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Chapter 48

After Bo bought the coffee for his family he was going to bring it up to them when he bumped into Tania in the hallway. The coffee didnít spill as Tania started to talk with Bo.

Tania- Thank God I found you. How are you? I heard about your niece, how is she? I will keep your family in my prayers... Is that ok, Bo? Is their anything, anything at all I can do you for you or your family? Anything at all...

Bo- Wow, settle down. Thanks for being so concerned. My niece is in surgery right now and we hope she does all right... Was that all you came by to tell me?

Tania- No actually, I got a lead on Stefano Dimera.

Bo- Really thatís great news, but I canít deal with it right now.

Tania- Well I thought you might want to know since your so personally connected to this case. Didnít he kill a good friend of yours or something like that...

Bo- Yes, he did, but I a little busy right now. I have a family having major surgery and a pregnant wife and family to take care of.

Tania- Oh, yes, how is your wife?

Bo- Well sheís not my wife yet, but you know what I mean.

Tania- Yeah, well. About the lead, we got all those leads to different locations around the world and one panned out.

Bo- You found him?

Tania- No, not quite. We found a list of names and numbers. We tried them all and got nothing, except on one of them. He told us that Stefano is still at large on a island of his near Mexico.

Bo- Wow, thatís great. You know what can you wait till I get back to work to do anything about the lead. I want to be there to nail Stefano.

Tania- Anything you say Bo! Well I better be going, I have things to do.

Tania ran off before Bo could say goodbye. He wondered why she was acting so odd around him and his problems. Bo walked away with the coffee for his family in toe.


Kayla sat in the chair as everyone did reading magazines. Hope went home awhile ago to tell Shawn-D what happened and if he wanted to come to the hospital. She should be back soon. Kayla just staired into space wondering if their was anything that she could do to help her daughter. Tears would run down her face if she thought of life without her only support for so long, her daughter. She wanted Steve to be there, to hold her, to tell her everything was going to be all right and Stephanie would be fine. All she could think about was either Steve or Stephanie. In a matter of weeks her life changed in ways she could ever image. She wondered if she could take it all back. If she did, she wouldnít have Steve. Could she do it? Would she rather have a life with Steve or Stephanie? She didnít want to choose, not now, not ever.

She couldnít take it any longer. She stood up and walked to the doors that would lead into the surgery room. She needed to be with her daughter. As she did Shawn and Kim ran to her as she walked in the doors. They pulled her back into the waiting room as she started to yell and cry. She fell to the ground yelling to the ceiling.

Kayla- Why me? Oh God, I need Steve, where are you my love?

As she yelled that Abe lead Steve into the room. The Bradyís saw him and smiled as Kayla didnít see him their.

Steve- Iím here, sweetness.

Kayla turned her head and ran to him. Finally she was in his arms again, everything would be ok she told herself. Steve held her tight knowing what had happened with Stephanie. They held each other as the family looked on holding hands in prayer.


Meanwhile in the surgery room, Stephanie had flatlined on the operating table. Everyone panicked as Craig tried CPR to get her back. He pressed on her chest over and over again. The nurses all looked on as he tried again. The nurses were starting to give up hope. Craig was too, he gave her one more try as he tried again. They all looked at her heart monitor, nothing. Craig was about to take off his gloves to call time of death when a small sound came from the heart monitor. She was still alive. Slowly she was coming back to them as they again started up her surgery. A nurse smiled at Craigís bravery to save the little girl.

Stephanieís face was very pale during the entire surgery. They were working hard away at her brain and chest. Her heart was damaged because of the impact she took from the car. She head had a little damage to it because of her fall to the ground after she was hit. The surgery was finally done, Stephanie survived the surgery. Craig watched the nurses roll the bed she on into the recovering room. He turned to the one nurse left with him.

Craig- She needs all the help that she can get. I did my best, now its up to her.


Hope arrived back at the hospital. Shawn-D didnít want to come to the hospital that night, he stayed at home. He was going to go over after school the next day. Hope walked over to the elevator in the basement of the hospital. She waited 2 minutes and it still had not came. She decided that she would take the stairs up to the 3rd floor. She started to walk up when she thought she heard someone following her. She kept on looking back and walking faster until she bumped into a few male doctorís who were walking out. She looked silly ran up the stairs out of breath.

Hope- Losing weight...

She made up a lie as they walked by. She finally became normal and started again to walk up the stairs. She heard a door close in the stairwell. She thought it was the doctors in the basement.

But what she didnít know it was someone getting off at the 3rd level. They were all dressed in black and with gloves on as well as a mask. The person walked down a set of stairs and waited for Hope. Hope got to the level that the other person was on. The person jumped Hope from behind and held her. Hope kicked free and started to crawl up the stairs, but the person grabbed Hopeís pants and pulls her down to the ground. Hope fell on the ground next to the other person. They both stood up as Hope began to run but the person caught her hair and turned her around in the stairwell. Hope looked down at all the stairs and thought of the baby inside of her. Hope held her midsection as she turned around. As Hope turned around the person had a long pipe in their hand. They swung at Hope and hit her in the head. Hope fall backwards over the railing and fell 15 feet to the next set of stairs and started to fall. After she was done falling down the stairs, Hope laid unconscious on the landing as blood sprang from her mouth. Hopeís arm was on its wrong side and was broken. She laid spread out and unconscious from her falls, bleeding from her head and mouth.

---The End---

Chapter 49
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