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Chapter 33

As all the Bradys prepare for Johnís funeral mass, Kayla takes Bo aside to talk with him. They walk into Kaylaís old room and speak.

Kayla- Steve wants out of jail!

Bo- Well, its up to you really, Hope wonít care if you are ok with it.

Kayla- Well I donít know. Heís remembering more things all the time, just yesterday he remembered the time when him and you saved Hope and Shawn-D from that mugger along time ago.

Bo- Wow, that brings back memories. Well whatever you choose its ok with me sis.

Bo kissed Kayla on the forehead and leaves to go get dressed for the mass. Kayla sits on the bed thinking wherever or not to let Steve out.


At the penthouse Belle is getting ready as Laura comes over to drive them over to the church and talk with Marlena. Belle is in her room as Laura sits Marlena down and talks with her.

Marlena- When did you get back?

Laura- Well I was ready to leave soon anywayís but when I heard about what happened I rushed back. Me and Bill patched things up in Africa, we wonít be getting back together but were civil with each other now. Jenn, Jack, and Abby will be staying in Africa, Abby has the flu and Jack is just starting a new job over there. They sent a card for you though. So how are you holding up, darling?

Marlena- Well Iíve been better. Its hard to try to move on but I know I have too. I have to do it for Belle. She must be the only one Iím doing it for.

Laura- I know its hard. When I thought Jenn died a few years back I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die, but really the only thing that kept me going was little Abby, Mike, Jack and...

Laura stopped what she was about to say when she thought it would hurt Marlena and bring back memories that she didnít need to remember on this day.

Marlena- And what else?

Laura- Revenge!

Marlena- On Peter, and Stefano.

Laura- Yes, they took my daughter away and I wanted blood.

Marlena- Well same goes here, but Iím not going to do anything to push anyoneís buttons. But if I ever see Stefano again I wonít think twice about making him pay.

Laura- Do they have any leads yet?

Marlena- None, its like he vanished off the earth.

Laura- Thatís probably what he wants. Heíll be back!

Marlena- I donít know, its something that has never happened before and maybe it will just stop this whole vendetta.

Laura- I hope so.

The two women hug before heading out the door to go to Johnís funeral with Belle following.


People start to fill up St. Lukes church before the mass begins. At the very front of the church Marlena, Lawrence, Philomena, Vivian and Belle stand while greeting people coming to the mass. First in is Mickey, Maggie, and Alice. They greet them. Alice speaks with Marlena.

Alice- He is with Tom, Iím sure of it.

Tears come to Marlenaís eyeís to hear Alice say those things. After them Hope, Doug and Julie all walk in. They comfort each other before they sit down. Next Victor, Kate, Nicole, and Lucas come in. Victor speaks with Marlena before he sits down.

Victor- John was good man Marlena. Heís with Isabella now, they will always look down on us. You and me have never been close but Iím sure as I am here right now you must be one of if not the most strongest women I have ever met.

Marlena- Thank-you Victor...

Victor sits down and the next people come through. The Carvers with Celeste walk in. Lexie does want to be seen or talk with Marlena.

Lexie- How can I look those people in the face knowing what my father did to them. I just canít.

Abe and Celeste give in and they take a seat at the back of the church. After they sit down Sami, Austin and Will all come in. Austin takes Will to sit down as Sami goes to see her family. They all embrace her with love, as she comforts them. Sami always thought of John as her second father after what happened all those years ago. After she sits down the Bradyís all walk in. Eric, and Greta see Marlena, Belle, and the Alamainís at the front. They greet them as the next group of people on in. The church starts to fill up as Kayla and Kim walk in. After Kim heard what happened she took the first plane to Salem to be with Marlena and her family. They greeted Marlena and her family about their lose.

Shawn, Caroline, Shawn-D, Bo, and Roman all came in and also greeted Marlena, Belle, and the Alamainís. Even though alot of them had differences they had to put them aside because of the lose they all had. Roman and Marlena held each other in a long embrace. Next to John, Roman was the most important man in her life.

After all the greetings were done everyone took their sits as the mass begin. Father Jansen was doing the mass alone.

Fr. Jansen- We are all gathered here today to celebrate the life of a man, a friend, a brother, a son, an uncle, a father, a step-father, a cousin, a nephew, a husband, and a good man. John Black was my friend, he was a man with great ideas, inspirations, and life. He will not only be missed by me, his family, and his friends but throughout this world their is no other man like John Black.......


He sits in his chair at his desk. Winds blow into his large study as he looks out to the seafront. A women walks in his study. She stands in front of his desk with is chairís back to her.

Woman- Iím ready, everything is set for the next part of your plan, sir... Iím also ready, sir. Shall I begin the next step?

The man does not speak a word, he just sits there with his back to her. She does not know what to do until he says something.

Man- Isnít it a beautiful day, isnít it a beautiful week, month. Hell its a beautiful life....

With that the manís chair turns around and we see the face of Stefano Dimera. He is all smiles as he tells the girl to leave and move on with their next step in the plan. He sits in his chair thinking about the next step and all that he will have soon enough.

Stefano- Oh yes, life is beautiful.

---The End---

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