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Chapter 56

Victor and Bo were awake very early the next day. They quickly packed and headed out onto the water. Two men came along, one was an I.S.A agent and the other was one of Victorís men. They all headed out to search the islands near by. After 30 minutes out they found one island, they searched the entire island for 2 hours and found nothing. They headed back to the boat to look for another island. After 20 more minutes they found another island. Bo parked the boat just out in the water and him, Victor, and the I.S.A agent took the raft over to the island. Victorís man stayed on the boat just in case, they needed him their. Bo told the I.S.A agent to stay at the island shore and to come into the island if they sense trouble within 2 hours. Bo and Victor headed up island sea shore to try to find out if this was the island.


Stefano too was awake early to get all his plans started on this day. He sat in his chair in his study looking out the window watching the sea move slowly into its self. He always thought that this place was almost like heaven except his children was not with him. He missed them all so very much. He hated the fact that Lexie now hated him for what she thought he did. He would spend nights trying to find a way to explain to her what he did, but nothing ever came of it. Besides worrying about Lexie, their was little Benji, he had not seen in years. He always kept tabs on him and saw pictures of the boy quite often but still he missed his him.

Rolfe came into the room as Stefano wiped the tears from his eyes.

Stefano- What is it?

Rolfe- Nothing really, just wanted to make sure that everything was still as planed.

Stefano- Of course, why would they not be?

Without saying anything at all, Rolfe went to Stefanoís television set and turned it on. Stefano watched and saw nothing.

Stefano- Yes its a TV, Rolfe...

Rolfe- Look closer!

Stefano did just that and almost fell off his chair when he saw Bo Brady and Victor Kirrikis walking up the beach of the island.

Stefano- What the hell are they doing here?

Rolfe- I donít know, I just looked at one of the screens in the monitor room and saw them getting on the island.

Stefano- Dam it all. They could ruin everything. No, no they will be stopped and at no cost! I want them here. Make sure they both donít get anywhere near the house. Got it?

Rolfe- Yes, Stefano...

As Rolfe ran out the door Stefano picked up his wine glass and through it against the door as Rolfe shut it.

Stefano- Dam you Bo Brady! There is noway you will ruin my plans, I will kill you before you do that.

Stefano glared at the TV set as Bo and Victor still made their way up the beach towards the cliff on skull island.


Bo and Victor had been walking for 10 minutes before they stop to rest. Victor brought some cold water for them to drink on this hot day. They checked their walkie-talkies to make sure they were still were if they needed to call in for help. After a few moments of rest they continued farther, about two minutes into continuing Bo stopped Victor in his tracks.

Victor- What is it, Bo?

Bo- Were here!

Victor- Do you see something?

Bo- Yeah, that cliff.

Bo pointed the cliff on skull island. The same cliff Roman fell off of in 1984, when they thought he died! That was the time that Bo had spent days on the island because Stefano sabotaged their plane, him and some other Salemites were on to crash. Fury ran deep in Boís eyes as he saw the spot where he let Roman ďdieĒ in his arms. This was the island that Stefano always used to hurt the Bradys. He did the same in 1988, he kidnapped Carrie and brought her here to lure the Bradys here. Stefano played mind games with them all to get them against each other but it didnít work. This time he was doing it again, he lured them here to make them pay.

Bo- I know he is here. I just know it.

Victor- Are you sure, Bo? Do you want me to call for backup?

Bo- Oh yeah, call now and tell them to surround the island, their is noway Stefano is getting away this time.

Victor flipped out the phone to call for help, as he dialed the phone gun shots rang down the beach where they were standing. Both men ran away from the shots towards a near by cave. Victor dropped the phone in the whole ordeal. They both got into the cave and the gun shots stopped.

Bo- Now I know we are here!

Victor- He must have cameraís set up to watch us.

Bo- Yeah, but how do we find out where he is.

Victor looked around the cave to find a door. The door was not too deep into the cave, it was like a regular door.

Victor- Bo look...

Bo and Victor both examined the door and tried to open it. It was locked, Bo shut at the knob and on the second try to came off. He ran to the door and knocked it down. On the other side of the door was a tunnel that lead up to somewhere. Bo and Victor pulled out their guns and started to walk up the tunnel not knowing where it would lead too.


Bart was too watch Marlena all night to make sure she would not try something dumb like trying to escape. He went into her bedroom in the morning to check on her. She was sitting on her bed looking out the window. She demanded to see Stefano right away. Bart not knowing that Bo and Victor were on the island thought it would be ok. He grabbed her arm and brought her to Stefanoís study. They walked in and Stefano turned off the TV as they both came in.

Stefano- What now?

Marlena- I want to speak with you!

Stefano- Not now Marlena.

Marlena- Why? Its not like you are busy...

Stefano- How do you know?

Marlena- Their is a lock on Johnís cell to make sure he does not get out and Iím right here, what else can you be doing?

Stefano- Make it fast!

Marlena- I want to see my children, right now!

Stefano- And I want world peace! But both are not going to happen. You will see your children in good time.

Marlena- When? Are you letting us go?

Stefano- No, and No! Listen I would love to chat but I have other matters to attend too.

Marlena- Ok, let me see John!

Stefano- Fine, whatever!... Bart take her to go see John and lock her in the cell for the day. Ok?

Bart- Yes boss.

As Bart again took Marlenaís arm Rolfe ran in yelling.

Rolfe- Both men are in the tunnel!

Stefano grabbed Rolfe as he yelled that in front of Marlena. She stopped Bart and stayed in the room.

Marlena- What? Who is in the tunnels?


Bart dragged her out of Stefanoís office. He brought her down to the dungeon area. He opened Johnís cell and pushed her in. He slammed the door shut and locked it.


Stefano watched as Bo and Victor ran up the tunnel towards the secret entrance of the house. He watched as Bo too brought a cell phone and call back to Mexico and called for extra help. Stefano knew it would only take minutes before his island would be taken over by police and I.S.A agents. He slammed his fist down on his desk.

Stefano- Ok, here is what we are going to do. First I want Bo and Victor somehow stopped at the entrance of the house. They can not get in yet! Then I want a helicopter fueled and ready on the other side of the island. Someone needs to make sure that both John and Marlena are both sedated and on the helicopter ready to go.

Rolfe and Bart agreed and ran off to get ready and do Stefanoís deeds. Stefano took a deep breath and then again slammed his fist into his desk.

Stefano- You will not win Bo. Not this time, not ever.

Stefano draw a gun from his desk and held it up. He aimed it at the TV, that Bo and Victor were on. He fired the gun at the TV set. Stefano had an evil smile on his as he put the gun into his pocket.

---The End---

Chapter 57
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