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Chapter 3

Marlena stands in her room only with thoughts of John in her mind. She runs to the phone and calls Johnís room in Paris. Thereís no answer as she gets patched in to someone else in his group, Kayla.

Kayla awakes from a long sleep. She tryís to look around for her purse with her hair brush in it. But the phone rings and she answers it.

Marlena- Kayla, hello. Its Marlena. Iím worried about John.

Kayla- Oh Marlena. Well ok now, Iím sure he is ok. Bo just called me from the car to say he and John were headed out in the country to look at one of Princess Ginaís castles. Iím sure their all right.

Marlena- I donít know Kayla. It was just this very strong connection.

Kayla- I will call them to see if everything is ok.

Marlena- Thanks Kayla. I just want to be sure, for my own sake.

Kayla- I will get him to call you. Ok?

Marlena- Ok, thanks..

Marlena hangs up the phone and stares at a picture of John, her and the kids. She walks over and touches the frame of the picture.

Marlena- I canít do it John. Iím so worried. I canít wait for you to call. I will be there soon to help you.

Marlena walks over to the phone. She calls Salem airport and asks for a seat on the next plane to Paris, France.


Kayla looks all over her room for a her purse. It has John and Boís cell phone numbers in it. She moves things and even looks through her bags, but there is no sign of her purse.

Kayla- Where is it? Iím sure I set it on the table. Where could it have went? Itís not like it walked away.

She walks around the room looking for her missing purse.


A man walks the streets of Paris. He holds up Kaylaís purse and searches through it. He dumps the non-important stuff into a garbage bin. He keeps the mini address book, lipstick, a few pictures of family, and her cell phone. The man puts them all into a new bag and puts the bag into her coat pocket. He throwís her purse into the garbage.

Man- Everything is set in motion, now!!!

The man walks off into the darkness of the Paris streets.


Rolfe, and Bart arrive at the castle. They search all through it to find some clues to where in the castle Stefano is. They walk together to find more clues and where Stefano could be.


John and Bo are standing right in front of their car. The tires at shot, and the car is upside down.

Bo- What the hell happened?

John- I think someone shot at us.

Bo- Dimera?

John- Iím guessing, I guess we are too close. We should get going on foot. We will make it to the castle then.

Bo and John start to walk on the road towards the castle.


Hope stares at Stefano in shock. She slaps him in the face. He just stands there in peace and like nothing happened. Tears start to run down her face.

Hope- You Bastard... He is alive. But what about his family? You made him stay away from his family for years, and years, from Stephanie, from Kayla and from the Bradys. How could you? He was loved, he loved them. You truly are a monster, Stefano.

Stefano- I did what, I did for revenge.

Hope- Revenge, thatís it. You have turned Salem upside down for the last 20 years because you wanted to hurt one family. Who, let me add, did nothing to you.

Stefano- Thatís not so, Hope.

Hope- Then what Stefano, why do you really hate them so much. Why do you hate the Bradys?

As Stefano is about to answer a knock came from the door. Stefano and Hope turn in suspense. Someone opens the door. Rolfe and Bart walk through. Stefano claps his hands together and slowly walks to the door.

Bart- Boss what happened?

Stefano- Long story, how did you find me?

Rolfe- Gina, and John.... Stefano, Ginaís dead.

Stefano- Good!

Rolfe- But Stefano, I thought.

Stefano- Gina trapped me in here with Hope. We have been locked in here for weeks.

Hope steps up to the men so they can see her.

Hope- Its true, we have been her prisoner for weeks. She locked us both in here and left us here to die.

Bart- My god, Boss. We got to get you out of here. Back to Salem.

Hope- Yeah lets go, finally back to my family.

As Hope is about to pass Bart, Rolfe, and Stefano at the doors entrance. Stefano grabs her arm and smiles at her.

Stefano- I think not, Hope. I just told you one of my most deadliest secrets. I canít just let you leave here, now can I. You would run back to Bo and tell him everything.

Hope- But Stefano...

Stefano- No, buts Hope. You have been Ginaís prisoner for weeks, and now you will be my prisoner forever!

Hope stares at Stefano with fear running wild in her eyes.

---The End---

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