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Chapter 4

Marlena waited at the Salem airport for her plane. It was five minutes late. She sat their wondering what could have happened. She only really ever thought that John was in danger, if he was in danger. Could she be wrong? She only hoped she was wrong. Kayla still has not called which made her worry even more. Maybe she should call her back, but she had to see her husband face to face. Marlenaís plane was finally ready. She walked aboard. Next stop Paris....


John and Bo walked into the Castle after their long trek from their car to the castle. Bo pulled his gun out not knowing what to expect. John led him knowing the place before. He started to see flashes of Gina and him there. They walked all around. They found an open creak in the wall. Bo pushed on it to show a secret door to the Turret. Bo and John went very slowly down the hallway into the small room leading to the Turret. The door was shut. They stopped and looked around the small room before entering. John opened the door. Bo ran in and pulled his gun on anyone on their. At the first sight of a body, Bo yelled.

Bo- Freeze.....


Kayla was now walking the streets of Paris trying to find out where Princess Gina lived. She had now lost her purse and she had no way to contact her little brother and John. She kept on thinking of where she could left the purse. She walked the streets until she saw something, or someone.

Kayla- What the hell?

Kayla saw two people talking with a women. She walked up and stood behind them. She tapped the man on the shoulder. He turned around.

Kayla- Doug...Julie.

Doug and Julie Williamís stood there looking at Kayla. It only took seconds before they realized that it was Kayla Brady. Doug and Julie greeted her with hugs and kisses.

Doug- What are you doing here in Paris, Kayla?

Kayla- Iím with Bo and John. I got back to Salem and my parents told me the whole story. So I left Stephanie with them and went to the airport to join Bo and John to look for Hope. And now Iím here.

Julie- Really, well we came out a few hours ago. We knew that Bo and John were coming here, but we thought they might like a little help, plus if they do find Hope we want to be there.

Kayla- Well now we can all be there....Its really good to see you two again. So you do guys have any leads?

Doug- None. How about you three?

Kayla- Well, John and Bo are out in the country searching one of Ginaís houses. I just was at the hotel making calls. I was hoping to hear from them but I seem to have lost my purse with my phone in it. So Iím out of luck.

Julie- Well maybe we should go out to the house too. They might like to know that were here and that you have lost your purse. I hope they found something.

Doug- Anything would be good.

Julie, Doug, and Kayla just gave an odd smile towards each other. They all walked off and got in Kaylaís car. They all headed to Ginaís castle.


Hope stood there with total surprise on her face. She turned around so Bo could see her, at the sight of Bo she had tears running down her face.

Hope- Bo...

Bo saw her and ran to her. They held each other tightly. They thought they would never see each other ever again in this lifetime. Tears ran down from each other their faces.

Bo- Oh Hope, my God, I knew you were alive. I would never let that witch trick me.

Bo pushed her away and pulled out his gun again.

Bo- So whereís Stefano?

Hope- Stefano? Why would he be here?

John walked up to Hope and Bo from the landing.

John- What do you mean? Heís not here with you?

Hope- No, I have not seen him in years.

Bo- What do you mean?

Hope- Well I donít remember the last year. The last thing I remember was holding you in Paris on that dock. Then Gina locked me in a here, then a few hours later you guys found me.

John- Hope, Its been months since Bo saw you last.

Bo- You mean you donít remember the last couples months.

Hope- Well after she locked me in here I feel asleep then now you guys found me.

Bo- No, Hope. Gina did that to you months ago. You donít remember the last few months?

Hope- I guess not...Oh Bo, not again. Iíve lost my another part of my memory.

Hope starts to cry as Bo holds her. John and Bo look at each other, pondering what happened to her in the turret.


Marlena arrived at the Paris airport. She got off her plane. She waited 10 minutes to get her bags. She gathered up all her belongings and walked over to the phone. She kept on wondering what ever could have happened. She called Salem and checked her messages. Nothing. She wondering why Kayla still has not called with any information. She only hoped that she was wrong and something had not happened to John. She again lifted up the receiver to call someone. She dialed a few numbers on the phone when a large hand covered by a glove pulled her away.


Bo lead Hope out of the Turret as John stayed to look around. He walked all over the room. He found certain things, a little device used to make S.O.S signals, the used pregnancy test, and a cloth with blood on it. He knew Hope didnít know how to use a S.O.S device or even how to make one. He wondered why Hope would need or have a pregnancy test, she looked ok. Things just did not pine out to her story. He smelled Dimera. He saw that Hope was not bleeding or had any scraps or anything that would make her bleed. He took the cloth and left the room to follow Bo and Hope. As he walked out, something clicked in his mind.

John- Doc...

John stood there hearing himself yell the name. He knew she was in trouble. But how? But where? She was countryís away back in Salem.


Marlena was pulled into a bathroom. She kicked her way free. She turned around to see why someone was doing this, and who was doing it. She turned to see Stefano Dimera watching her every move.

Marlena- Stefano....

---The End---

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