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Chapter 46

Rolfe and Bart ran to the closed French doors. They pushed against it with all they could but they didnít open. They listened to the doors to hear if anyone was on the other side.

Bart- It sounds like Marlena has a gun to the boss. What do we do now? She will kill him if we donít stop her.

Rolfe- I have an idea, come with me...

Rolfe and Bart walked away from the doors to go get something that will stop Marlena from killing Stefano.


Marlena walked around the room as did Stefano. He sat in a chair and sipped his drink.

Stefano- Go ahead and poor yourself a drink.

Marlena- Go to hell Stefano... Knowing you, its drugged.

Stefano- If its drugged Marlena, why am I drinking it?

Marlena- I donít know or care.

Stefano- Lets cut the bull Marlena, are you going to kill me or not?

Marlena- Stefano, you donít even know why do you. After everything you have done to me, John, my children, Bo, Hope, Lexie, Roman, the Bradys and the rest of Salem, why would you ask such a dumb question?... Wait your going to say either ď I did it for loveĒ or ď Did what?Ē or wait even better ď It made you all stronger peopleĒ. You are insane and should die right now.

Stefano- Then why donít you Marlena? Go ahead shoot me for all the ďevilĒ things I have done to everyone in Salem.

Marlena- Why Stefano? I want to know one thing before I kill you, Why? Why us? Why me? Why Stefano, just why?

Stefano- A question for the ages! Why Stefano, why?... Let me say one though! Does it ever look funny that Iím not punished for anything I do? Do you not wonder why God has not come down on me with the power of the century and killed me? Everything I do Marlena, everything anyone does, there are consequences, and prices to pay. I have paid my price Marlena, just as you and everyone else has. The future, we donít know, but the past we do know, and its all relative.

Marlena- What the hell does that mean? Relative?

Stefano- You pay for your sins and are rewarded for your love. Both of us, yes, me and you will have that. We may not pay for our sins but we are rewarded for our sins.

Marlena- Is that so? Well that what do you get for killing John? Me? Freedom? I donít get it. You have destroyed Salem and everyone in it. But yet you have not paid for your sins, yet.

Stefano- Why should you be the one to make me pay for my sins, why not Roman? or Steve? or Hope? or a Brady family member? Why you?

Marlena- Because everything in my life that has went bad is because of you.

Stefano- Explain this to me Marlena. So Samantha, your daughter, turning on you is my fault, and Romanís none-loving relationship with you and Johnís marriage is my fault! Please explain this to me.

Marlena- Sami did some bad things because of a reason.

Stefano- Yes, seeing you and John making love years ago.

Marlena- No, because she didnít grow up with a mother, because I fell in love with John and not Roman. Because she had a father for the first few weeks of her life then another one later on then her real father came back into her life. Stefano you caused all of that. That poor girl has not had the easiest or nicest life so far, and I blame you because of that. She would be so happy if you would have just left things alone and not entered our lives... And as for Roman, the same thing applies. You made his, mine, and Johnís lives hell years ago. It took years for us to get over what you did to them. You hurt them which hurt everyone that cares about them.

Stefano- Umm, interesting thoughts, but I canít be blamed for it all. As you and rest of the Salem like to think that if anything at all goes wrong, ď Oh it must be Stefano Dimeraís faultĒ! Well its not. Lets think about this Marlena, if it was really my fault why am I not paying for it, and why are you the one going through all the pain and not me.

Marlena- Thatís right, you pay those dammed mind games, they donít work with me, Stefano. I know what your like, first hand. You are a monster, simple as that. Iím the one that will make you pay, Iím the one who will make you pay for your sins, ME!

Stefano- Thatís interesting, but I always thought God was the one who was to make everyone pay in the end. He will judge us accordingly.

Marlena- Yes, and when your turn comes up, he will make you fry in hell for what you have done to others. All the evil and horrible things you have done to everyone will be your down fall, Stefano. All the pain you have ever caused will be the stuff that brings you down.... I have never killed another human being before, and this time is no different. I donít and Iím sure God too, does not think of you as a human, more less a monster, a pawn of the devilís.

Stefano- Thatís very interesting, Marlena.

Marlena- Yes, it is. But its time you finally pay for everything you have ever done, for me, for John, for Roman, for Hope, for Bo, for Steve, for Kayla, for all our children, for the Bradyís, for all your children, and the rest of Salem and people throughout the world who you have hurt over and over again. Stefano Dimera you will fry in hell with the devil, you bastard!!!

Marlena held her gun only feet away from Stefano. He held up his drink to her and took another sip from his glass. The drink was done and he set it down on the table beside him.

Stefano- Iím going to say one thing before I die. Like I said before and will say again ď Everything is relative and people will always pay for their sins and love! We both have paid for our love, I have you, and I haveĒ.

Marlena- Have what?

Stefano- Its all relative...

Marlena stared at him in a bizarre way. As she did the French doors broke open. The chair that was holding the door fell down, Bart and Rolfe entered the room. Marlena saw them and still held the gun on Stefano. Stefano looked past them to see chains on the ground. He smiled at Rolfe who was looking at him for approval.

Marlena- I will kill you all, one by one.

Rolfe and Bart started to pull the chain into the room that they were all in. Marlena walked back still holding the gun on Stefano. She watched to see what was on the other end of the chain. The figure finally entered the room. Marlena saw the figure as soon as Rolfe and Bart dropped the chain on the ground. She dropped the gun on the ground and held her mouth as she saw who was on the end of the chain.

Marlena- You... No, your dead, you died....

Marlena looked over at Stefano who was smiling and then back at the figure on the ground.

Marlena- Canít be... It canít be. No way, Stefano. This is a trick!!! It canít be? It just canít be? Can it?...

Marlena looked down at the floor of chains. Her eyes flickered all over the room after looking at the almost lifeless body of, John Black!

---The End---

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