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Chapter 44

The plane touched down in Mexico. Stefano owned a small area just near the ocean boarder. At the area was a small airport along with local stores. Rolfe met Stefano and Bart at the airport, Bart filled Rolfe in of what happened at the Horton Cabin and that everything was going smoothly. One of Stefano’s men carried Marlena off the plane and sat her in a chair in the small hut off of the airport field. Rolfe gave Marlena another drug to knock her out while they proceeded over to Skull Island. Stefano, Bart, Rolfe, Marlena and Stefano’s men all drove over to a yacht where it would take them all to Skull Island.

It only took 10 minutes to arrive at Skull Island. Bart and Rolfe took Marlena into the main house where she would stay for now. Stefano wanted to see the grounds before he went into the house. Finally Stefano’s plan was going as planed, no fumbles, or mistakes.

After Bart and Rolfe put Marlena in her room, they locked the door and left her. They walked downstairs to meet with Stefano. Stefano walked in with a smile of satisfaction of his face.

Rolfe- The Drug should ware off in a few hours. The room we have her in should be ok if she’s out for only a few hours.

Bart- So what’s the next step, Boss?

Stefano- Well give Dr. Evans a few days to adjust to her surroundings and that their is no escape off the island. But while she does that we have to come up with a plan so that knowone will find her, ever.

Bart- I thought that everyone thinks she’s gone for a few weeks.

Stefano- Only a week, I don’t want the Brady’s searching the earth for her when the week’s up.

Rolfe- We talked about this earlier and I came up with a great device. I mimic’s Marlena’s voice to a tea and we can have her say that she’s going to stay longer on Smith Island, it can give us some time.

Stefano- Yes, good but we need a permanent solution.

Bart- Why don’t you fake her death?

Stefano- I thought about it, but it looks to unreal to happen.

Rolfe- I’ve got it, the good Dr. Evan’s kills herself from grief over the loss of her one true love.

Stefano- Not a bad idea Rolfe. We can plant a letter, a fake body, and everyone already knows the reason. The poor Doc couldn’t live without her John.

Bart- I like it, she can say her kids are older now they don’t need her and without John she’s all alone.

Bart, Rolfe, and Stefano continue to plot about Marlena’s permanent disappearance from Salem. They come up with all the possible endings and what could and will happen.


Marlena still laid unconscious in her bed. Rolfe didn’t know one thing, Marlena’s body was already full of other drugs. She was taking them back in Salem so that she could get around, like antidepressants because of John’s death. The medication she was on mixed with the drug Rolfe gave her didn’t make a good mix. Her body fought off the second dose of drugs that Rolfe gave her at the airport and she started to come around.

She started to stir and turn in her sleep. Finally after fighting off the drugs her eye’s flickered open. She sat up in the bed and held her head. It was killing her, with all the drugs, it gave her a headache. She sat in the bed looking around. It didn’t take long for Marlena to realize that she again was Stefano’s prisoner. She stood up and looked around the room. She tried to open the door but it was locked. She saw their was a window in her room. She went to the window and pushed it open. It lead out onto a ledge where she might be able to jump off onto the ground. She carried herself out the window and onto the ledge. She stood on the ledge looking down it was a far drop two stories. Marlena walked the ledge over to another window. She kicked open the next window she saw and jumped in the room. It was hallway, she was free from her room, but not free from Stefano.


After Stefano, Bart, and Rolfe were done talking Rolfe went down to the lab to check on his device that would mimic Marlena’s voice. They still were going to use it to give them more time to plan everything out. Rolfe grabbed the device and walked back up the staircase to go to Stefano’s study. The lab was hidden in the main house by a secret passage, next to the lab was a set of dungeon cells. Rolfe opened the secret passage and walked into a room of Stefano’s. He closed it behind him and walked to the door that would lead to a hallway. As he walked to the door a glass vase hit him over the head and knocked him outcold.

Marlena stood above his unconscious body with part of a broken vase in her hand. She searched Rolfe for anything she could find to help her escape. She found a small hand gun in the pocket of Rolfe’s lab jacket. She pulled it out and left the room with Rolfe laying unconscious on the ground.


Bart and Stefano didn’t even hear Rolfe’s attack as they were in Stefano’s study having a glass of Brandy. They celebrated another victory over the Brady’s of Salem, they took away their most precious inhabitants and now Stefano finally had his “Queen of the Night”.

Stefano- What is taking Rolfe so long? He said he was going to the get that device and be right back...

Stefano and Bart wondered what was taking him so long to get back to Stefano’s study.


Marlena hide behind large walls in the house. She left the room with Rolfe on the ground and ran around the house searching rooms and hallways for people, she didn’t find anyone. She knew that people will soon be looking for her in her room and she should hurry. She didn’t want to get caught so she lurked around the house in search for Stefano. She stood right outside of Stefano’s study about to go in when she heard voices. She heard Stefano’s laughter and another man in their with him. She knew it was time to make Stefano pay. Marlena pulled out the gun she took from Rolfe and held it in her hands as she reached for the doorknob. Marlena only had one thing on her mind, blood, Dimera blood.

---The End---

Chapter 45
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