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Chapter 30

She laid in her bed for days. Marlena either slept away the pain or just kept on thinking of what happened. When she was forced to stay awake by visitors or her own demons she thought only about John and his death. It all happened one week ago. She saw Stefano shoot the gun at Johnís chest, twice. Thatís all she could hear, only the shots ringing in her ears. Her face was red with tears, and marks from hitting herself because eyes then turned and left. She keeps on seeing his eyes after what he had just done. He not only destroyed her life, but also the lives of his children. After Stefano left she held John in her arms, until Bo and Lawrence pulled her away. The house burned down with his body in it. She could not save the one she loved the most. After John fell to the floor Stefano looked at her in the face. He left the room through a secret passage in the wall and was not found.

Over and Over she saw the pictures of Johnís face when he turned to see her walk in the room. Why he didnít say anything to her was going to bother her for the rest of her life. The police told her they found a body. She could not go look at it, so Lawrence and Philomena did. They were his only family present in New Orleans. They knew it was him by the shots to his body, the burnt cloth he was wearing, and the features of his face. Her heart was broken twice that day, hoping that all was either a terrible nightmare or one of Stefanoís evil tricks, but it was not. John Black was dead, Stefano Dimera murdered him in cold blood.

When Marlena was not crying or thinking of what happened she thought of how she could get revenge on Stefano. He needed to pay for what he did. She again had the same feelings she had when Stefano ďkilledĒ Roman years ago. She wanted him to pay but was too upset to think straight. Marlena was never one to go after someone unless she knew they needed to get their just deserts. This time again she was sure that Stefano Dimera was to die either by her hand or someone else that loved John just as much.

The only time Marlena would even talk to someone when they visited was either Abe or Bo to talk about where they think Stefano might be. She was entered in the world of revenge for once in her life, she wanted it so bad. She never felt the needed feeling to hear Stefano beg for his life in front of her. It was only the only thing that kept her going on besides her children.

The Children took it better than almost anyone in Salem, she could hear Belle cry once and awhile. The tears from Belleís eyes was like the murder all over again, she begged God for sleep not to hear her daughters crying. Brady was back from baseball camp, he stayed at the pub to be with The Bradys. Him and his mother were fighting because she would not get on with her life. Belle told him that she would get over it but it took time and alot of tears. Belle wanted to make sure her mother could go on and live the way John would have wanted. Belle always peaked into Marlenaís room to make sure she was ok, and make sure she getting her medication.

Medication was Marlenaís freedom from the thoughts of death. She was getting better over the last week but only with her family and the medication. They came and visited her, she would not talk or even look at them, but it helped her. Knowing they care and they were there helped her more than they would ever know. Even with her and Brady fighting he would come over everyday for 3 hours to sit with her and watch her in bed. This meant the world to her, even if he yelled at her at least he cared for her. Even though she was not his mother, she always thought of him as her son, and he always thought of her as a second mother. Now Bradyís father and mother were in heaven the child was taking it the best of anyone. He was going to pull through for his family, friends, and Marlena.

The funeral was in two days. She finally stood up from the bed that was wet with tears, fears and evil thoughts. She walked around her room and looked out the window to see sun looking her in the face. She looked up to the sky with a question for God.

Marlena- Why?.... That is my only question. Why John? Why that good, good man?


Abe was looking through files of Stefanoís. He didnít want to take time off because of Johnís death. Lexie was at home crying all the time. She was crying like it was her own father that died, but in her eyes the man she loved was dead. Abe always knew Stefano was evil at heart but now it was time for Lexie to learn that lesson too. Abe was mad about Stefano just getting away with it, but happy that he too has lost something, the love of his daughter. Nothing he can say or do will never change what he did. As Abe looked through the files Bo walked in.

Bo- Find anything, yet?

Abe- No, Iíve been here for hours just looking for something.

Bo- Yeah I checked out every single warehouse in Salem and even that dammed mansion. Nothing! I will find him Abe, and I will get him this time.

Abe- Not if I do first. I feel so bad for Marlena and the kids. How are they doing? Me and Lex went over the other day but all she wanted to know was where Stefano was, and with Lexie with me she would just breakdown in front of Marlena.

Bo- How is Lexie doing? I know how much she thought of him.

Abe- Well better, Iím glad she knows the truth now. So is Alamain free yet?

Bo- Almost the lawyers are talking with Hope right now. Her and Marlena are not going to press charges against him.

Abe- What about Steve?

Bo- Well they want to keep in jail until this whole mess is over.

Abe- Do you think thatís safe?

Bo- Well if they take him out, he will just run. But one thing is that Steve might be the only one who knows where Dimera is hiding out.

Abe- Yeah, thatís right. But how are we going to get him to talk?

Bo- Well Kay is down there right now talking with him and trying to get him to open up. I just wish I had a switch I could pull to make him go back to the way he was. Stefano must have brainwashed him into this new person.

Abe- Dammit Bo. We need to find that bastard and make him pay.

Abe and Bo just shook their heads and went back to work.


Hope walked down the long hallway towards Steveís cell. Kayla sat in front of the cell showing Steve pictures of the past.

Hope- Well thatís that. Lawrence is free to go now.

Kayla- So he is leaving Salem.

Hope- I donít know. Vivian was coming back to town to help with the funeral and to comfort Philomena. I think him and Carly went back to the hotel to sit with Philomena. She is taking it pretty hard.

Kayla- I donít blame her, she does not even get one word to her son then he is killed. My God, that poor family.

Hope- How are things here?

Kayla- The same, he looks at the pictures but does not know who anyone is. He keeps on looking at me like he is about to say something but then turns away.

As Kayla and Hope talk a picture of Adrienne and Justin slips out of her box of pictures. Steve looks at the picture.

Steve- Sweetness you dropped a picture of Sis and Justin.

Kayla swings around and picks it up without even thinking. She puts it in her hand. She turns and looks at Steve.

Kayla- What did you just say?

Steve- Ummm, I donít know. What?

Hope- You called her sweetness, and Adrienne Sis as in sister. How did you know that?

Steve- I did.

Kayla took Hopeís arm and ran over to the other side of the cell room. Kayla was smiling ear to ear.

Kayla- Hope, this means he must be getting his memory back, and that other persona is leaving him. Isnít this great.

The girls hugged as Steve watched and wondered what was so good to hug about. He looked around his cell, and then back at the women. He felt really odd like something is happening to him but he does not know what. He felt like something was trying to enter him and take something out. He didnít know to let it in or fight it. But whatever he said before must have made Kayla and Hope very happy. He kept on thinking of what he might of said to them.

---The End---

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