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Chapter 34

At St. Lukes Fr. Jansen continues with Johnís funeral mass. He has asked anyone with comments, memories, or good things to say about John to step forward. The first one up is Victor Kirrikis.

Victor- Me and John were not always friends, as many of you know. But after he married Isabella, my daughter, we grow a friendship. I never thought before that moment that I would ever meet a man with as big as heart as John did. And still today I have not meet a man with heart John had.

Victor sits down and Marlena smiles at him and his kind words. The next one to walk-up to the front to say something about John is his brother Lawrence.

Lawrence- He was my brother, at many times my adversary also. But in the end I hope he knows I loved him. I may have done somethingís in my past that he may of saw as wrong, but he still was there. John Black was born Forest Alamain my brother, and he died John Black, my brother.

As Lawrence sits down Roman walks up to the front to say some words about John.

Roman- Well what can I say. He has lived my life before, I have never lived his though. John was one of my best friends. Even though we had times where we would like to kill each other we always knew where each other stood. John was a very good man, one of the very best. I will always remember his loyalty, his love, and his left hook.

Everyone in the church smiles to hear Roman say that. Roman goes over to Marlena and embraces her before he sits down. Hope stands up beside Bo and was about to walk forward but she got a pain in her side. Bo held her as she fell back to her seat.

Bo- Are you ok?

Hope- Yeah, I just got very uncomfortable.

As Hope sits there trying to hide the pain from Bo she remembers it was the same pain she felt well they were all at Masion Blanche. As she hides the pain Bo walks up to the front.

Bo- I saw John die. His death effected me alot. He made alot of important changes and choices that effected my life alot. At one point I thought of him as my brother. In his death and in his life I will always think of him as a brother.

Bo walks away and Vivian stands up and heads towards the front of the church.

Vivian- John Black was one hell of a man. He was very kind to people who may not have been so kind to him. He was a very loving man, once in Paris, I remember he risked his own life to save mine. I could never really thank him but I wish want him to know I loved him and he will always be in my thoughts.

Vivian sits back down with Victor and Brady stands up and walks to the front. Marlena watches him knowing that they still have not talked since the blow-up at her penthouse.

Brady- If anyone here ever knew my father, you would know I was very lucky to have him as a father. My mother died when I was very, very little. He was always there for me, day or night. I love, I loved him very much. I only hope when I have children that I can be as good of father as he was too me.....

As everyone looks on Bradyís demeanor starts to change.

Brady- One other thing my father would want while he is gone is, revenge. Stefano Dimera killed my father in cold blood. Iím only 18 years old and Iíve lost both of my parents. Stefano Dimera needs to be stopped right now. He has destroyed life, after life. I know my father would want this and this is what heís going to get it.

Brady pulls a gun from his pocket of his suit. Everyone starts to panic and telling him to put it away.

Brady- I will Get you DIMERA!!!

Brady runs out of the church with the gun in his hands. Marlena runs to him but heís gone. She runs over to Abe and gets him to have the police find him quickly. As Abe and Bo go out and search for Brady as Fr. Jansen wants to continues the mass. He would still like to continue people sharing their thoughts about John. Kayla wants to clam everyone down so she walks forward to say something about John.

Kayla- He was my friend, I loved him. He was always there for me. Lately he helped me with something that was very important to me. My husband, Steve came back and John wanted to make dead sure that it was him. He knew that it might have been a trick. John was so kind to me and my daughter, he wanted to make sure it was him so we would not be hurt again. I donít know anyone as kind, as gentle, as sweet, and as loving as John Black. May his soul rest in peace with God.

Kayla steps down and Marlena walks towards the front. She whipes the tears from her eyes as she starts.

Marlena- I want to thank-you all for your warm, kind thoughts. John will always be remembered in my heart, my childrenís heart but I hope in all your hearts. It will be hard to move on after him but I have to for my children, my family, my friends, and what John would always want, for myself. He was very a selfish man, I donít ever think I saw him hurt an innocent life ever. I want to thank-you all for being there for my family and me. You being there not only means alot to us but John too Iím sure.

Marlena steps down in relief she finally got to tell her peace. Fr. Jansen finishes up the mass with a prayer.

Fr. Jansen- For all lost souls that they can find the ones they are meant to be with, like John Black did.

When the mass comes to an end, Shawn and Caroline invite everyone over to the pub for a celebration in honor of Mr. John Black. As people start to pile out of the church Marlena stays.

Belle- Arenít you coming mom?

Marlena- I will be there soon, Belle.

Belle walks off and Marlena goes to Johnís coffin. She touches the sides of it and lays a red rose on the coffin.

Marlena- Good-bye, my love.

As she says that she walks out of the church, as she leaves she thought she heard something. She turns back and hears the wind. Marlena thought she heard the wind say ď Eyeís DeceiveĒ! But she blows it off as just the wind and walks away from the church not knowing that it was not the wind speaking, it was God warning her of things to come and things past.

---The End---

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