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Chapter 58

Bo ran back out into the dungeon area to make sure Stefano didnít come back or one of his men isnít coming. He came back into the dungeon to see Marlena who hasnít seen him yet. She was thinking it was Stefano.

Bo- Marlena!

Marlena turned around when she heard Boís voice. She ran to him and hugged him tight to see him and not Stefano.

Marlena- Oh Bo! I thought I would never see you again. You got my message, Stefano is here, Bo.

Bo- I know, We called for backup hopefully he wonít get away... Lets get out of here and outside.

Marlena- I canít leave.

Bo- Why?

Marlena moved to Boís side so he could see the cot. Bo looked in closer to see a body laying on the cot. The body seemed to be slightly moving around.

Bo- Who is it?

Marlena stood quietly knowing Bo was in for the shock of his life. John turned over in the cot with his eyes open. Bo almost fell over at seeing John. He pulled out his gun and held it on John. Marlena gasped as Bo held his gun on John laying in the cot.

John- Bo...

Marlena- Bo, its John.

Bo- The hell it is... Stefano is playing another trick on us. John died Marlena, Stefano killed him.

Marlena- No, no, listen I know its far fetched but its true. Stefano killed a clone of Johnís and hide John away from us. He paid off the lab people so the teeth prints were wrong and they told us it was John. Bo, trust me, its John.

Bo- Marlena, Stefano has done this before. Heís just playing with our minds again.

John- No, its true, its me Bo. Its John...

Bo- No, no, it canít be.

Marlena- Bo, Stefano made us think John was dead so that he could use him again to be his slave again. Heís in alot of pain. Stefano through him down a set of stairs yesterday. He is bruised all over and most likely hurting inside. We can take him back to Salem and do the proper blood tests. That should show you that its really John.

Bo took Marlena outside the cell to talk with her. She told John that she would be back.

Bo- Listen, I donít know if that Johnís, but I also donít know if thatís not John. Who ever it is we will take them to Salem and do the tests. But Marlena, I want you to be prepared if its not John. Ok?

Marlena- Bo, you and Hope have a very special kind of love. Its deep and never ending. John and I have the same, we are soul-mates, I know its him. I know it with my heart, my head, and my entire soul. Iím not mad that you canít see it and I understand why you are doubtful but I know its still him.

Marlena again hugged Bo as they went into the cell. They both helped pick up John and help him out of the cell and back upstairs.


Victor stood back up when he saw Stefano about to go on the helicopter. Victor thought that Stefano was going to get away once again, this time maybe forever.

Stefano- Till me meet again, Victor.

Stefano walked towards the helicopter. He watched as Rolfe watched him come towards the helicopter. Rolfeís eyes wondered over to behind Stefano and behind Victor. He got a really scared and nervous look on his face. Stefano stopped and looked at Rolfe.

Stefano- What is it Rolfe?

As Rolfe was about to say something Stefano heard alot of guns loading as if they were going to shoot. Stefano looked deep into Rolfeís eyes and knew it was all over. He secretly tried to tell Rolfe to leave now and forget about him and that they would re-plan everything later on. As Rolfe started to move the helicopter away from the cliff, Stefano put his hands up in the air. Victor turned around to see I.S.A agents all being lead by Roman Brady and Abe Carver. The I.S.A agents pushed Stefano down to the ground as Abe and Roman went over to Victor.

Roman- We heard about what was going on and decided to help out. We want him just as much or more than you do.

Victor- Bo should be in the house trying to find Marlena.

Abe sent some agents into the house to help Bo find Marlena. As the agents were putting Stefano in handcuffs Rolfe took off from the cliff and flew away fast.

Victor- What about him?

Abe- We will put an A.P.B out on him, but I donít think it will help.

Stefano was now on his feet with chains on his legs and arms as the agents brought him over to Roman, Abe and Victor. All three men started to smile as Stefano was brought over their way. Stefano too put on a smile as if it were a victory for him too.

Roman- Well, well, well, we have finally caught Stefano Dimera, once and for all.

Stefano- So you think!

Roman- So I know, Stefano. None of your tricks or schemes will get you out of this one. We may not be able to get you on all your other crimes from before the pardon but we have alot of new one. Three counts of kidnapping, one count of first degree murder, and breaking the law of the a pardon, along with tons of other charges. Now as soon as we search this island Iím sure we will find more information to help us put you away, this time for good.

Stefano- Good job Roman. You are finally one step ahead of me.

Abe- Thatís right Stefano and this time you have knowone that will come to your aid. Knowone in Salem even cares if you live or die as long as you are in jail and one more thing, Lexie hates your guts even more than I do.

Stefanoís smile quickly left his face as Abe said that. He had a look of rage in his face as Abe smiled at the thought of Lexie hating her own father.

Roman- Did we hit a sore spot, Dimera... Take him away boats. Make sure he is in the boat already to go.

The agents all gathered up and brought Stefano down the hillside and towards the waiting boat. Roman and Abe knew that Bo would catch another boat to come back to Mexico in with Marlena. They both trusted that Bo would look after Marlena and made sure she is safe. The agents made sure that Stefano was in the boat all set to go before they gave the signal for the officers to come on down. Abe and Roman were going to leave all the searching the island for the I.S.A to do, since it was their case. Stefano sat in the boat all chained up as the agents talked to each other about what rewards they would get for helping bring in such a big crime boss. Victor, Abe and Roman all made their way down the hill when it was time knowing that Stefano was finally, finally going to pay for his sins.

---The End---

Chapter 59
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