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Chapter 53

Kayla holds Steveís hand as they both walk into Stephanieís room. They watch her every move, she moves around as the nurse checks her head and heart beat. The little girl gives out a smile as her parents enter her room. Kayla lets a tear fall from her face as her daughter, she thought would once die smile at her.

Kayla- How are you feeling?

Stephanie- It hurts alot, but I think I will be ok. Will I be ok?

Kayla- Yes, yes you will be ok, sweetheart! We were sorry worried about you, you gave us quite a scare.

Stephanie- Sorry, Iím so dumb for not watching if anyone was coming down the street. Sorry, mom.

Steve- Donít be sorry.

Stephanie- Hi, daddy. Your out of jail?

Steve- Yeah I am, and Iím out for good. I will be here all the time, well if thatís what your mother and you want?

Stephanie- Yes, yes, yes I want you here all the time. Mom, please, please donít make him leave.

Kayla looks at Steve as he holds her daughters head. Tears again almost came to her eyes at the sight of the two most important people that she ever loved together again.

Kayla- Oh yes, Steve. I want you here, forever.

Stephanie- Great!! Thatís so awesome.... Mom do you think I could have a drink of water?

As Stephanie asks for water, a nurse walks in and tells her that it is ok to have a drink of water, but water only. Kayla walks over to the visitors area near Stephanieís bed and grabbed a glass cup and started to pour Stephanieís drink.

Nurse- Stephanie, Iím just going to take your pulse at some different points of your body. It will help us know your blood is going all over your body area, ok?

Stephanie- Sure.

The nurse starts to take Stephanie pulse at her throat and then down to her legs. The nurse reaches Stephanieís legs. The left one is kind positioned odd, the nurse asks Stephanie to move it over a little, Stephanie says yes. The nurse thinks Stephanie moved her legs and moved in again to take her pulse. The nurse stood up again.

Nurse- Stephanie I canít take your pulse if you donít move your legs over.

Stephanie- I did.

Nurse- No you didnít Stephanie. You didnít move at all.

Steve looks at the nurse as Kayla starts to walk over to Stephanie with her glass of water. The nurse without telling Stephanie pinches Stephanieís leg hard.

Nurse- Did you feel that?

Stephanie- Feel what?

Nurse- I just pinched you leg very hard. Stephanie can you move your legs at all?

Stephanie tried all she could to move her legs but she couldnít. Tears started to run down her face the harder she tried to move her legs.

Stephanie- I canít move my legs, I canít move them at all.

Kayla drops the glass of water on the floor as Stephanie starts to cry heavily on her fathers shoulder and realizes that she canít move her legs and she may never be able to move them ever again.


Bo walks off of Titanís elevator. He walks down the hall where the offices of all the major executives are. He walks over to Victorís door and stands there. He knows that there is no other way, he must go to his father for help. He might be the only one he can help him. Bo knocks once and Victor calls him in. Bo opens the door and walks into Victorís office.

Bo- Hello Victor!

Victor- Hello Bo, how are you doing? Iím sorry I didnít stay for the burial of the baby yesterday. I had to hurry back. But the funeral was very, very nice.

Bo- Yes it was. But I didnít come here for a social call. I need your help.

Victor- Anything for my son!

Bo- Stefano Dimera has kidnapped Marlena again.

Victor- What? I thought that she was just gone away for a few days.

Bo- Well that few days has turned into a few weeks. Over one month ago she left to go on a vacation to help get over John. Yesterday Marlena called me and she sounded like she was going crazy, telling me that Stefano had her on some kind of island near Mexico.

Victor- Wow, thatís horrible. What can I do to help?

Bo- Well I donít know where they are to be exact and I have to find them right away.

Bo pulled out a file disk that he had on Stefano and Lawrence Alamain. Lawrence handed over everything he knew on Stefano to the police. Victor put the disk in his computer and pulled up Stefanoís file and search for Mexico. None of Stefano islands were anywhere near Mexico, so they searched Lawrenceís things on Stefano. They found an island 10 miles near Mexico but it was under Mr. Sistalanoís name not Stefanoís.

Bo- Well, well got you now Stefano.

Victor- Ok, now you found the island. You could not only have came here for that...

Bo- Your right, since most of the police wonít help me I was wondering if you would help me bring Stefano down, this time for good.

Victor- You know Bo, Stefano has hurt alot of the people I care about. I think your right, its time to bring down Stefano Dimera for good.

Bo- Great, now when do you think we could leave?

Victor- Well give me an hour to change and get set here for a few days. I will have a driver pick you up at the pub in an hour then we will go board the plane to Mexico.

Bo- Thanks Victor...

Bo put his hand out to Victor. Victor took his hand in his own, Victor was happy that his son would come to him in his time of need. Bo was happy that he was going to rescue Marlena and finally, finally bring down Stefano Dimera!

---The End---

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