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Chapter 36

Marlena sits alone inside her penthouse. Itís raining very hard outside almost as hard as her heart hurts. She has taken a few months off work to deal with her lose. Everyone has been coming by talking with her, helping her out, anything she needs really. Belle went to the store to get a few things for herself.

Marlena sat looking out the window remembering the time when John brought her to the church after her got her soul back. He saved her from the devil. When they were leaving the church it started to rain hard then too. At that time it had not rained in weeks so raining in Salem was like a new start and a closing to a chapter. She thought of this rain as that, a new beginning, and a closing to a chapter.

The doorbell rang as she got lost in her thoughts. She walked over to the door and opened it. Philomena was on the other side with a small box in her arms.

Marlena- Hi, Philomena, come on in...

Philomena- I canít stay for very long.

Marlena- How come?

Philomena- Iím leaving Salem, Marlena. Iím going to Europe to live with Carly and Lawrence for awhile. I just came to say good-bye and talk with you before I go.

Marlena- What a shock, I thought you would be staying in Salem to be with your grandchildren.

Philomena- Well donít worry I will be back as often as I can to see those angels... Speaking of the child I have a gift for Brady and Belle.

Marlena- Neither of them are here, Belle will be back soon and Brady is still missing. We canít find him but Iím sure he will turn up somewhere. I think that he might have went up to my parents house in Colorado.

Philomena- Maybe its better that their not here right now. I donít know if I could leave if I see their faces.

Philomena sets the box she brought with her on the coffee table. She opened it to show Marlena what was in it. In the box there was two blue crystal necklaces.

Marlena- Oh my Lord, Philomena. These are too much for the children.

Philomena- No, no they must keep them. One is for Belle to have and hopefully pass it on down throughout her family. The other necklace is for Brady to give to his one true love and again pass it down to his family. These are very rare necklaces. I wanted to give the children something special before I left. So I had Lawrence get me these, it seems Alamain Industries owns a few diamond shops in Europe, so I had them shipped her and now Iím giving them too the children as presents.... Thereís something on the back of the necklace that I had printed there.

Marlena took out one of them necklaces from the box. She turned it over to see what she put on them. There was a small drawn picture of John with some words at the bottom of the picture.

Marlena- ď John Forest Alamain BlackĒ!!!! Oh they will love it as much as they loved him.

Marlena was starting to cry again after seeing the picture. Philomena and Marlena hugged and the two both started to cry as the rain continued.


Hope ran in the rain to the hospital doors. She got in and shook off the wet from her jacket and hair. She walked up the stairs of University Hospital and towards her doctorís office. She walked in the waiting room of Dr. Whiteís office. She told the nurse that she was there waiting to be seen, and then she sat down. Before she sat down another shot of pain hit her side. The nurse called her name a few minutes later. Hope walked into the doctorís office. She waited only a few seconds until the doctor came in. He checked her all over and asked her very random questions.

Doctor- Well Hope, I have a few suspicions of what it could be but Iím not sure. So I will send you down to the lab for a few simple blood and urine tests then you can go home. At this time I donít want to give any pain medication because we donít know what it is. I will call you tomorrow afternoon to give you the results of the tests. Ok?

Hope- Yeah, sure. I just want this pain to go away.

Doctor- We will find out why its there and take care of it.

Hope left the office feeling a little better. She walked through the waiting room and saw someone. She saw a lady with almost know hair and looked very sick. Hope walked by and left the office. She leaned up against a wall after she was out. She had tears in her eyeís because she was so scared that she could be really sick. After a few moments she cleared her eyeís and went to go get the tests done.


After Philomena left the penthouse, Marlena needed to do something. She went over to Alice Hortonís. She always knew she could help and be with her in this time of need. Alice welcomed her with open arms. Marlena started to cry instanly at the sight of her sweet older friend. Alice walked her into the next room and sat her down on the sofa.

Alice- How are you holding up?

Marlena- Not good, With John gone and Brady missing I feel like my life is feeling to peices.

Alice- Iím sure Brady will be back he just needs time to work off all his anger and saddness about his fatherís death.

Marlena- I know your right. How did you keep so clam and hopeful when Tom passed away?

Alice- Faith! Faith in love, in family and in friends. I knew that when Tom died it was Godís plan, it was his time to go.

Marlena- I donít think it was Johnís time to go.

Alice- You may not think that but God didnít. John lived a full life. He had two wonderfull children, friends and family that loved him beyond life itself, and a wife who would stand by him for anything.... Listen, I know somethings its hard to except loses in life, but one thing that might help is to think of where John is right now. Heís with Tom, Addie, Isabella, D.J, Samantha, and all the others we have loved. Johnís not alone, heís not sad, heís at peace, Marlena.

Marlena- You are right, John is in heaven and he would want me to get on with my life.

Alice- Thatís right, and know matter how hard it is to do that. You have to move on for two very important people, Isabella, and Brady. They have lost their father and now they need you more than you can ever know.

Marlena and Alice hugged just before Marlena left. She stood infront of the Horton house looking up into the sky.

Marlena- Alice is right, you would want me to move on. You would want me to look after our children.... Oh God, I pray it wonít always hurt this much!

Marlena walked away from the house with Alice looking out the window at Marlena.

Alice- Look after John, Tom... And look after Marlena too.

---The End---

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