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Chapter 41

Marlena finally arrived at the Horton cabin. She dragged in all her stuff. A few suitcases and a cooler of food. She put everything aside and ran to the bed. She jumped on it and laid down. She was at the pier for an hour then on the fairy for 45 minutes. She was beyond tired. She let her back lay out as she thought of things she was going to do the next day.

After resting for well deserved 15 minutes she jumped back up and to work. She put all her suitcases next to the bed and the cooler next to the refrigerator. She needed a good swim before she unpacked. She went to her bags and pulled out her swimsuit. She changed into it and went outside down to the lake for a swim. She set her purse at the counter by the door and didnít lock the cabin. She walked away from the cabin for a swim.

As she left someone walked up to the cabin. The person watched Marlena leave as two other people joined the first person.


Bo strutted into the police station. He was on cloud nine after all the news of Hope being pregnant and the talk of their wedding. He didnít even notice that his new partner, Tania was standing next to him.

Tania- Are you Bo Brady?

Bo turned to her in surprise. Bo held his hand out and shook hers.

Bo- I hope so, because he is the happiest man alive.

Tania- Good news!

Bo- Great news.... So are you my new partner? Your on the Dimera case.

Tania- Yes, I am. I talked with commander Carver yesterday and he said Iím with you on this case. So any leads?

Bo- I wish.

Tania- Its been along time since we got a lead on him. I guess last time he was since was few weeks ago at someone house in New Orleans. Did you check that one out?

Bo- Oh yeah, I saw the bastard kill my good friend.

Tania- You were friends with Mr. Black?

Bo- Yeah, we were really close, and Stefano took him away from me, his family, his children and his wife. I hope that bastard fries in hell.

Tania- Are you emotionally attached to this case?

Bo- Yeah, you could say that. Stefano Dimera has a vendetta against my family and has for years. He will stop at nothing to hurt us.

Tania- Wow! I read some of the file on him and he sounds like a real monster, kidnapping, brainwashing, blackmail, and now murder. Besides that pardon he got in Ď97, Iíd say this guy is the devil undercover.

Bo- Thatís sugarcoating it.... So were do you want to start?

Tania- It does not matter to me, your the boss and expert on this guy.

Tania smiled at Bo as he did to her about him being the boss. The two sat down at their desks going over ideas, Stefanoís file, and getting to know each other.


Kayla, and Stephanie went over to the Java cafe to meet with Hope who had really good news for them. Kayla and Stephanie arrived at the table were Hope had said she would meet them. Stephanie was getting really excited and couldnít wait to leave so she could go see her father. Today was the day Steve was getting out of jail. Kayla wanted to talk with Hope before they went over to get Steve. Hope finally arrived, Kayla and Stephanie greeted her with hugs and kisses. Hope was almost in tears before she could tell Kayla the news. So she just blurted it out like she did with Bo.

Hope- Iím pregnant!!!

Kaylaís jaw dropped at the news. As a smile appeared on Kaylaís face she hugged Hope.

Kayla- My God, I never expected this, I thought it would be about the wedding or a house or something.

Hope- No, well all that stuff is happening soon too, but the big news is the baby.

Kayla- Wow, thatís great Hope. Does mama or pop know yet?

Hope- No, were going to have a engagement party and announce it there.

As the two women talked Kayla didnít notice that Stephanie went over to the store to look at some new cloths. Stephanie thought that Hope and her mom would just talk about dumb adult things. She saw some cloths she liked but nothing to good. She looked across the street to see her mom and Hope still talking.

Stephanie- AH, mom you said 2:00 oíclock. I want to see Dad now. I canít stand this. Iím going to get her and I will leave without her or not.

Stephanie started to walk across the street when her shoe fell off. She bent over to pick it up on the sidewalk when a group of bigger kids walked by. Stephanie didnít want to look like a loser so she just started to walk across the street with her shoe only halfway on. As she did she looked back once to see they were gone. As she turned around a red car came right towards her, her eyeís lit up as the car hit her. Stephanie was thrown from the front of the car and over the car and onto the cement ground behind the car. People surrounded Stephanie as the car came to a screeching halt.

Kayla and Hope tried to see from where they were to see what was going on but couldnít because people were in the way. Kayla looked to her side for Stephanie but she was not there.


Marlena walked back up the hill after her long relaxing swim. She went to the bathroom and changed into some fresh cloths. As she came out she saw it was getting dark and maybe she should unpack and start a fire. She went over to the dark fireplace to start a fire. She placed her hand on the fire-pokers but someone elseís hand crept over it. She jumped back in fright. A figure stood from the chair beside the fireplace. She walked backwards as she the person stood.

Marlena- Stefano!

Stefano Dimera rose from the chair with a smile on his face. He stood in the same room as Marlena as she continued to walk backwards to the door.

Stefano- Hello, Marlena. Long time, no see!

Marlena- Why are you here? What do you want?

Stefano- I think we both know the answer to that. Our love was being hidden from you by John and now he is gone, we can finally be together.

Marlena- Over your dead body, and I mean that.

Stefano- Why such anger?

Marlena- Maybe this can explain it.

As Marlena reached closer to the door she stopped. With her hands behind her back she went into her purse and pulled out a small hand gun. She pulled it out and held it on her arch enemy.

Marlena- Its time for you to pay for your sins, you heartless son-a-bitch!

Marlena held the gun on Stefano as he stood froze in shock by Marlenaís actions.

---The End---

Chapter 42
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