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Chapter 42

As Bo and Tania worked away on Stefanoís file they also talked alot about their personal lives, families, friends, loves, and all kinds of other stuff. Bo told her about Hope, Shawn-D, and his soon-to-be new child. He was glowing with happiness, not even aware that Tania was slowly falling in love with him. She hung onto every word he said, she even used alot of old flirting tricks on him but none of them worked. Bo was so into talking about his family he didnít even realize she was coming on to him and that she was falling for him.

Tania- So how far along is Hope?

Bo- Well it must be around two months.

Tania- What do you want it to be?

Bo- Well I boy would be great, but I would love to have a girl. But I think Hope wants it to be a boy seeing how she was not there for all of Shawn-Dís growing up.

Tania- Because of Stefano?

Bo- Yeah, I will be dammed if he ever gets ahold of this child or her ever again.

With Bo threatening Stefano he got a call from the booking rooms on the dates he wanted. He told Tania that he will be back. Tania watched Bo leave and close the door behind himself.

Tania- Oh Bo... This will be so much more easier than I thought it would be. I donít care about the assignment. Iím going to make you mine, I donít care about Hope or that baby on the way. You will be mine Bo Brady, I will make sure of it. I donít care what I have to do, but I swear it, you will be mine.

Tania got a real evil look in her eyes as she plotted in her mind against Hope and the baby to get the man she was falling in love with, Bo Brady.


Steve was pacing his cell waiting for word on when heís was getting out. He could barley sleep the night before thinking of what he will do when he gets out. He wants to get to know Stephanie, ask Kayla to remarry him, build them all a house in Salem, and finally settle down as a happy family. As Steve thought and dreamt of all what will happen when he gets out something happened. A flash hit him. Steve fell back down to his bed. He looked around and then it hit him again. Something was wrong, something was very wrong, and Steve knew it.


Kayla looked all around her for Stephanie. She stood up from the table and looked for her.

Hope- Whatís wrong?

Kayla- Whereís Stephanie?

Hope- She probably over looking at cloths. You know how kids are.

Kayla and Hope looked over at the scene where people were starting to surround. An Ambulance arrived at the scene. Kayla had to go check, even if there was a small chance she had to check it out. Kayla grabbed Hopeís hand and ran over to the scene. As Kayla fought her way through the crowd, Hope asked some women what happened. The women told her that a girl was hit by a car going really fast. Hope ran in after Kayla.

Kayla reached Stephanie body and screamed. Stephanieís body was lifeless, she lied on the ground with blood coming from her mouth, head and face. Kayla knelt down beside her daughter and started to brush her hair with her hands. Kayla took Stephanieís pulse, she was still alive but had a really weak pulse. The paramedicís put Stephanie on a stretcher. Kayla jumped in the Ambulance with Stephanie. Before they pulled away Kayla yelled to Hope to get the family over to the hospital. Hope, with tears coming her eyes, knotted yes and ran off to find a phone.

Kayla in the Ambulance held Stephanieís hand as the paramedicís worked away on her. Kayla prayed in her head that God would save her daughter. Kayla could not lose her daughter, she was her life for ten years after Steve was gone, and now heís back they could be a family. It was not Stephanieís time, she was so young and Kayla loved her with all her heart.


On Stefanoís island, Skull Island, Rolfe was looking over some work paperís he made before the entire brainwashing of Steve Johnson. He wanted to make sure Steve didnít remember a thing after he ďdiedĒ years ago. If Steve were ever to remember his time with Stefano all hell would break lose in Salem. As Rolfe read the paperís a noise came from a cell down the hallway. Rolfe stood up and shook his head and walked down the hallway. As he approached the cell in the dungeon area of Stefanoís house the noise grew louder.

Rolfe- Quiet Down, with all that yelling you could wake the dead!

Rolfe hit the side of the cell doors and walked away. In the cell there was a man, he laid on his back in his cot. He laid still as Rolfe talked. Then again after awhile he yell into the night until after days of no sleep he fell asleep.


At the Horton Cabin Marlena still held Stefano at gun point. She smiled as Stefano stood in place. She reached into her purse and grabbed a silencer for the gun.

Stefano- Whatís that?

Marlena- Its a silencer for the gun. Its so when I shoot you, known of your helpers will come in and try to take me down.

Stefano- How did you know I was here?

Marlena- I didnít, but I knew one of these days you would try to kidnap me... Iím not stupid Stefano. I have played this game for years. I shot you once in 1985, at the Salem Arena. You supposedly fell into a pit of fire and died. Well we were all wrong, you survived. Recently I have been thinking alot about that day, thinking what went wrong, am I a bad shooter, was it all planed. Maybe a bit of both, but now none of those problems is a problem anymore.... You see I have the upper hand, I know how to use a gun, and I surprised you.

Stefano- Very smart Dr. Evans, but how do you know that I donít know about all of this?

Marlena- Because you may be smarter, richer and more powerful but I have heart. Its time for you to get revenge on you Stefano. Its time for you to pay for every sin you ever committed, for killing John, for taking me, Hope, Roman and many others away from theirs families. For taking our children away from us, for blackmailing people, for trying to control peopleís lives, families, and even their minds. You are sick, Stefano. Its time to rid you of this world forever.

Marlena raised the gun to Stefano as he stood still. Stefano started to walk backwards. Marlena fired the gun and a body fell to the ground.

---The End---

Chapter 43
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