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Chapter 49

As Marlena holds John in her arms, Stefano knotted as Bart and Rolfe to take John back to the dungeon. Bart and Rolfe walk over to Johnís body. Rolfe pulls Marlena away from John as Bart grabs Johnís chains that are on his heals.

Marlena- No, donít. Stop!!!

Stefano- Sorry, Marlena. Itís time that John go back to his cell.

Marlena- Let me go with him. Please Stefano, I beg you.

Stefano- You can stay in his cell for a few moments. Then you will see him when its dinner time.

Marlena lets go of Johnís body as Rolfe and Bart carry him away from the room. Stefano sits back down in his chair with his drink. Marlena watches as they carry John away. She turns to Stefano with tears still in her eyes.

Marlena- Ok, now that you have dropped your bomb on me, whatís next? What horrible plan do you have up your sleeve now?

Stefano- Ah, Marlena, wouldnít you like to know... I was thinking that me, you and John could live out our lives here on the island, of course John does not look like he will live much more longer.

Marlena- You bastard! Your killing him, arenít you, Stefano?

Stefano- I donít kill. Have I not proved that to you yet... I have alot of plans for John and I need him. Iím just bringing him down to his lowest level and then retraining him back into what I want.

Marlena- Your turning him back into your missionary.

Stefano smiled at Marlena as she turned away from him. She again smiled at the thought of John back in her life. She still could not get over it, it was like a dream and she never wanted it to end.


Rolfe and Bart lead John back down the stairwell to the dungeon. Rolfe left Bart at the bottom of the stairs as he went to go clean up the mess Marlena made earlier when she hit him over the head with the object. Bart dragged John to the door of his cell. He opened it by turning the knob and unlocking the lock with a set of keys. There were two sets of keys, Stefano hand one set and the other set stayed in Rolfeís desk in the lab. Bart took the set from Rolfeís desk when he had to go get John to stop Marlena from killing Stefano. Bart opened the door and looked inside. Everything was ok and set for John. As Bart turned around John through the huge lead chain that he was chained too against Bartís chest and head. Bart fell backwards and hit his head against the wall. They both collapsed on there ground. John took the keys from Bartís pocket and unchained himself from the chains.

John- Free, finally... Now to make that bastard pay.

John used all his strength and put Bart in the cell and locked the door with Bart in the cell. John took the keys and started to walk up the stairs looking for Stefano.


The doctorís that pasted Hope earlier walked back upstairs, walked back up the stairs because one of them forgot his wallets. They stopped when they saw Hope. She laid on the landing still unconscious from her falls. One of them ran upstairs to grabbed some people to help as the other doctorís worked to help her. They all lifted her carefully not to hurt her anymore. They lifted her to the waiting gurney for her. They wheeled her into the emergency room to try to save her. She had a weak pulse, she was bleeding alot from her mouth and head, and her arm looked to be broken. The nurses and doctorís worked hard to save her life as the rest of her family waited upstairs praying for her niece and not her. The Bradyís still had not known what happened to Hope.


The Bradyís waited for news as Steve and Kayla held each other tight. Finally they let go but still held hands as Craig came out to tell them about Stephanie. They all stood up and ran to him as he came out.

Kayla- How is she? Will she be ok? Howís my little girl?

Craig- Well the surgery went very good, she did though flatline on us once. It looked like it was over there but then she came back to us. Whatever prayers you guys were saying, it worked. Her heart surgery went great. We got everything back to normal now, she is still on a respirator right now because of the damage to her lungs. They should heal by themselves now, that we did everything we could. Itís up to her when it comes off.

Kayla- Ok, what about her Brain? How is it?

Craig- Well we worked as hard as we could to repair the damage but you never know what could have happened. When he working on her brain, is when she flatlined. As for her current condition, is still critical. She is in a coma right now, I canít say she will ever come out of it. But if by some chance she does wake-up from her coma, it wonít mean she will be fine. She may have permanent brain damage or have all kinds of mental problems. We can only know for sure when and if she wakes up.

Kayla turns to cry in Steveís arms as Caroline said thank-you to Craig for everything he has done. He told them that only her parents could see her in the recovery room. Shawn and Caroline hugged Kayla as Bo and Abe talked with Steve. Before Craig left he told them all to be prepared for the worse but hope for the best.


John hurried up the stairs and saw Rolfe picking up things off the ground. Rolfe turned around after hearing the secret door to the dungeon close. He jumped when he saw John, he started to run out of the room but John caught him. John throw him down to the ground. Rolfe crawled himself over to the entrance of the secret door. John kicked it open as Rolfe fell backwards down the stairwell. Rolfe landed on the ground as John quickly followed him. Rolfe backed into the wall as John opened the dungeon cell again.


Rolfe ran in as John barked his orders to him. John slammed the door shut behind Rolfe. He again ran up the stairs looking for Stefano and Marlena.


Meanwhile Stefano watched Marlena pace around the room.

Marlena- When is dinner time around here?

Stefano- Whenever my men will be making it?

Marlena- It better be soon, Iím hungry.

Stefano- Are you sure thatís not an excuse to see John again?

Marlena- And what if it was? So what... You kept him away from me for weeks, I thought he was dead, gone forever. Do you blame me?

Stefano- It was all part of my...

Marlena- Sick plan! I know, everything is part of your sick plan.

John- I bet this wasnít!!!

Stefano and Marlena turned in amazement to hear Johnís voice at the doors. Marlena smiled at the sight of him as Stefano got an angry look on his face.

Stefano- How?

John- It doesnít matter how, it matters who!

Stefano started to walk backwards as John walked towards him. Marlena looked around the room to see a vase, as she saw the vase Stefano pulled out his gun. He held the gun on John.

Stefano- Move any closer and I will kill you, for real.

John stopped dead in his tracks. Stefano smiled again as he thought he had everything under control. Marlena walked over to the window ledge and grabbed the vase. She ran over to Stefano and hit him over the head with it. He fell with his gun in his hands to the ground. As Stefanoís body lay in front of both John and Marlena they looked at each other with longing eyes. They both could not believe that they would see each other again but they did.


As the Bradyís talked about Stephanieís condition, Steve and Kayla went into the recovery room to see their daughter. Caroline, Shawn, Abe, Bo, and Kim all sat down and talked. They all thanked God for saving little Stephanieís life. As they did talk a gurney wheeled by with Hope on it. It stopped because the doctorís were telling the nurses what happened. As the doctorís were talking Bo kept on getting the feeling that something was not right with Hope. He kept on feeling like he should try to find her. He started to look around the place where he sat when he noticed that something was hitting the light. It was a reflection off of something shiny. He looked down to see it was hitting off of the womenís ring that was in the gurney. He got a flash of his and Hopeís wedding. He remembered the part where he put the ring on Hopeís finger. He jumped up and ran over to the gurney. He saw it was Hope on the gurney.

Bo- Hope!!!

---The End---

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