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Chapter 55

Kayla and Steve were told to stay out of Stephanie’s room while the Doctor looked her over. Many thoughts ran through both their minds at what could be going on and what happened to their little girl. Steve couldn’t get over that in the span of two months after he came back that all this mess would happen. He thought that after Stefano would be put in jail that his life would go back to the way it should have been like after 1990. But he was dead wrong, even God seemed to be pitted against him. Steve would look up to the sky and shake his head wondering why, why me, why now.

As Kayla and Steve stood outside the room nurses came in and out of Stephanie’s room, soon after the Doctor came out. He had a dark, low expression on his face. He approached the Johnson’s slowly and quietly.

Kayla- How is she? Will she walk? Can she walk?

Doctor- Her current condition is great! She looks to be making a full recovery, her head and chest injuries seem to be healing better than what we expected.

Steve- Damn Doctor, her legs, her Dam legs.

Doctor- I don’t know how to say this... It appears as if the accident made her spinal cord bend, maybe to the point where it broke and she could no longer walk. Something’s I see that the person can’t feel their legs for awhile after the accident but soon after are back to normal. Its like it when a ball comes towards you, you tense up. Same goes for the person spinal cord, it could have tenses up to the point where it takes a few days to go back to normal. During that time, they can’t move or even feel their legs.

Kayla- That’s good, we were worried that she will never walk again, thank God...

Doctor- I don’t think you understand me. I have only encountered this kind of condition once or twice my entire 30 years of practicing medicine, the rest are because the spinal cord is broken and the person can no longer walk.

Steve- Well, which one is our daughter?

Doctor- I don’t know, right now. We have to do some tests to see what it is and we have to wait a few days to see if she does not kick out of it, literary.

Kayla- So its just a matter of time...

Doctor- Yes, I wouldn’t bet money on it but their is still hope that its not broken and that she will walk again.

The Doctor left to go order some tests as Steve and Kayla hugged once more. They felt like they needed God more than they did before. They decided to head to the chapel to go do some needed praying.


Rolfe and Bart held Marlena back before she could run to John’s aid. Stefano walked past them all to the bottom of the stairs. He rolled John over with his foot to reveal that John was bleeding from the mouth and nose. John right away grabbed his head in pain.

Stefano- Did that hurt John?

John out of rage and pain reached for Stefano’s leg. Marlena gasped as Bart and Rolfe held her back from John and Stefano. Stefano gave John a hard kick to the ribs for his attempt to hurt him. John grabbed his ribs and let out a deafening scream. Marlena broke free from Rolfe and Bart to go to John. She ran down the stairs and fell on top of John. She cried out as Stefano stood above them both.

Marlena- You sick bastard, you could have killed him.

Stefano- He needs to pay for his sins.

Marlena- His sins...How about yours, you sick monster?

Stefano ignored Marlena’s questions and motioned for Bart and Rolfe to take John back to his cell. Stefano picked up Marlena and held her as Rolfe and Bart took John away.

Stefano lead Marlena back upstairs to her room as Rolfe and Bart continued down the hallway and into Stefano’s Library room where the secret passage was. They opened the passage and walked down the secret stairwell while they almost dragged John with them. They locked John back into his cell. As John started to yell for Marlena, Rolfe and Bart cleaned up the area outside and Rolfe’s lab.


Victor and Bo again locked there seat belts. The plane was landing in Mexico, the area where Victor’s source told them that Marlena and Stefano got off and onto a boat. Finally the plane landed on the airspace. Victor and Bo grabbed there small traveling bags and got off the plane. It was almost midnight where they were. All they saw when they got off was lights and people holding them. They ran over to where some of the Victor’s people and some I.S.A people were all waiting.

Victor- Is everything in order?

Victor’s source- Yes, we have made sure that knowone at all knows neither you or Mr. Brady are here in Mexico. We have a boat ready to take you in the morning. We have booked rooms at a local inn for the night. We still start the search early in the morning, as you requested.

Victor- Good! Thanks again for your help.

Victor and Bo looked at each other with reassuring looks that they will find Marlena and Stefano the next day. They both headed off to their rooms where they would plan out maps, make decisions and try to mend some fences that were broken over the years between them both. They both wondering what the next morning would hold in store for both of them.


After Stefano put Marlena back into her room, he headed down to the living room to have a drink. He was very tried but he knew his plan had to go on. He poured himself a drink and say down. Moments later Rolfe and Bart came in and got a drink.

Stefano- Tomorrow was the day we were going to finish out the plan...

Bart- Are we going to wait another day now?

Stefano- No, tomorrow is the day that we finish up our plans for Marlena Evans and John Black.

Rolfe- Are you sure Stefano? The last 24 hours have been really trying.

Stefano- I know, that’s why you two morons can not mess up tomorrow at all. My plan must be done right to the letter, nothing more, nothing less. Tomorrow John Black will meet his maker and Marlena Evans will meet her future with me and tomorrow’s the day we fake her death so everyone in Salem will think she is dead.

Bart- Your going to kill John?

Rolfe- Yes, we have found out that turning him back into the missionary is no good, all the memories are almost gone and all the drugs it would take would kill him before he could even catch on to it.

Stefano- Yes, so by killing John we can finally move on with my plans for the rest of Salem with my queen of the night on my arm.

Rolfe, Bart and Stefano clicked their glasses together to celebrate the future and all their plans for tomorrow. For tomorrow would be a day like no other....

---The End---

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