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Chapter 52

Kayla holds onto Steveís arm as they are lead out of Stephanieís room. They wait there for only a few minutes until the Doctor comes out and talks with them about Stephanieís current condition. He walks over slowly to them and they have a feeling of worry over them as he approaches them.

Steve- How is she?

Doctor- Well, surprisingly better!!

Kayla- What? But she just went into arrest and coded. How is that possible?

Doctor- As you both know she did suffer a heart injury from the accident, so her heart is not all healed yet. Now yes she did code on us, but we have her stabilized and awake... It seems this attack that came to her awoke her from her coma. Now sheís out of the woods for now, but this will be a test for you as parents.

Kayla- Iím afraid I donít understand.

Doctor- You see, Stephanie will live, but she might have many obstacles to over come. They might include amnesia, brain damage, her speech, and other problems but she may also not have any of those things either. We will have to wait and see.

Kayla- Can we see her now?

Doctor- We gave her some medication to rest but yes you may go see her.

As the Doctor walks away Kayla and Steve hug in joy. Finally there little girl will be ok, sheís out of the woods and will survive. Kayla and Steve start to walk happily to Stephanieís room not knowing that they will soon be facing the biggest challenge of their lives.


After Doug left the Horton house, Hope went upstairs to pack-up some of her stuff to bring with her on the trip. As she packed Doug was going to get all the plans for her trip ready so that she could leave within the hour. She tried her best to cover-up her broken arm with something so that she didnít have to look at it. Her arm had a sling on it and every time she looked at it, it reminded her of the baby that she lost. The Doctor gave her drugs to help dull the pain and she took them to help her to dull the pain of her arm and her insides. She was hurting every time she thought of a baby or child. She thought the pain might never go away. Hope would have rather had all the bones in her body broken if the pain of her dead child would just go away. Doug called after she was done packing to tell her that a car would be there in 20 minutes to pick her up and bring her to the airport. She told him that she loved him for this and everything else. She also told him to tell everyone that she just needed to be away for awhile, but that she would write Bo a letter. As the phone call ended she heard a knock at the door. She walked down the stairs hoping it wasnít Bo, so it wouldnít be so hard to tell him that she was leaving for awhile, but it was Bo at the door.

Bo- Where were you?

Hope- I didnít want to go, Bo. Not this soon, not right now.

Bo- I understand, can I come in?

Hope let Bo in the house and they walked over to the couch in the living. Hope had a look of doom of her face, she knew that Bo would not accept her leaving for even a day, more less than a few days.

Bo- Are you feeling better?

Hope- No, not at all. Bo, its really hard for a mother. I know it must be hard for a father too, but Bo, I held that baby in me weeks. It was apart of me, its my fault that baby is dead, Bo.

Bo- No its not. Who ever pushed you, is at fault. Not you, its not your fault in the least Fancy Face, you have to know that.

Hope- Bo, Iím leaving. Iím going away for a few days to be with myself. I need to be alone right now, I canít deal with all the stuff here right now, I just need to be at peace somewhere.

Bo- Ok, Do you want me to come with you?

Hope- No, Iím sorry. I need to be all alone right, just to gather my thoughts and make peace with God. Iím sorry if Iím hurting you, but I need this. You have to understand, please understand Bo.

Bo- I do! I know your not running away, I know your doing this because you need to do it. I understand, and if thereís anything I can do, please tell me.

Hope- Just be here, be here for Shawn-D, Gran, Dad, Julie, and everyone else. Please just be Bo Brady, and everything will be ok.

Bo- I love Hope! You know that right?

Hope- With all my heart, Bo. Our love will overcome this pain of our loss. I should be back in a few days, ok?

Bo- Where are you going?

Hope- A cabin near Niagara Falls, a car should be here to pick me up soon.

Bo- Forget that, I will drive you to the airport.

Hope started to cry as Bo showed her love for her by doing something so simple as driving her to the airport. She knew their love could overcome anything and it would. Bo and Hope walked to Boís truck and headed for the airport.


Marlena handed John the phone and he took at look at it and told her that it didnít have much juice in it so she would have to hurry when she called for help. John stood by as Marlena thought of numbers to call.

John- Call Bo, he would drop everything to come and get us. Heís out best bet.

Marlena- Your right.

Marlena turned the phone on and dialed Boís cell phone number. She waited as it rang.

Hope was sitting waiting in the truck as he went over to the other side to get in, but his cell phone rang. He stood outside the truck to answer the call.

Bo- Brady, here!

Marlena- Bo, Bo, its Marlena.

Bo- Umm, Marlena. Youíve been gone along time, somethingís have happened here, maybe you should come back now.

Marlena- Are the kids ok?

Bo- Belle and Brady are fine, they need though Marlena. Where are you? I can barley hear you!

Marlena- Bo, Stefano, he has us.

Bo- Stefano Dimera! What the hell? How? Where are you Marlena?

Marlena- I donít know where Bo.

She looks at John but he says that their on an island near Mexico.

Marlena- An island off of Mexico Bo.

Bo- I can barley hear you Marlena. Did you say island off of Mexico?

Marlena- Yes, please he has both of us!

Bo- Marlena who is us?

Marlena- Bo, Bo, Johnís...

The phone disconnected after Marlena said Johnís name. Bo looked at Hope waiting in the truck, he knew that she already had too much on her mind. He would deal with Marlena and Stefano after he got her to the airport without saying a word of it. He too needed to get his mind off of his dead child.

Marlena continued to yell into the phone after it was dead. John stopped her and tried to get the phone to work again.

Marlena- He heard Mexico, I know he did.

John- Thatís great Doc, he should be here soon then.

Marlena- Were going home John!

They held each other as they thought of bringing Stefano down and returning to back to Salem where they would live out their lives in true happiness. They walked to the door to leave the room but the door was kicked open from the other side. They both jumped back as Stefano entered the room with a gun pointing at them.

Stefano- Neither of you are going home, ever again!!!

John and Marlena stood in shock as Stefano glared with anger towards them both.


Bo and Hope walked up the terminal way to the boarding area of the airport. Bo kissed Hope goodbye as she walked onto the plane. She couldnít help but look back as he watched her, she ran back to him and kissed him once more before she left. A women told them that the plane was leaving so Hope finally boarded and the plane was getting ready to take off. Bo didnít want to waste anytime on getting started looking for Marlena and Stefano so he took right off out of the airport. As he left a hand went over the wall where he was. The hand was wearing the same glove that the person who tried to kill Hope in the hospital was wearing. They watched as Hopeís plane took off and Bo left the airport.

Person- Prefect, everything is in place!!!

---The End---

Chapter 53
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