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Chapter 37

As the wind blew into her room with the sunlight shining down on her, she rolled over. She grabbed a pillow beside her and start to hug it. Marlenaís eyeís flashed open and looked at the pillow. Her eyeís fell down with disappointment. This was the forth morning she woke-up thinking it was all a dream and that John was laying beside her.

Marlena- Oh God, not again. I have to stop this, I canít wake-up every morning thinking that John is right beside me watching me sleep. It was not a dream, it was real, I saw him die. John is dead!

Marlena eyeís started to fill up with tears but she tried to hide them from herself. She stood up from the bed.

Marlena- No, I wonít cry anymore. I have to stop this. I will stop it, today. Today I will live again and start new. First I have to go somewhere and make peace with John Black.

Marlena headed to the washroom to get ready for the day and her trip to make peace with John.


On Stefanoís island in the north pacific, Rolfe was busy in his lab. He was trying to recover what he lost at Masion Blanche during the fire. Still Stefano didnít know anything about Steveís memory returning. He had to make sure Steve didnít remember anything of his time as Stefanoís missionary or else there will be hell to pay. Rolfe had finally almost got everything done, there was only a few minor things to do before the project was done. As Rolfe finished up the device he was working on, Bart came in the lab.

Bart- Almost done, Rolfe?

Rolfe- Almost, I just have to make sure all the wires are straight and connected correctly.

Bart- Well you better hurry, a contact of Stefanoís just told me that Steve was acting very strange in Salem. He was yelling things from his cell and it sounded like he was yelling out names.

Rolfe- Names? What do you mean?

Bart- Stefanoís... I guess it sounds like the stuff he was yelling just before you and Mr. Dimera brainwashed him. This could be trouble he if yells out more things.

Rolfe- Your right. You better go, Iím almost done here.

Bart left the lab and Rolfe finished the device he was working on. Rolfe pulled it into a machine full of buttons and switches. A small red light clicked on the device Rolfe had built. He held it up to the light to read what it said ď Device operating, Chip inserted and processingĒ.

Rolfe- Good, just in time. Now for Steve Johnson to remember his past in Salem and forget about his past with Stefano.

Rolfe flipped the yellow switch on the device and then pushed the big red button on the device. The machine the device was hooked up to started printing off stuff and making noises. Finally it stopped after a few moments. Rolfe looked at the device screen ď Chip done processing! Chip malfunctioned and deleted for future useĒ.

Rolfe- Good, its done. Stefano will be mad that he has know more power of Steve, but he will be thankful that Steve didnít remember anything of his time with us.

Rolfe started to clean up the lab after he was done with his project.


Kayla, Bo, and Abe were walking down to the prisonerís cellís. Kayla had told them what happened the night before with Kim. They were surprised but they also knew Stefano was the cause of their pain. They were walking down there because they were going to move Steve to a different cell where he could be watched more and aloud visitors in the cell. As they walked up to the cell Steve was standing at attention.

Abe- Were moving you today, Steve.

Steve didnít respond at all, he just stood there. Kayla waved her hand in front of his face and nothing. Abe opened the cell and him and Bo walked in and took Steve. With each of each of his arms, they lead him out of the cell. Kayla watched as they got him into the hallway. They stopped haft way in the hall.

Kayla- Whatís wrong?

Abe- Somethingís happening.

Bo- Steve, are you ok?

Steve- Whatís going on?

Steve grabbed his head in pain and the lights started to flicker. Steve yelled in pain and fell to ground as Bo and Abe backed off.

Kayla- Whatís going on?

Bo- I donít know, Kay. Stay back....

Kayla watched him on the ground and saw a red mark starting to form on his neck. She watched it turn into a cut.

Kayla- What the hell? Bo, Abe look at his neck.

Bo and Abe looked at his neck. It now was bleeding, Steve grabbed his neck in pain as he lay on the ground. Kayla could see something trying to make its way free from his neck. She stepped forward to him. Bo tried to stop her but saw the chip coming out.

Kayla- Donít move Steve.

She knelt down and pushed his skin forward so that the chip would come out. She used her fingernails to free the chip from his neck. Finally it fell into her hand and his pain stopped. She stood up as Steve touched the back of his neck.

Abe- What the hell is that?

Kayla- It looks like some sort of chip or device.

Steve stood up and wondered what the hell was going on. Bo and Abe looked at the chip in Kaylaís hand as Steve tried to make sense of what just happened.

Steve- Where am I?

Kayla- What? Do you not know where you are?

Steve- It looks like jail, sweetness. Now why would a cat like me be in jail, Bo?

Bo and Kayla looked up at Steve. They stood shocked that finally their Steve was back.

Kayla- What is your name?

Steve- Patch...

Abe- Whatís your real name?

Steve- Steve Johnson, Abraham!

Bo- Your back!

Steve- Did I ever leave....

Kayla- You remember, you must remember everything. That chip, Stefano must have put it there to stop you from remembering things. Now its gone and you remember, well maybe not everything.

Kayla ran into Steveís armís as Bo and Abe watched with smiles on their faces. Finally things were turning around for the Brady family and friends.


Marlena walked to his grave. She was in Salemís graveyard. It was her first time their after his death. She passed many people she knew there. The graveyard was painful for her, she saw Johnís grave, Samanthaís grave, and DJís grave. Those three people were the most important people in his life and now they were all gone. Her sister, her son and now her one true love was gone from her reach. She walked to Johnís grave stone. She stood there fixing the flowers that covered his grave spot. As Marlena did that she didnít notice that she was not alone. Someone else was in the graveyard, watching her.

Marlena- Well Iím here, finally. Donít be mad, its hard enough to do without you. I canít get over how much this hurts. I donít understand why your gone and I donít know if I ever will. I loved you so much and now your gone, forever. I want to keep on going but its hard. I want to move on because I know thatís what you would want. Belle and Brady are taking this hard too. Belle has been moping around the penthouse all the time and Brady, well you know about that. He stillís not back. Its like he fell off the face of the earth. I wish I knew where he was or at least knew he was safe. I hate the feeling that he might be off somewhere crying and hurting. I know he should do that but not alone. He needs to be with the ones that love him and he loves. The poor child has lost his mother and now his father.... Oh John, this is hard, so hard. I wake-up every morning thinking that this is all a dream and you are right beside me watching me sleep. I know that sounds so dumb, but I canít help it.... This feels good, I feel better talking with you. I know you canít talk back but I hope you can hear me.

As Marlena speaks to Johnís grave the person who is watching Marlena moves closer. A manís hand touches a grave near Johnís. He walks up behind Marlena and touches her on the shoulder. She jumped up and turned around in shock.

Marlena- Oh my God, you!!!


Hope is pacing the floor of the Horton house. Alice was down with her earlier and Hope told her what happened, Alice needed to take a nap before Hope got the call. Alot of thought went through Hopeís head. She still had pain but it was getting better but she didnít even notice she was so worried. Just after Alice left the phone rang. Hope ran over to it.

Hope- Hello...

Dr. White- Hi Hope. Its Dr. White.

Hope- Oh hi, do you have the results?

Dr. White- Yes, I do. Are you sitting down?

Hope- No, should I be?

Dr. White- Well I would be... Well as you know we took alot of tests, we checked for really, everything. But we did find the cause of your pain.

Hope- What is it, Doctor?

Dr. White- Hope, your pregnant!

As the Doctor said this Hope dropped the phone along with her jaw at the sound of hearing sheís the news that sheís pregnant.

---The End---

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