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Chapter 40

After her talk with Brady and Belle, Marlena needed to talk with Alice before she left. She went over to Alice’s and asked if she could stay at the Horton cabin for awhile. Alice told her it was ok but wanted to know how long she was going to be there. Marlena told her that she was only going to be there a week at the very most. Alice gave Marlena the keys to the cabin. The two women hugged before Marlena left to go back to the penthouse to pack for her trip. Alice watched as Marlena left.

As Marlena walked back home someone was in the bushes. Bart came from the bushes to see Marlena leave and Alice go back in the house.

Bart- Prefect!!!

Bart ducked back into the bushes and left through the backyard gate.


Bo and Hope were in their bedroom in the bed. They spent the whole afternoon making love and holding each other. They laid in bed talking and thinking of all the good changes that would happen when they have their new child.

Hope- Bo, I love this child already. He will bring us so many new happy memories.

Bo- I know he or she will...

Hope- Oh yeah, I keep thinking it will be a boy. It does feel the same as Shawn-D did.

Bo- Well maybe it is a boy, who knows. When do you go see the doctor next?

Hope- Dr. White said I should go see Dr. Badar soon. So I will do that within the next few days.

Bo- I want to come with you, is that ok?

Hope- Yes, you are the baby’s father. So you are still in shock?

Bo- A little what about you?

Hope- Yeah, I can’t wait to tell everyone. Wait I have an idea. What if we get married right away at St. Lukes and then tell everyone after that.

Bo- Can you wait that long?

Hope- No, but it was a good idea.

Bo- Yeah it was. Speaking of the wedding, when will this thing be happening.

Hope- Thing? This thing is our wedding, Brady. I want to have it soon, can we make a date now.

Bo- Well when do you want to have it?

Hope- Soon, what about a month from when this baby was conceived. Ok, if it was conceived on July 15th, that means...

Bo- That’s, August 15th, Hope! That only gives us 2 weeks to get ready. Are you sure?

Hope- Yeah, can we please do it then?

Bo- Well I was going to wash the bike around then but I guess I can hold it off.

Hope- Oh Brady.

Hope grabs his month and kisses it as he makes his smart remarks.


Kayla was at the pub sitting down looking through some old pictures. She sat at one of the tables looking at old photo albums. She looks at pictures of the Bradys, Hortons, Her, Steve and Stephanie. She was beyond happy that Steve was getting out of jail and going to be back with them. She started to remember all the happy times she had with them. As she thought a song came into her head. A song that meant alot for the people of Salem, it was a song about love and how everlasting it was and can be. The song “ The Greatest Love Affair” By Jeffrey Osborne came into Kayla’s head. She remembered all the happy moments she had with Steve. As she thought of her happy times with Steve, he was doing the same thing.

He sat in his cell looking at a picture of Stephanie, Kayla and himself that Kayla gave him earlier that day. A tear came to his eye when he thought of the past and how much he missed them. He too started to remember all the times him and Kayla were really happy. They had so many true happy times and he still longed for more of those moments. He was so excited he could bust. Finally after all the pain that Stefano put his family through, they were going to be back together. He finally got his family back and their was nothing knowone was going to do to stop it.

As Kayla and Steve thought about each other the song played on. Marlena walked down the pier once more before she left for her trip. Tears again came to her eyes picturing John coming to her on the pier like she did to him years ago. She missed him so badly she could almost feel it inside herself. It was good for her to get away and not think about what they lost, but what they had and will have again in heaven. For the one place they will meet again knowone can take their love away ever again. Marlena walked the pier with a calm sense that John was at rest, but still she could not fight her tears and her real emotions anymore. Again as she was leaving tears came to her eyes. She could not handle Salem anymore and going away for a week was what she needed.

Marlena may have thought this not knowing that when she returns to Salem, everything again will be different in more of a way than she could ever imagine.

---The End---

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