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Chapter 38

Hope stood in utter shock at what her doctor has just told her. Many thoughts ran through her head, she came too and picked up the phone from the floor.

Hope- Sorry about that. I think I misunderstood what you said, can you say it again?

Dr. White- I donít think you did misunderstand me, Your pregnant Hope. I got the tests back today and I had them run them twice over. You would of have to conceived the baby a few weeks ago, just after you came back from being out of town.

Hope- Oh my God, Iím pregnant. This is not what I expected.

Dr. White- I didnít think you would, but Iím sure its better than the things that ran throw your head waiting.

Hope- Yes it is, but Iím just in shock right now. Ummm, what do I do now?

Dr. White- Well I would like you to see Dr. Badar. Iíve booked you an appointment with her when its ok for you.

Hope- Ok, thanks...

Dr. White- Congratulations Hope, I know its not the best thing in the world, but Iím sure you will love it when your over the shock.

Hope- Me too, thank-you again.

Hope hung-up the phone and stood in her spot thinking it over again.

Hope- Pregnant! Iím pregnant. It must have been the night under the sky with Bo. I have to tell him right away.

Bo- Tell him what?

Hope didnít notice that Bo came through the front door when she and Dr. White got off the phone. Hope spun around not knowing what to tell him, so she just uttered it out.

Hope- Iím pregnant, Bo!


Kayla and Abe walked up to his office after what happened in the jail cells with Steve. Bo went home after what happened to tell Hope.

Kayla- I think I want him out, Abe.

Abe- You want to drop the charges against him. I know Hope is ok with it as long as you are.

Kayla- I was not to sure after what happened the other day but now Iím sure I want him home with me and Stephanie. She has lived 10 years without her father and its not fair to keep him from her, especially now that he is really back with us.

Abe- I agree but I want to make sure your doing the right thing.

Kayla- I know it in my heart. So whenís the soonest you can get him out.

Abe- Well I have to talk with a new detective coming in from New York, then I guess I can start the paperwork. He will probably be out by tomorrow night.

Kayla- Thatís great. Thanks Abe....

Kayla hugs her friend Abe just before she leaves. She wants to go see Steve before she heads home. As she leaves Abe gets ready to talk with the newest detective of the Salem PD, who will have profound effects of Salem for years to come.


Steve walks around his cell trying to think of everything he has lost. He sees Kayla walking down the hall.

Steve- Well its official. I canít remember anything from just before I died to around the time of Masion Blanche. Itís all gone.

Kayla- Donít worry about it. Iím sure youíll remember in time.... I just talked with Abe were going to get you out of here soon.

Steve- Really! I get to go home and see my baby girl.

Kayla- Well sheís really not a baby anymore. Sheís 10 years old and full of life. You will not believe how happy she is to finally get to know her father.

Steve- You didnít remarry?

Kayla- Well I dated a little but nothing serious. But I guess that will be off for awhile.

Steve- Well I still legally am your husband.

Kayla- Just legally, in my heart Iím still your wife in every meaning of the word. I hope the same is for you about me.

Steve- You know it, Sweetness.

Kayla and Steve smile at each other. They are acting like they are just getting to know each other again, and in some parts they are just knowing each other for the first time.


Marlena- Brady!!!

Marlena grabbed Brady who is standing in front of her, she pulls him in for a hug. He does not pull away and even responds with a small touch. She lets go seeing how unwilling he is to hug her.

Brady- You are ok?

Marlena- Am I ok? You run off for days without saying a word, and you ask if Iím ok.

Brady- You know what I mean and you know why I ran. Dammit Marlena, I had good reasons to run, Stefano took my father away from me.

Marlena- Belle didnít do anything like that.

Brady- First of all donít compare us, she still has a mother, I lost mine too, remember that.

Marlena- Of course I do, Brady. Listen I donít want to fight with you. I love you, Iím your mother, maybe not your real mother, but I have helped raise you, your whole life. I feel like you are my own child.

Brady- And I feel like your my mother, but Marlena you canít blame me for running, can you?

Marlena- No, I canít. I want to do the same thing but I know I have to be here for you, Belle, and everyone else that misses John.

Brady- I know how you feel thatís why I came back. I didnít want to run anymore. I want to get on with my life, and now seeing that your doing the same, it will be easier.

Marlena- Your father would be so proud of you right now, looking out for me and your sister.

Brady- I only hope I can be haft the man my father was.

Marlena- And you will be...

Marlena put her arm around Brady as they said a prayer for John in the cemetery. They left with their arms around each other knowing that it was time to start again. Time to live, time to move on, and time to love again.

---The End---

Chapter 39
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