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Chapter 32

As Steve sat alone in his cell he thought about his new memory that he remembered. He tried over and over again to remember other things, and events but it didnít work. He heard someone running down the hall. He stood up and ran to the cell barís. He saw Kayla running to his cell.

Kayla- Are you ok?

Steve- Yeah Iím fine. Why do you ask?

Kayla- Well I got a call and they said you needed me.

Steve- I do... I remembered something.

Kayla- What is it?

Steve told her about the memory that he had. Her eyes had tears running down them after he was done. The one thing that she wanted so much in the world right now was coming true. She knew it would take awhile for him to get his old persona back but she was glad to see him trying. She finally happy after weeks of hell.

Steve- So is it real? Is it a real memory?

Kayla- As real as you and me. I remember that day like it was yesterday. So do you remember anything else?

Steve- No, sorry. Hey, do you know if thereís anyway you can get me out of here?

Kayla didnít know how to answer him. It was not the new Steve, the cruel, mean bastard of a man, but it was not the old kind, gentle Steve either. She was caught in between a rock and a hard place. She wanted him out and with her, but maybe it was too early.

Kayla- Well I donít know, I will check into it for you. Ok?

Steve- Thanks Babe.

Kayla smiled at him for calling her, babe. She always hated it for years but now to hear him call her that after all they have been through was like icing on the cake. She was finally getting her one true love back and this time not even Stefano Dimera could stop it.


Marlena walked up the hallway of the Salem Inn. She walked with confidence but was scared. She knew that Philomena was probably not a women to be messed with after all she had been through. Marlena was scared that Philomena would blame her for her sonís death. Marlena finally got up the courage to knock on the door. She knocked once, Carly and Lawrence came to the door.

Carly- Marlena, hi. How are you doing?

Marlena- As well as can be expected. And how is everything here?

Lawrence- Mother is better...

Marlena- And yourself?

Lawrence- Iím all right. I lost a brother but life goes on. We never really got along but he was still my family.

Marlena- Iím glad to hear that, Iím sure John would be too. So has Vivian arrived yet?

Carly- Umm, no. Not yet. We were just leaving so we would not run into her. Philomena expects her soon though.

Marlena- I wonít stay long then.

Carly hugged Marlena before they left. Marlena was glad to see her old friend was still with her. Carly and Lawrence then walked from the door and down the hallway. Marlena walked in the room.

Marlena- Philomena, its Marlena. Can we speak?

Philomena was in the bedroom. She walked out to hear her name being called. She saw Marlena and instantly started to cry. She walked over to Marlena and gave her a big hug. The two women both started to cry as they went to sit down on the sofa.

Marlena- How are you doing?

Philomena- Well I just lost a son I thought I had already lost once before, but that does not matter. How is my daughter-in-law?

Marlena- Iím doing better.

Philomena- Thatís good. I just want you to know I donít blame you for Forestís death. I know it was not your fault. I loved him with all your heart and would never put him in unnecessary danger.

Marlena- Thank-you. I was worried that you blamed me.

Philomena- No darling, not at all. If anyone, I mean Stefano is to blame for this. The man is the epitome of evil. After everything he has done to the world he would have the nerve to kill once more. But I know either Lawrence will catch him or he will get his just deserts when he is frying in hell.

Marlena- I believe everyone will be judged accordingly.

Philomena- I hope so, but then that means my darling Forest will be up singing with the angels.

Marlena and Philomena both smiled at this fact. The two woman sat there for a time thinking of there husband and son, John Black.


At the pub people were slowly getting things ready for the celebration after the funeral the next day. Abe and Lexie came in after awhile to grab something to eat. Caroline was getting to caught up in all her memories of John so she decided to turn on the radio. She turned in on to hear the song ď I need youĒ by Leanne Rimes. As the song started to fill the pub people again started to think about John. Caroline and Shawn held each other thinking about him, Brady walked over from helping Shawn-D, and Belle to comfort Caroline and Shawn. Abe and Lexie held hands at their table as tears start to come from their eyes. Belle and Shawn-D were hanging pictures of John in the corner, as the song went on Belle started to cry. Shawn-D sat her down and they hugged as the song continued.

The Hortonís gathered at the Horton house with same song playing. Maggie, Mickey, and Julie sat on the couch thinking of John and all he has done to make the world a better place. Alice was sitting over in her chair as Doug came over and sat with her. He held her hand and started to sing-along with the song playing on the radio.

At the Fancy Face2, Bo was working on the boat as the song came on. Hope walked up the stairs with tears in her eyes as the song played on. Bo went to her and held her in his arms thinking of John. The man that was always there for the two of them was gone from them.

At the Salem Inn, Vivian had still not arrived. Carly and Lawrence were with Philomena. Carly turned on the radio to get them to stop thinking of Johnís death. Lawrence held his mother in his arms as she cried over her son being gone. Carly watched and thought of all the times John helped her out.

Finally at the pier Marlena walked as a cold mist came from the river. She remembered the time when she came to John years ago. Maybe it could happen again she thought. She sat down the bench. A man came walking by with a walkman. She caught the song that the rest of Salem had been listening to, ď I need youĒ by Leanne Rimes. Marlena sat on the bench and thought of all the times her and John fought back from being pushed apart. But this time was different, he was not coming back, not ever.

Marlena- As the song says John, I need you.

After Marlena said that tears came from her eyes and she started to cry aloud. The truth was finally coming from her that it was true, she lost her one true love and he was not coming back, not ever again. Marlena sat at the pier thinking of her and Johnís times together as she cried.

---The End---

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