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Chapter 57

Bo and Victor were now running through the tunnels towards the door. They both could see something at the end of the tunnel. The tunnels were full of lights, the walls were cemented so that it would be a good escape for Stefano if needed. Both Victor and Bo didnít notice the small cameras that were on the sides of the tunnel. They finally made it to the end of the tunnel, were the door was. Bo and Victor again pulled out their guns just in case Stefano or one of his men was on the other side.

Victor- Now what?

Bo- We need to see if the door opens.

Bo put his gun in one hand and went to open the door with his other hand. Bo put his hand on the knob to open it.


John lay sleeping in the cot Stefano put in the cell. Marlena lay on the floor by the bed. She looked around and thought the cell looked alot like the one at Masion Blanche. She was sick and tired of fighting Stefano. She knew that killing a person was wrong, but deep down she hoped that Bo was there and that he would kill Stefano then come for them. She said a few prayers waiting for either someone to the come the door or John to wake up from his sleep. She didnít want to wake him because he would need his sleep from the fall and if they were ever going to get out of their they would need him to have his strength.

After a few minutes by his side, John awoke slowly. She put her hand on his head so that he would not roll it around to hurt it. His bleeding wounds had stopped before she came in. As he awoke she asked him if he was in pain. He let out a yell when she touched his arm and chest. Stefano must have dislocated his shoulder and did some damage in his abdamine.

Marlena- Its ok John. Stefano is not here, its just me and you.... John I think that someone is here to help us. Iím not sure but I think that Bo might be here to rescue us, just like he did a Masion Blanche.

John kept on falling in and out of consciousness. Marlena was worried that something was happening inside of him and that it was serious. She needed to get him to the hospital quickly. She stayed beside him to watch over him as he slept once again.


Bart ran into guest bedroom where the secret passage was. The secret passage would lead out into the tunnel. He pushed a chair beside it and then walked over to the closet and pulled out a small hand device. He pushed a button that locked the secret passage from opening either way.

Bart- There! Try to get in now Bo Brady...

As Bart said that a gun went to the back of his head. He slowly turned around to see Bo and Victor standing in front of him.

Bo- Down to the floor scum bag.

Bart slowly laid down the floor. Victor went behind him and hand cuffed him. Bo brought a few handcuffs to make sure that Stefano would stay with him. Victor handcuffed Bart to the bed.

Victor- Ok, where is Doctor Evans and Stefano?

Bart- I donít know.

Bo ran to Bart and grabbed him by the shirt. Bart had a look of terror over his face as Bo spoke to him.

Bo- Where are they?

Bart- I donít know.

Bo pushed Bart away then stood up. He looked out the room to see knowone in the hallways.

Bo- Ok, you look through the upstairs and out of the house, Iím going to check the main floor and basement, and most likely dungeons.

Bo ran out of the room as Victor looked around the room for something that would help him find either Stefano or Marlena.


Rolfe and Stefano walked down the lab area where they packed up all the needed information. Stefano grabbed two syringes and the set of keys to Johnís cell. Rolfe went back up the stairwell to put all the boxes into the helicopter. Stefano walked over to the cell door.

Stefano to himself- My plans didnít go off as I liked but still I have both prizes. As soon as I get away I will do away with John and start to make Marlena fall in love with me. After she sees the surprise that I have for her, she will have no choice but to fall in love with me.

Meanwhile upstairs in the study, Rolfe had opened the door to go into the hallway then to the plane when he encountered Bo Brady. Bo pushed Rolfe back and to the ground. He started yelling and asking where Marlena was. Rolfe didnít say anything. Bo looked around the room to see anything that would help him. But something did catch his eye, it was a wall haft open.

Just as Stefano was about to open Johnís cell he heard Bo upstairs yelling orders at Rolfe. Stefano froze as he heard Bo coming towards the stairwell that lead down the dungeon area. Stefano quickly ran to the other part of the room where it was dark and he could not be seen.

Bo came down and looked around. He tried to open the cell door but he couldnít. Stefano came up from behind him and hit him in the back of the head with the butt end of his gun. Stefano watched as Bo fell to the ground holding his head.

Stefano- We will meet again Brady! Next time I will make sure you canít interfere ever again.

Stefano dropped the keys of the cell on the floor beside Bo. Stefano ran from the room out through another tunnel that lead out to the helicopter. Bo started to awake as Stefano left. Bo stood up and saw the keys on the ground. He thought of going after Stefano but didnít want to lose the chance of freeing Marlena. He picked up the keys and put them in the cell door. He turned them and opened the large metal door. He walked in to see Marlena on the ground beside a cot.


Victor stood on top of the cliff of Skull Island. He looked out onto the sea front. He wondered if Bo had caught Stefano yet or found Marlena. As he looked around to saw someone coming to the top of cliff area. Victor went and hide behind some bushes so the person could not see him. Stefano walked up to the top of the cliff. He stood their as if he was waiting for something. Victor jumped from out of the bushes. Both men pulled out their guns and held them on each other.

Stefano- Well, well, well. If it isnít the famous Victor Kirrikis. Now why would you be on a mission like this?

Victor- You know dam well why Iím here Stefano!

Stefano- Yes, you are helping out you illegitimate son, Bo Brady.

Victor- Dam you Stefano! Your time of evil trickery is over.

Stefano- Is it really?

As Stefano said that his helicopter came right by them and waited for him in the air at the cliff side. Victor watched the helicopter. Stefano ran at him and knocked the gun from his hand. Stefano stood back with his gun on Victor. Stefano smiled as he walked towards the helicopter to escape. Victor didnít know what to do, he was about to let his son down for the last time.


The women who boarded the plane finally arrived in Chicago. Salem was four hours away. She was very tired and wanted to sleep. She got a cab to the nearest motel and stayed their for the night. She put her one suitcase on the bed as she took off her shoes.

Women- Tomorrow will be a new start for me. Back to Salem and this time I will shock the shoes off of everyone in that town.

---The End---

Chapter 58
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