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Chapter 59

Steve and Kayla spent the night in the waiting room at University Hospital. Kayla fell asleep in Steveís arms for most of the night. After a few hours rest both woke-up and checked on Stephanie. She could still not move her legs. Stephanie needed her rest so they went out to the waiting room again to talk.

Steve- You know, I have not asked about what all happened when I was gone away.

Kayla- What do you want to know?

Steve- I know somethingís like, Marlena turned up alive, Hope also turned up alive and you never remarried.

Kayla- How...

Steve- Stefano! He gave me little, but some information.

Kayla- Well what else do you want to know? Stephanie and I lived in LA from 1992 to now.

Steve- Your staying in Salem, are you?

Kayla- I donít know, my family is here, you are here.

Steve- You know you still are Mrs. Kayla Johnson.

Kayla- I know! What do you want to do for the future?

Steve- Be with you and Stephanie for the rest of my life. I donít care where or how, just to be with you two forever.

Kayla- But Steve, where do you want to live, here or LA?

Steve- Anywhere you want to live is fine with me.

Kayla- Maybe we should make a new start. Since this kind of is a new start, but this time maybe not in Salem.

Steve- Its up to you, Sweetness.

Kayla smiled at Steve as they talked. She thought about what they talked about as she went by herself to get coffee for both of them. She wondered if starting over would be best or if staying in Salem is the right thing to do. She went back ready to tell Steve what she wants. Just before she was about to tell him two nurses came out from Stephanieís room. Steve and Kayla listened as they talked about Stephanie to themselves.

Nurse 1- That poor little girl. She will never walk again.

Nurse 2- I know, Iíve seen this before and the kid never walks again.

Nurse 1- Its really sad, I still canít believe Dr. Westly is still holding out hope for her to get feeling in her legs. I would just tell the parents and get it over with.

The nurses walked away as Kayla and Steve stood shocked as tears ran down Kaylaís face. Steve held her as she started to cry, his eyes started to water up as the words of the nurses started to drive into him. They both thought to themselves that the nurses were right and that Stephanie would never walk again.


On Skull Island, the boat with Victor, Abe, Roman, Stefano and the I.S.A agents had left and was in Mexico waiting for Bo to come with Marlena so that they could leave for Salem. Bo, Marlena, and John all made there way down to the waiting boat. Agents all surrounded them and questioned who John was. Marlena set them all straight as she held his hand. Some of the agents who were trained in medical emergencies helped Marlena by giving John some sedatives and checking him over for internal injuries. John didnít have any internal or serious injuries. He would be fine soon with some bed rest and some days to recuperate from all the torturing and drugs that went into his body for a few days.

Bo- Salem is going to get one final shock when they see that Johnís alive.

Marlena- So now you think its really him.

Bo- Well, I donít know, but my God, Iím praying its really him.

Marlena- Your prayers wonít go unanswered, it will turn out to be John.... Oh my God, I canít wait to see the look on Belle and Bradyís faces when they see him.

Bo- Yeah, they will be so happy again. I donít know if I anyone told you or not, one of the agents told me that they caught Stefano. Roman and Abe followed me and Victor to the island. They caught him just before Stefano was about to get away.

Marlena- Oh Bo, thatís great. Finally it looks like we will have some peace in our lives, all of us!

Bo looked down the floor of the boat. He looked up again with tears in his eyes.

Marlena- What is it Bo?

Bo- Its Hope. Something happened when you were here.

Marlena- What is she ok?

Bo- Yeah, sheís all right physically, but mentally.

Marlena- Oh no, Gina isnít back is she.

Bo- No, no, its the baby.

Marlena- Sheís pregnant!

Bo- Was! Hope lost the baby about a week ago.

Marlena- Oh Bo, Iím sorry. Are you ok?

Bo- Iím doing better. Hope went away for awhile to deal with it and I came here to get you away from John.

Marlena- What happened?

Bo- She was attacked at the hospital and fell over a railing and down some stairs.

Marlena hugged Bo as tears went down both of their faces. Bo lost a child and Marlena felt utterly sorry for all the Bradys. She could only hope that having John back would somehow make them a little happier.


Roman, Abe, Victor and Stefano all waited on the plane for Bo. They got a call from one of the I.S.A agents saying that Bo had found Dr. Black and some other man and that they were all coming back. They all thought that it was just one of Stefanoís men but Stefano knew it was John. Stefano sat thinking of a way to do some damage before one of his secrets was about to come out. Roman, Abe and Victor all sat talking about Salem and what happened to Hope and Stephanie. The poor Brady family had been through alot in the past few months. First Steve turned up alive, Hope and Marlena were kidnapped by Steve, then John dies. After that Marlena is kidnapped again, and Hope loses her baby as well as Stephanie getting hit by a car and almost dying. Roman knew his family was strong but to live through all that was one of the hardest things his family would have to do.

Stefano sat thinking of how to recuperate all that he lost this time. He smiled as thoughts of his next plan ran through his mind. Next time he would not be so careless and make sure that it was foolproof. Knowone would ever hurt him again, knowone would. He hoped that Rolfe would get away and go to his new location.

As Roman, Abe, and Victor talked a car arrive to the plane. Roman and Abe made sure that Stefano was in tight because Marlena and Bo were arriving along with one of his men, they all thought. Bo came up first onto the plane and hugged both Roman and Abe. Finally they brought down the man who had been trying to destroy their lives for almost 20 years. Roman watched Stefano as he got a smile on his face. Roman knew something was up as Stefano smiled at Roman. Just before Roman could ask Bo where Marlena was and who the other person coming up was, Marlena made her way up onto the plane. She was followed behind by some agents carrying John on a small cot. They laid John down on the couch that was on the plane. Roman, Abe and Victor couldnít see that it was John right away.

Bo- Prepare your selves men.

Roman, Abe and Victor all wondered what that meant as Bo took off Johnís sheet that was on him. They all saw that John Black was alive. All three men almost fell over in shock. Roman turned around to see Stefano still smiling. He knotted his head at Roman knowing that the game was not over and that the Stefano still had one step ahead of them all.

---The End---

Chapter 60
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