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Chapter 54

As soon as the nurse heard what Stephanie said about not being able to move her legs at all she went to go get the Doctor. Kayla and Steve sat beside their daughter asking her if she was sure as they were trying to clam her down.

Kayla- Stephanie, this is very serious, are you sure you canít move them?

Stephanie- Yes, yes Iím sure.

Steve- We believe you, we just want to make sure.

Stephanie- They will make me walk again, right Mom?

Kayla- Oh yes, Iím sure. Its just a set back from your recovery.... Steve can I see you in the hall?

Steve kissed his daughters forehead then walked into the hallway, where Kayla was already in tears. She fell right into Steveís arms.

Kayla- I hate this, I just had to lie to my daughter. Steve she may never walk again, Iíve seen things like this before and they never walk again.

Steve- Donít worry sweetness, we will help her along. She fought off death and Iím sure she can fight again.

Kayla backed away from Steve and started to wipe the tears from her eyes away.

Kayla- Steve, thank-you. I donít know what I would do without you here.

Steve- You never have to worry about that ever again.

As they hugged once more the Doctor and two nurses walked into Stephanieís room to check on her and check her legs. They both looked into the room without prayers running heavy in their mind that their little girl would be ok.


Marlena jumped back as Stefano held the gun on them. John stood right in his way as Stefano move into the room. Rolfe and Bart moved into the doorway where Stefano was standing. Marlena gasped as she saw Bart and Rolfe.

Stefano- Well, well it looks like were back where we started.... You both thought that when you tie up me that, its over, that you have won. Sorry, it takes more than rope to stop me from getting what I want, you both should know that... Rolfe, Bart bring Mr. Black to the dungeon and stop at the stairs before you go down them.

Bart and Rolfe put new chains on Johnís legs as she staired into Marlenaís eyes. Stefano stepped in and broke the glance. Rolfe and Bart started to move John who was not helping move it along.

Stefano- I wouldnít do this John. I wouldnít think twice about dropping the good Doctor into the ocean.

After Stefanoís words John started to walk with Rolfe and Bart, Marlena walked to follow John but Stefano stopped her dead in her tracks.

Stefano- Where do you think your going?

Marlena- Iím going with John!

Stefano- I donít think so Marlena! You can come watch us put him back in the cell but for staying with him is just out of the question.

Marlena- What if I play you for it, like in chess.

Stefano- That time period ended the minute you hit me over the head with the vase. I have other plans for both of you.

Marlena- Like what? You will see in good time. Now shall we go say good-bye to John for the day.

Stefano walked behind Marlena as she watched Rolfe and Bart stop John right into front of the staircase that leads onto the main floor. She walked down the red carpeted floor thinking that there must be some way out. Their only hope now was Bo, but would he find them before Stefano loses it and kills them both. Stefano grabbed Marlenaís arm as she stepped right in front of John. Rolfe and Bart turned John around.

Stefano- Now John, both you and Marlena did something very bad. And you know that people who do bad things need to be punished and thatís what Iím doing. Think of me as your keeper, your supervisor.

John- Keep this...

John spit right in Stefanoís face. Marlena gasped as Stefano raised his hand to hit John. Stefano instead reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the spit away. Stefano motioned to Rolfe and Bart to drop Johnís chains.

Stefano- Very cleaver, Mr. Black, but everything has its price, including that.

Stefano kicked John right in the midsection and pushed John, with his foot down the stairs. Marlena ran to him but Rolfe and Bart held her as she screamed in horror as John lay lifeless at the bottom of the staircase.


Bo sat alone in Victorís jet as Victor was up talking to the pilot about where to go. Bo looked out the window and could only see clouds. He thought that they must have been going over the Mexico/US boarder by now. Victor came in with a good look on his face.

Bo- Well...

Victor- The pilot will land in a private airspace near the water. Also when I was up their I got a call from one of my men who told me that someone in that village saw three men and one woman being carried into a boat heading to some island near by.

Bo- Stefano!

Victor- Yes thatís what Iím thinking. So we get a boat when go around to every island that we can find and search them.

Bo- I contacted Shane at the I.S.A and he said that when we arrive he will have men waiting for us to help us out.

Victor- Good, we may need all the help we can get. Do you have any protection on you?

Bo- I brought two guns, one to protect myself with and the other to kill Stefano with.

Victor- Ok, good, I brought a gun with me also just for protection.

Bo- Hey, Vic. Thanks again, I would still be in Salem asking the Salem PD. for help if it wasnít for you.

Victor- I like to think Iím helping out my son, but I also consider myself friends with Marlena and I want to see Stefano brought down and pay for his crimes. He killed my Grandsonís father and that hurts me. Its time that Stefano Dimera be brought down to size.

Bo- I agree entirely.

Bo again looked out the window to see clouds.

Bo- We will be their soon Marlena and this time Iím not leaving without Stefanoís blood!!!

---The End---

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