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Chapter 51

In has been days since Bo told Hope that she lost the baby from the fall. Hope was totally quiet about it the entire time at the hospital and on the way home the next night. As soon as she saw Alice she fell to pieces crying in her arms. Bo told Alice what had happened and Alice too was shaken up. The entire Brady family was in mourning and happiness. Stephanie had survived her surgery and now they were waiting for her to out of her coma. But still the family was in a low, quiet mood the entire time. Hope didn’t want to have a funeral or a mass just a burial which she didn’t attend.

Today was the day of the burial which everyone that loved Hope was there, except Hope herself. Hope was mad at the world, at God, at herself and at the person who pushed her. The police asked her if she wanted to have a police investigation into the matter, but Hope said it was not necessary, they would never find the person. As her family buried her child in the ground she sat on the couch in the living room of the Horton house looking straight into a picture of Jesus that was on the wall. Tears didn’t come to her as much as she though they would. She knew that the total affect of losing her child had not come yet. She kept on thinking to herself that its not the worse thing in the world, or that its happened before and she got through it too. As she sat on the couch the doorbell rang. She snapped out of her mindless state and walked over to the door. She opened it and almost fell to pieces at seeing her father standing there. She fell into his arms as he walked in. He carried her over to the couch where they both sat down. She laid her head on his lap as she cried like she did when she was a little girl scarred in the night of the monsters or ghosts.

Doug- I was surprised not to see you at the burial. Julie and me wondered where you were but Bo told us you were here... Hope, I’m not really good with words of the heart, as you might know. But I know a saying that might help “ What does not kill us, makes us stronger”! And you know not what, princess you are the strongest person I know already.

Hope- Daddy, it just hurts so much?

Doug- I know, I know and it will for awhile, but you have to get through it. Its a hurdle in your life but you have to jump over it. It may take a few tries or a long time but you can do it. I know you can.

Hope- Maybe I should go away for awhile!

Doug- Well ok, maybe that could help, have you talked with Bo about it?

Hope- Not yet, but I think I want to go by myself.

Doug- Are you sure?

Hope- Yes, I want to go away alone for a few days or a week or something.

Doug- If that helps, I will make all the arrangements right now... Where do you want to go, princess?

Hope- A small cabin in the Canada. I heard Niagara Falls is quite nice this time of year. Yes, a cabin near Niagara Falls.

Hope smiled a little as Doug went to make the phone calls. She sat again sitting up staring at the picture of Jesus.


She walked towards the plane. The woman had alot of scarves on so knowone could she who she was. She boarded a plane headed for the states. It was just her in that section of the plane. She sat in her seat as the plane started to take off. She looked out the window to see the ground almost disappear in front of her eyes.

Woman- One life gone, one life left and now another one about to start what I left off.

She smiled as the plane headed for New York city in the USA


John and Marlena lay in a huge bed holding each other a tight as possible after a night of love making and telling each other how much they missed them and loved them. After they got rid of Stefano and his men they looked for away off the island but there was no way. All the phones were out in the house because of the storm and none of Stefano’s men could get to the island because of it. They searched the entire house for a phone or radio that might be able to get them off the island, but they found nothing. The night before they each slept holding each other in the cellar where Stefano was tied up and where the dungeon was off of. They stayed there the first few nights to make sure Stefano would not get free. But they knew he would not get free so they took it to themselves to sleep in one of Stefano’s bedrooms. The storm looked like it was settling down when they woke-up.

John- It seems to be settling down, Doc!

Marlena- I hope so, I want to go home so bad.

John- Well maybe we should go look again for some kind phone to contact the outside world for help. We never did check all those secret passages or those extra houses on the island, we could try them.

Marlena- Ok, lets start with the secret passages.

As John got up Marlena saw all the marks on his back from Stefano’s torture games. She spent days trying to get him back to 100% but she didn’t have all the stuff she needed. She finally got all the drugs Stefano was forcing John to take and get them out of his body. But still he had marks, cuts and many bruises all over his body. She was worried about how much strength he really had.

They both showered and got dressed. They started to search the houses secret passages for a phone or some kind of radio to contact someone for help. The first couple of passages they found nothing, but then they hit the jackpot, Stefano’s hidden study! John searched his file cabinet and other things as Marlena looked in his desk and passages in the walls. She found a cellar phone and pull it out. She showed John as he smiled.

John- Were half way there, now does it work?

Marlena pushed the power button and it came on. She smiled at John as tears came down her face at the thought of returning home to her children and her loved ones.


Steve and Kayla stayed almost all the time beside Stephanie’s bed. Today was the first day they left her alone for a long time. They attended Hope’s baby’s burial, but as soon as it was over they headed over to the hospital. Everyone else gave them there best as Stephanie was in the coma. They walked in and she was just the same as when they left. Kayla let out a sigh of relief and frustration. Steve held Kayla’s hand as she sat by the bed. Steve went and talked with the doctor’s as Kayla sat with her daughter. Kayla stared into her child’s eyes hoping it somehow would wake her up. As Steve and the Doctor walked in Stephanie’s heart monitor let out a odd noise. The doctor went and looked at it.

Doctor- Her heard just skipped a beat.

Steve- Is that good or bad?

Doctor- Well it could mean that she’s coming around or slowing down.

As Kayla held Stephanie’s hand she let out a tiny scream. They looked at her as Kayla felt her daughters hand.

Kayla- She just moved.

The doctor looked at the monitor again as Stephanie let out a moan and her eyes started to flicker open. Kayla and Steve held her hands as Stephanie came out of her coma. They looked into her eyes which peered back at them. Her mouth started to quiver like she wanted to say something to them.

Stephanie- ...Home, Again...

Kayla and Steve looked at her wondering what it ment as she closed her eyes again. Kayla thought it was to rest but that was not the case. Stephanie’s heart monitor dropped as her body went into shock. Nurses rushed into the room as Kayla and Steve watched them work on their daughter. Kayla looked up to God as she heard the words “ Clue Blue”!

---The End---

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