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Chapter 43

Marlenaís gun is fired and a body fell to the ground. Moments before Marlena shot her gun, Bart came up from behind Marlena and sedated her with a syringe. She fired her gun to the wall as the pain set in. Stefano stood there as her gun went off. He saw Bart come in and sedate Marlena. Marlena fell backwards into Bartís arms. Marlena was unconscious in Bartís arm as he laid her on the bed in the next room. Bart came back out as Stefano congratulated him.

Stefano- Well Bart you finally did something right. Now she changed our plans just a little. We must hurry and get us all to the boat. Is it still at the same location?

Bart- Yeah, Boss. You go ahead and I will carry her to the boat, the guys are outside and will take her stuff behind me.

Stefano- Very good, Bart.

Stefano walked out of the cabin and told the other men to go in and grab all of Marlenaís belongings.

Stefano- Donít leave one single thing there at all, not one thing or else.

The guys ran in to help Bart and get her stuff to the boat. Stefano stood watching the treeís blow in the wind of the night. A smile came to his face now that he finally has almost everything in place for his final plan. Stefano walked off towards the boat that was waiting down by the docks of Smith Island.


After Bo came back from the booking room, he was again called down to the cell area. There was a disturbance with a prisoner. She sat alone in the office as Bo went down to the cell area. She wheeled her chair around to Boís desk and looked at his personal pictures and items. She saw a picture of Shawn-D, Hope, and himself.

Tania- What a hunk? I will get you Bo. I promise. Now this must be the women with child and his other son. God what a bunch of morons. I will just get rid of them when me and Bo get together. I can send the boy off to school and well Iím sure I can find a way to deal with Hope and her child.

Tania looked at the picture of Bo and started to smile as she thought of her life with Bo and all the fun and love they will have together.


Bo and Abe both got called down the cell area where Steve was yelling for help. Bo and Abe ran to his cell wondering what was going on.

Bo- What is it?

Steve- Bo, man, somethingís wrong. I can feel it, I need out to be with Kayla and Stephanie.

Abe- What do you mean somethingís wrong?

Steve- I donít know what it is but I can feel it in my bones. Somethingís not right with them.

Bo- Listen Steve, I will go call Kay and get her down her to pick you up, ok?

Steve- Hurry Bo, I know somethingís wrong.

Bo and Abe left the cell area and walked upstairs.

Abe- What was that all about?

Bo- I donít know, but I should check it out, Kayla was suppose to be here hours ago to pick up Steve, its not like her to be this late.

Bo looked into space wondering what was keeping her and that maybe Steve was right and there is something wrong with Kayla and Stephanie.


Hope and Kayla both paced the waiting room. Hope sat down time from time to rest her feet, but Kayla just paced and paced for hours.

Hope- Settle down Kayla, Iím sure the doctor will be out soon with news.

Kayla- I canít Hope. My only child is in that room fighting for her life for all we know. I at least want to know how my little girl is doing... Wait, Iím a nurse I will just go help them out and then see howís doing.

Before Kayla could ran off Hope grabbed her arm and sat her down.

Hope- You canít do that, your too hysterical right now. You would be no help to the doctors and Stephanie. She needs you to pray and give her time.

Kayla- What if she has no time, what if theyíre pronouncing her dead as we speak.

Hope- Kayla, Iím sure thatís not happening. You and your daughter are fighters and always will be. Your Bradyís and that means you can and will fight till you are dead. You know that...

Kayla- I know, its just now we have Steve back I wanted us to be a family again.

Hope- And you will be. Donít worry, look here comes the doctor now.

As Hope said Dr. Craig Westly came out from the emergency room with his operating scrubs on. He was covered in blood. He approached Hope and Kayla with a very pale look in his face.

Hope- How is she, Craig?

Kayla- Yes, howís my daughter?

Craig- Well as you know she was hit by a car. She must have been hit very hard to cause alot of damage. Now the good news is that she is still alive. She flatlined twice on us in there. She canít breath on her own, nor communicate in any way. The car hit her so face that her heart and lungs were very badly damaged, as was her head. After she was hit her head must have hit off the ground. She will need surgery right away to repair alot of the damage.

Kayla- Oh my God, my child. She needs Brain surgery?

Craig- As well as open heart surgery and to be a respirator until her lungs completely heal. Her current condition is that she is in a coma due to her severe injures. Iím sorry, but we have to operate right away.

Kayla- Yes, yes operate, but one more thing doctor, will she make it? And the truth, Iím a nurse and I can handle it.

Craig- Oddís are slim that she will make it through the night.

As Craig said that he ran away to perform the surgery of Stephanie, Kayla almost fell over into Hopeís arms crying. Hope walked her over to the chairs to sit her down. Kayla cried in Hopeís arms of the thought of losing her daughter.


Stefano, Bart, Marlena and all the other men had everyone and everything loaded into Stefanoís boat. All the men were downstairs getting things ready for the plane trip as Stefano was upstairs with an unconscious Marlena. Stefano watched Marlena sleep on the top of the boat in a bed as they headed to a private airport where they were going to catch a plane to Stefanoís private island, Skull Island.

---The End---

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