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Chapter 50

Steve and Kayla walk into the recovery room of University Hospital. Stephanie lays in her bed with her eyes closed. Her body is covered with wires, tubes, and all sorts of machines attached to her for her to live. Her body was pale white with the look of death on her face. Machines ticked back and forth as Kayla put her hand on Stephanieís face. Steve held Kaylaís hand as she touched her daughter. Tears rolled down from Steve and Kaylaís faces. There minds had been doing cartwheels since they both heard of what happened to their daughter. Kayla wondering what she would give up more, Steve or Stephanie. Steve fighting once more to see his daughter before it was too late. And Stephanie fighting for her life every second after her accident. Stephanieís body was getting really tried of fighting and was ready to give up and minute but the power of her love for her parents kept her going. Knowing that her father was back in her life, Stephanie fought as hard as she could to hang on to her life.

Kayla- She looks so at peace.

Steve- No, she doesnít.

Kayla- What? How could you say that?

Steve- Iíve only known my daughter for a few weeks after she was born and the last few days. I know the look of peace and comfort. Kayla, you may have raised her but I will always know that look of complete happiness on my childís face.

Tears again hit Kaylaís face as Steve talked about Stephanie and their special connection. She fall back into his arms as she watched her daughter sleep into a restful sleep.


Bo- Hope!

The doctorís and nurses all look at Bo wondering what was going on. They questioned him about her and told him what happened as they wheeled her into the emergency room. Hope still lay unconscious as the doctorís looked her over and tried to wake her up. Bo watched as they worked to save her life. A doctor walked over to Bo and told him what it looked like it happened.

Doctor- It seems like she pushed and punished down some stairs. By the marks on her sides I would say someone knocked her over the railing of the stairs. I canít say what will happen to her but she needs all our attention right now.

The doctor walked away to go help with Hope. Finally she started to come to as they started to stop her bleeding. The blood from her head and mouth was stopped as they determined her injuries. The nurses tried to explain to Hope what was wrong with her.

Nurse- Hope, you had a fall and you broke your arm and hit you head pretty hard. You also have alot of internal and external bruises. Do you have any medical conditions we should know about before we continue?

Hope told them no as she went back in and out of consciousness. The doctorís asked Bo but he said no. His mind was scattered with all the stuff with Stephanie and now Hope. As the nurses and doctorís started her up for surgery to repair her arm Bo remembered the baby. He ran in just before they were about to leave.

Bo- Sheís pregnant!!!

All the people working on Hope stopped and looked down on her. They told Bo they will do everything they can. As they were leaving they told the someone to get ahold of Dr. White to get in here a.s.a.p....

Bo stood outside of the emergency room with a pale look on his face. He could lose both his fancy face and/or his new child that was not even born yet.


Marlena ran to John. He held her in his arms as he looked down at Stefano on the floor. They were finally together again, after all the evil things Stefano has down over all the years they were finally together again. They held each other over Stefanoís body in almost a symbolist kind of way that they beat Stefano with their love. But was it true? Did they win?

Marlena- I thought...

John- I know, Iím sorry.

Marlena- Donít be sorry, it was never your fault.

John- Yes I could have fought Stefano away but...

Marlena- I know, I know. He told me what he was doing to you. Did he give you much medication yet?

John- Yeah quite alot. It kicks in every now and again. But our love fought it away this time.

As they talked Stefano started to come too. They heard him moaning as he body started to shifted on the ground.

Marlena- What do we do about him?

John- Kill him?

Marlena- No, he needs to rot just like what he did to you.

John- Iíve got an idea.

John left the room and went back down to the dungeon. He grabbed all the chains that Bart and Rolfe had him to before. Marlena stood above Stefanoís body with his gun in her hand. Not even thinking twice about firing if her came towards her. John came back in the room as Stefano started to stand up. Just before he was about to say anything John knocked him back down to the ground as he and Marlena chained Stefano to the chains. Stefano again stood up as John held the handle of the chain in his hands.

Stefano- Take these off of me John. Now! I command you too...

John grabbed his head as if he were having a headache. Marlena ran to him and held him.

Marlena- What have you done to him?

Stefano- The process is already started and if you donít want him to die, you will take these chains off of me.

Marlena looked down at John as he fought away the pain. He grabbed the chains and pulled Stefano to the ground with all his power and strength.

John- NEVER!!! I was your prisoner for years and now your mine, you sick bastard. You like to brainwash people, erase their memories, torture them to sleep, and drug them so much they donít even know who they are. Well so do I, this time its your turn for all the fun.

John dragged Stefano to the floor and started to pull him as Marlena ran ahead to open the secret passage to the basement. They all ended up in the cellar part of the house. Marlena found a part where they could chain him to the wall. John pulled Stefano over and chained him to the wall as Marlena searched for something to give to John. She needed a drug to help get all the other drugs from his body gone. As John was chaining Stefano to the wall you could tell his body was wearing, he was getting tired. John had spent days fighting for freedom, getting drugged and brainwashed all over again. The first time Stefano did it, was almost enough to kill a normal man, but John was not a normal man. But this time Stefano was pushing John too hard, John was too weak to even lift his arms after he was done chaining Stefano to the wall. He stood back and looked at Stefano. Marlena came over to him and put her arms around him as they stood in front of Stefano. They both watched Stefano star them down. They both smiled at him as he looked in disgust at them both.


Bo and Bradyís waited outside in the waiting room. Bo waited for news on Hope as did Shawn, Caroline, and Kim, as they did all about Stephanie too. Finally Dr. White came out from the rooms where all the doctorís were. He looked like he had bad news. Bo went straight to him.

Bo- Well...

Dr. White- Hope has a broken arm, and serious bruises to her stomach. She will be fine within a few weeks. Her arm will only be a pain for awhile but she will get used to it.

Bo- And the baby?

Dr. White- Bo, Iím sorry, she lost the baby during the surgery.

---The End---

Chapter 51
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