened. Soon after Kayla, and the Bradyís arrived at the house. Shawn-D ran to his mom. They both started to cry, they missed each other so much that they didnít care who saw them cry. Bo tried to explain to his parents about what happened in Paris.

At Marlenaís penthouse she dropped off her bags, and got Belle. They arrived at the house while everyone was talking to Hope. Belle hugged Shawn-D. After everyone was talking and Alice was in the kitchen with Hope making donuts, Marlena pulled Kayla, John and Bo aside to tell them what happened at the airport with Stefano.

John- You saw him?

Marlena- Yes, he was so cold, and happy at the same time. It was like he lost something but gained something more better and that would help him in his plans.

Bo- Did he say anything about what happened? About Hope, or Gina, or anything?

Marlena- No, but I did get the feeling that she was all right because he made sure of that, in a evil way.

Bo- That must prove that he must be behind her memory...I wouldnít even put it past him to sell your purse, Kay.

Kayla- My purse? Why would he want that?

John- God, only knows what that sick monster wants with anything.

Kayla- I guess, but still its...

Bo- Donít exclude anything when dealing with Dimera.

After everyone got settled down, Shawn, Caroline, and Kayla went back to Pub for the night, Marlena, John and Belle all went home too. Bo wanted Hope to come back to the boat for the night but she was so tired and worn out. Him and Shawn-D decided to stay the night at Aliceís house because they were afraid of losing her again. Maggie, and Mickey went home.

Now that Bo had Hope back he felt happy, but still very angry that Stefano was still out there, free. He knew that his next move was to marry Hope then find Dimera and kill him. Bo went to bed with thoughts of marring Hope.


Marlena and John woke-up early the next day. Finally Hope was back, safe with her family. They laid there in bed thinking of yesterdays happenings.

Marlena- Iím so glad Hope is back with her family.

John- Me too...Doc, I need to talk with you about something.

Marlena- What is it?

John- After Bo took Hope from the turret I saw a few things, one in practical was a piece of cloth.

Marlena- So...

John- It had blood on it, and Hope had no injuries or cuts or anything that would make her bleed.

Marlena- Take it to someone that could look at it and examine the blood. Find out who it belongs to.

John- Doc, I think its Stefanoís. I have the feeling that Bo is right, Hope must have found something out about him and he erased her memory of it to keep her quiet.

Marlena- I guess, but what do you think it is.

John- Well it just might be the answers Iím looking for.

Marlena- John, I thought you were done with looking for your past. I almost lost on our honeymoon and I donít want that to happen again. Ok?

John- I know Doc, but look maybe I could just ask Hope a few questions.

Marlena- John, I think sheís been through enough.

John- I know, but still she might know all the answers that Iím looking for.

Marlena- Well its up to you, but John Iím warning you.

John- I know whatís at steak.

John and Marlena held each other as they look out the window. As they held each other still not knowing that Stefano put a letter in her bag. The bag sat on top of Marlenaís dresser. It was just hanging out of the side pocket of the bag. The letter fell out of the bag. It landed underneath and the dresser. But as it fell we saw there was a name on the letter. The name on the letter was, Kayla Brady!!!

---The End---

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