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Chapter 45

Rolfe still laid on the ground after Marlena knocked him unconscious. He finally started to move, he held his head as he stood up. He had know idea of what happened but knew that someone must have attacked him. He had dropped the device to mimic Marlenaís voice near the wall, so he went over and picked it up to make sure it was ok and not damaged. The device was in ok condition. He ran to the door and headed towards Stefanoís study to tell him what happened.


Stefano didnít like how long Rolfe was taking in the lab. He told Bart to go make sure something didnít happen and to check on Dr. Evans before he comes back. Bart ran to the door with Marlena on the other side.

She heard someone coming to the door so she ran over to the other side of the hallway and hide in the next room. She had the door open a bit so she could watch what was going on. Bart and Rolfe met in the hallway as Bart left the room.

Bart- You better get in there, we were waiting to see it. I have to go check on the good Doctor, I will be back.

As Bart left to go to Marlenaís room Rolfe entered Stefanoís study. Stefano was relived to see Rolfe back and with the device.

Stefano- What the hell keep you?

Rolfe- Iím sorry Stefano! I came out the secret passage and into the room. As I was going to the door, someone attacked me. They must have hit me over the head with some kind of blunt object.

Stefano- What? You were attacked?

Rolfe- I didnít see who it was, but my only guess would be Marlena.

Stefano- Dammit Rolfe, how could she do it? Your drug was suppose to keep her unconscious for hours.

Rolfe- Well it was, but maybe it wore off early.

Stefano- You think.... Go, go with Bart to her room and if sheís not there search this whole house for her. She could not have gone far.

Rolfe- But Stefano, she canít escape the island.

Stefano- I know that Rolfe, but I donít want her out of my reach. Now go, NOW!!!

Rolfe ran out of the room and went to Marlenaís room to see if she was there. Stefano sat in his chair not impressed that his men fouled again to let Marlena escape.


Bart ran into Marlenaís room and saw her bed empty. He checked all over her room and saw that she must have went through the window. Rolfe came running in when he was looking for her.

Rolfe- Where is she?

Bart- Your the Doctor, your dam potion didnít work. Sheís gone, she went out the window.

Rolfe- My God, she could be anywhere on the island.

Bart- I know, I will get my men and us to check the entire island.

Bart and Rolfe ran out of the room and gathered some of Stefanoís guys. They all got together and made plans to spilt up and search the whole island. Bart and Rolfe were going to stay together and in the house to search it.


After Rolfe left the study, Stefano went down to the main living room to get a drink and see what was going on. Marlena saw him leave and followed him downstairs. Stefano walked through the halls as Marlena followed him slowly and steady. She held Rolfeís gun in her hand as she followed him downstairs. He walked into the main living room to grab a drink. He had his back turned as Marlena entered the room. He was pouring himself a drink as she pointed the gun at Stefano. She held on the gun on Stefano as he took a drink from his glass not knowing that his enemy was right now holding his life in her hands.


Down on Rolfeís lab, Bart and Rolfe checked around there and made sure Stefanoís prisoner was still in the cell and she had not found them. They checked everywhere in the lab/dungeon area but found nothing. Bart pulled out his gun from his holster to make sure Marlena was sure to know who was in charge. Rolfe went to grab his gun and felt that his gun was not there.

Rolfe- Oh no.

Bart- What is it?

Rolfe- My gun!

Bart- What about it?

Rolfe- Itís gone, she must have took it while I was outcold upstairs.

Bart- So she has a gun now, great!

Bart and Rolfe rushed upstairs to find Stefano and tell him what was going on in the house and about Marlena.


Stefano takes a drink from his glass of wine as Marlena still holds the gun on him.

Stefano- You shoot me Marlena, they will take you down in seconds and you will never see anyone you love again!

Stefano could see a gun pointing at him through the reflection of the glass. He turned around to her surprise. She still held the gun on him.

Marlena- And if I stay here I never see them again anyways.

Stefano- Well how do you know that Iím keeping you here?

Marlena- Because your Stefano and Iím Marlena. You want me and you will never have me. NEVER!

Stefano- Never, say never, Dr. Evans.

Marlena- You are unbelievable, even when I have your life in my hands, you still are cocky and think your still in control.

Stefano- I am! There is no way off this island and if you kill me, you too will die. My men will fight for the death for me and they would not hesitate to kill you if you killed me. Trust me!

Marlena- Go to hell, Stefano! You are a monster. If I die, I will be with John forever.

Stefano- Thatís if John is in heaven, or even if he is dead.

Marlena- You bastard, your dumb mind games wonít work. I know Johnís dead, I saw him die, he died in my arms. He is in heaven I can feel it, he was a good man, not like you at all.

Stefano- I do things for love and the love of others.

Marlena- Sure you do, just like breaking Lexieís heart when she found out that you really are a monster.

Stefano- You leave Lexie out of this...

Marlena- I will say or do anything I want too.

As Marlena and Stefano talk Bart and Rolfe are running around the house looking for Stefano. Both Marlena and Stefano hear them talking. Stefano turns to walk to the door as Marlena hears them.

Marlena- Freeze, donít move.

Marlena walks to the open French doors and closes them. She puts a chair up against it so they canít get in. Marlena smiles when sheís done, but it fades as she hears Rolfe and Bart at the door. They push but canít get in. Marlena turns back to Stefano and points the gun to him.

Marlena- Donít move, donít talk or make one sound or I will kill you dead.

Stefano stands silently as Marlena threatens him. He holds his wine glass up to her as she stands him down with the gun.

---The End---

Chapter 46
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