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Chapter 39

Abe sits down at his desk going over Stefanoís file. He canít get over that the bust they did at everyone of his locations they found nothing. They did find files that will lead them to other people but its like anywhere they go or do, its a dead end. Lexie is back to normal now. She still has time answering questions about Marlena, John or her father. Abe knows that she now knows the truth and that its good but to learn it like this must hurt her alot. He feels for her but knows its all for her own good. As Abe thinks the new detective knocks on the door.

The new detective walks through the door and over to Abe. He shakes her hand. She is medium height, small build, slim with a cute face. Extremely good looks, Abe almost canít believe that sheís a cop.

Abe- Tania Clancy?

Tania- Yes, Commander Carver.

Abe- Call me Abe, my friends do. Welcome to the Salem PD. So I hear you have great recommendations from New York?

Tania- I hope so, I bust wide open the biggest mob case over there.

Abe- Wow, thatís impressive. Well I donít think we have too many mobs in Salem, just a few drug lords, a big time criminals, and your troubled youths. Thatís about here for Salem.

Tania- Thatís why I came here, I was getting really sick of all the murders, deaths, and everything over there, and for one other reason.

Abe- Whatís that?

Tania- You said ďbig time criminalsĒ. I have heard of one that Iím very interested in. In fact if you donít mind I have done all my research on him and know that thereís only one detective on that case.

Abe- Which case and criminal is that?

Tania- Stefano Dimera! I see a man named Bo Brady is working on that one, I would love to work along with him on it.

Abe- Stefano....

Tania- You know him?

Abe- Its a very long story Tania, one I hope you donít have to learn from. But if you want to work with Bo on it, be my guest. He is gone for the day but I was just going over the Dimera file.

Abe hands the file to Tania. He is glad to see that more people are taking an interest in bring down the Dimera empire.

Abe- Bo will be in tomorrow and you can talk with him them. Ok?

Tania- Yeah thatís great. Thank-you Abe...

Tania walked out of Abeís office with Stefano file in her hand. She turned the corner near Abeís office. She openís Stefano case file and looks in it. She looks up and has a big smile on her face.

Tania- Prefect!!!!

With the smile on her face she walks off with Stefanoís file.


Bo- What did you just say?

Hope- For the last few weeks Iíve had this pain in side and it really hurts. It hit me at Masion Blanche and at Johnís funeral, so I went to Dr. White and talked with him about it. He took some tests and I just got off the phone with him. He told me Iím pregnant....

Bo- Pregnant, as in with a child.

Hope- Yes Bo, a child. He said the baby was conceived just after I got back from Europe. Which means it must have been the night under the stars just before our engagement party.

Bo ran to Hope and hugged her. He held her in shock.

Bo- This is good, right?

Hope- Well its different, but yeah this is great. We have a new beginning and a new child.

Bo- Oh my God, a child, a son...

Hope- Or daughter.... Are you sure your ok with this?

Bo- Ok with it? I love it, I love you, and I will love this baby. Its just such a shock to me right now. Wait till everyone else knows about it. Shawn-D, is going to be a brother.

Bo and Hope sat down on the couch of the Horton house thinking of all the changes they will need to make together for the baby. They talked about getting married, moving into their own house, and telling everyone about the little surprise. After months of hell Bo and Hope were finally starting to be happy.


Brady and Marlena came through the door as Belle was just about to sit down with a plate of food. She saw Brady and ran straight for him. She hugged him until he turned blue. Marlena smiled at the reunion of a brother and a sister. All three of them sat down on the chairs because Marlena had to speak with both of them about something.

Marlena- Iím going on a little trip. I donít know where yet, but Iím leaving tomorrow night. I have taken a few weeks off work because of what happened. I have seen lately how independent both of you have become and you can both stay here while Iím gone. It wonít be very long, I just need to get away. I need some time alone and to myself. Do you guys understand?

Brady- I do, thatís what I did and it helped me.

Belle- Yeah mom, I understand. Its fine with us. Where are you going?

Marlena- I donít know yet, but not very far just somewhere where I can be alone with my thoughts. I need time to help get over what happened. As long as you both understand.

Brady and Belle both knotted a yes. Marlena pulled them both in for a big hug. She felt at ease to know her children will be fine and everything will work out for the best. The tearís she did cry for John but it was time to start moving on and getting her life together. She thought going away would help her get over John.


Stefano sat in his chair at his desk. He looked out in the oceanís waterfront. He watched as the waves hit the side of the beach and then went back into the rest of the ocean. He loved to sit and watch the ocean. Bart came into his study to speak with him.

Stefano- Whatís the latest report?

Bart- Well Johnson has remembered everything from his past except his time with you.

Stefano- Well thatís fine, as long as he does not remember his time with me, we shall be ok. And how about the woman in mourning?

Bart- Dr. Evans is the same. She cryís alot and still is mourning John. I was just told that she is planning a trip to go away by herself soon, to try to get over John. When will she get over him?

Stefano- Soon enough Bart, Marlena will get over John and start to love me. When she sees the power I hold and control, she will fall for me right away.

Bart- So are you ready to carry on the next step of your plan.

Stefano-Yes, you can start right now. Itís time for all of Salem to see just what power I really hold.

Stefano held his glass of wine to Bart as he left. With a smile on his face he said something to Bart as he left.

Stefano- And with my power I will get everything I want and more.....

Stefano laughed as he turned back to watch the waves hit against the beach again.

---The End---

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